Fed up with problems like data loss or file corruption? Then here is the solution.

Introducing, SFWare software kit that contain some of the world’s best recovery and repair products. These products will definitely help you in all the data loss and file corruption scenarios. All the tools provided by SFWare are extremely reliable and exceptionally easy to use. For better customer support, 24X7 chat and email support is available.

Computer Recovery

Discover the best recovery tools offered by SFWare to get back deleted or lost data on your Windows Operating System. Irrespective of the data loss scenario and the version of Windows OS, these tools will work perfectly in recovering data.

Android Recovery

With the increasing use of Android phones, data loss complaints are also increasing. Whatever may be the reason for losing files from your Android Smartphone, this Android Recovery tool is well suited for restoring data from internal as well as external memory.

File Repair

Encountering error messages while opening a MOV file or not able to access the contents of your Outlook PST file? This might be a result of corruption. No matter how the files are corrupted, repair products offered by SFWare are efficient enough to deal with all the issues.

Popular Software

SFWare Repair AVI File

Unable to access your favorite AVI video file? Wondering why? Then SFWare repair AVI file has the solution for you. The tool is specifically developed to repair corrupted or inaccessible AVI files by separating the video and audio parts, repairing them and then adjoin the parts to provide a playable AVI file.

SFWare Repair MOV File

Ever encountered problems like MOV file cannot be played or audio or video is out of sync? Well, these are some of the commonly faced errors by most of the users. The reason for this corruption can be anything, but Repair MOV will take care of all the problems and will make your MOV file accessible once again.

SFWare Deleted File Recovery

SFWare Deleted File Recovery is incredibly powerful software for recovering data from any kind of situations, say accidental deletion, intentional / unintentional removal of files due to various unfortunate causes. All you need to do is install on your PC (Windows/Mac) and click to restore data in few simple steps.

SFWare Partition Recovery

Recover Partition is one of the best partition or volume recovery tools available. Data from your Windows or Mac partition might get deleted or lost due to reasons like file system corruption, formatting, partitioning errors, volume corruption due to bad sectors, MBR corruption and many more. But while you possess Recover Partition, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

SFWare Android Data Recovery

Owning an Android Smartphone is a style statement nowadays but there are many users who frequently deal with problems like deletion or loss of their favorite photos, videos or some important files. With Android Recovery tool with you, these problems can be easily overcome. The tool is compatible with all the Android phone brands and Android OS versions.

SFWare PST Repair Tool

Outlook is the most commonly opted emailing client in corporate world. But all the important conversations, emails and contacts safety comes at stake if the corresponding PST file of an Outlook profile gets corrupted. So, PST Repair tool is the best option to avoid any kind of loss as some losses can be very disastrous.

SFWare Card Recovery

To restore data from a memory card that has been lost due to reasons like deletion, formatting, corruption, abrupt ejection, file system corruption, etc., Card Recovery is the best choice. It is compatible to perform data recovery on all types of memory cards like, SD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, Compact Flash and MMC.

SFWare Repair Word Document

As Microsoft Word is a widely used documenting tool, therefore there should be an application to deal with the problems or corruption issues faced by the users. Repair Word Document is one such tool which ensures that your important Word file remains in a healthy state by eliminating any kind of corruption.

SFWare Repair PSD File

Photoshop is one of the common photo editing application used by most of the professionals. If any corruption issues encouter during the editing or aany other process then there will be a huge loss. Therefore, own this SFWare Repair PSD file software and be risk free as it helps you in repairing PSD files created on all popular versions of Photoshop application on Windows as well as Mac Operating System.

SFWare Repair RAR File

Tool to fix and repair corrupted or password protected RAR file easily on any Windows platform. Get access to error free and healthy .rar file along with it’s file contents in a couple of easy steps using SFWare RAR file Repairing Utility. Has support for all latest versions of Windows Operating Systems. Click on the above link to know more…

SFWare OST to PST Conversion

Use SFWare OST to PST Conversion Software to get entire OST file converted to PST file on the go. Carry out safe conversion of .ost file to .pst file without altering the original content of your Mailbox, or any other attributes that are available in the OST file. Save converted OST to PST file to any desired location.

New Information Is Here

Restore Deleted Files from Android Phone

Want to restore accidentally or intentionally deleted files from your Android phone? Then make use of the best Android Data Recovery tool known as SFWare for Android Data Recovery to get back all the data.

Restore Lost Photos from Digital Camera

Get to know the perfect solution to bring back all the missing photos from your digital camera. SFWare Digital Media Recovery helps you in restoring photos from any digital camera brand and under any data loss scenario.

Repair Out of Sync Audio in AVI

Want to know how the audio - video synchronization in an AVI file can be fixed? Then visiting this page will be very helpful for you. Go through the page and get the best way to repair out of sync audio in an AVI file.

Fix MOV that Refuses to Play

Do you have a MOV file that doesn't open when you try to play it? Then SFWare Repair MOV File tool is the thing that you need the most. The tool is specially developed to deal with all the MOV file corruption issues.

Recover Deleted Files from Desktop

Have you accidentally deleted some important files from your system's desktop? Then SFWare Deleted File Recovery software is the best solution for you in this situation. Visit the link to acquire more details on this topic.

Repair AVI File Larger than 2GB

Have a corrupted AVI file that is larger than 2GB in size? Then make use of SFWare AVI File Repair that will efficiently fix all the AVi file issues within a few mouse clicks and make your important AVI file playable.

Other popular Software

SFWare Digital Media Recovery

Digital Media Recovery software specializes in recovering digital media files like photos, videos and audio files created using digital camera or a cell phone. There can be many reasons due to which these files might get deleted or go missing, nut until you have this tool with you, these problems will not trouble you anymore.

SFWare Repair ZIP File

Get to know the best Zip file repair tool that has been developed using advanced repairing algorithms for Windows Operating System. It works exceptionally in all the ZIP file corruption issues and is also capable of fixing split ZIP files too. The tool works exceptionally well on all the Windows Operating System versions.

SFWare Repair PowerPoint File

Not able to open an important PPT file just before a crucial meeting? Sounds like a nightmare, right? Don’t worry; Repair PowerPoint will handle this issue and will make your PowerPoint file to work. The repairing is independent of the Windows OS version and the PowerPoint version using which the PPT file has been created.

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