Rescue Photos from Moto G

“Recently I purchased Moto G Smartphone and I am very happy with its features. But my problem is I have accidentally removed few important photos while trying to delete unneeded pictures. Can anyone tell me is there any way that help me to get images from Moto G Android Phone?”

Moto G is the new offering from Motorola which facilitate many outstanding features. Many users nowadays prefer using Moto G Smartphone due to its multitasking feature. But like other smartphone even Moto G Android phone is not free from data loss situation and above detailed is one such example that shows file loss from Motorola Moto G Smartphone. However, you need not worry about the photos which you have lost from Moto G phone as you can recover entire pictures with the help of prominent Android Recovery software like SFWare Android Data Recovery.

SFWare Android Data Recovery software has been specially developed for those users who are struggling to recover photos from Moto G Smartphone. It permits you to restore deleted, los pictures, videos, music and even APK files from Android OS based phones and Tablets. To make your selection easy, it provides two options namely “Data View” and “File Type View”. Besides using this utility to recover images from Moto G phone, you could also utilize it to get back data from other Android models such as Micromax, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo etc. Upon recovering, it will show its preview so that you can examine the quality before making actual purchase.

How photo gets lost from Moto G Smartphone?

  • As Moto G Smartphone is touch screen based, you might accidentally click on “delete” option at the time of editing it
  • Errors like power failure or improper system shut down while transferring photos from Motorola Moto G Android phone to your computer could result in losing the pictures which you were supposed to move
  • If you use internet on Moto G Android phone without making use of Antivirus software then viruses might spread to your Motorola Android phone and delete certain photos without any notification
  • Unintentionally formatting Moto G phone will erase entire data from it
  • Clicking photos from Moto G android phone when its battery is running out of power will make you lose pictures from it

If you have come across any of the above situation then without making any delay, download SFWare Android Data Recovery software to your Windows computer.

Note: Before you download SFWare Android Data Recovery software, check whether Moto G phone supports USB Mass storage mode. If it does not support UMS mode then you cannot restore photos from Moto G phone using this application

Steps to regain photos from Motorola Moto G Smartphone

  • First of all download the software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Connect Moto G phone to the computer on which you have downloaded the software
  • Wait till it gets detected, and then choose USB Mass Storage from your phone
  • Now launch the application and choose either “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose the Android drive from where you need to restore photos from Moto G
  • Allow the utility to scan the drive and then select restorable files
  • Make use of two view types to choose required files and preview media files for confirmation
  • At last store rescued photos and other files in a location that you prefer


  • Always keep Moto G phone locked so that there will be no accidental deletion of photos
  • Do not click photos from Moto G Android phone when its battery is to the last bar

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