Recovering Deleted Data from Android Internal Memory

“Hello, my name is George. Recently I bought a brand new Android phone and I was very much pleased with the experience of Smartphone. But last week I accidentally formatted my Smartphone and lost all my data including files stored in internal memory. Is there any way to restore deleted data from android internal memory? Can anyone suggest me good utility that will retrieve deleted data from android internal memory?”

Henceforth don’t worry as you can recover deleted data from Android internal memory without any difficulties by using SFWare for Android Data Recovery. This tool is developed using latest technology which works on read only mechanism thus do not alter original content. This software is very safe to install and helps in recovering deleted data from Android internal memory. It is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System and supports Windows server 2003 and 2008. As compared to other software, restoring deleted data from Android internal memory is swiftly and reliable.

Prominent Features of SFWare for Android Data Recovery:

  • Ability in restoring deleted data from Android internal memory without any challenges
  • Scans both internal and external memory
  • It recovers deleted or lost photos, videos, Audio and RAW pictures from memory space
  • Capability of recovering deleted Android Application Program (.apk)
  • It creates replica of SD card to perform data recovery in further stages
  • Recovers data from improperly mounted memory card
  • It supported Android versions is Jelly Bean, Ice-cream, Ginger Bread and Froyo

Scenarios that leads to deletion of data from Android Internal Memory:

  • Human Errors: Deletion of data from Android Internal memory may cause due to accidentally deleting or formatting the phone. Such issues come under human error.
  • Unsecure Apps: When you install unsecure third party application to your Android phone, it may cause deletion of some files without users notice.
  • Virus Infection: When memory card of Android Smartphone is affected by virus infection then there are possibilities of deletion of data
  • Improper Handling: When you handle your phone in improper way or abruptly pull when connected to the system then there is chance of data loss situations.
  • Other reasons: Other reasons to cause data loss situation is OS corruption, FAT or BOOT area damage and many more.

Procedure to follow:

  • Download SFWare for Android Data Recovery.
  • Connect your Smartphone to system and launch the software.
  • Main screen will display “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” option. Choose deleted file recovery.
  • Quick scanning will take place and will display all drives connected.
  • Select phone drive and click “Next”.
  • Buy licensed version to save recovered file.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always keep backup of important files.
  • Use reliable third party application.
  • Avoid saving new files on Android Smartphone after data loss situations.

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