Know-How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

Undoubtedly, MOV is one of the most used video file formats developed by Apple. Also, MOV is a standard format for playing video files on Mac computers. Although MOV is a universally accepted file format, there are certain reasons why it’s been replaced by MP4 on Mac. Stick on to the article to know the … Continue reading “Know-How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac”

Fix Windows Media Player Cannot Play The File Error

Did you just encounter the Windows media player cannot play the file or Windows Media encountered a problem while playing the file error when you tried to play a video file on it? Don’t panic! The error is to mention that the Windows Media Player is experiencing some trouble to play the file. Once you … Continue reading “Fix Windows Media Player Cannot Play The File Error”

Fix USB Error Code 43 in Windows

USB error code 43 is one of the several Device Manager errors which is commonly seen in Windows. It is usually encountered when the Device manager stops the hardware and reports Windows that it has some unspecified problem. The error is displayed in the following way   Note: Before going to fix the code 43 … Continue reading “Fix USB Error Code 43 in Windows”

Fix Outlook IMAP Error 0x800ccc0e

Microsoft Outlook is the most preferred email client application used widely. For an Outlook user, it is common and extremely distressing at the same time when they encounter different Outlook errors.  One of those Outlook errors is the IMAP 0x800ccc0e which is commonly encountered while trying to send or receive emails in Outlook.  This blog … Continue reading “Fix Outlook IMAP Error 0x800ccc0e”

Fixed: The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable error

The error file directory is corrupt and unreadable is displayed by Windows computers when there is an issue with external hard drives or USB drives, SD cards, etc. When you encounter the error, it clearly indicates that you are no longer able to access or read any data stored on the external drives.  You must … Continue reading “Fixed: The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable error”

Troubleshoot: External hard drive not recognized on Mac

Whenever you plug in an external hard drive to your Mac computer, it should show on the desktop or Finder. If you are unable to mount the drive or external hard drive not recognized on Mac, this might be an indication of a hard drive being corrupt or faulty. This issue could be the result … Continue reading “Troubleshoot: External hard drive not recognized on Mac”

Know-How to Fix Choppy Video File

We all know how disturbing a choppy video could be while viewing any videos recorded during your vacation or some important events. Why would you watch jerky, choppy or damaged videos when you can easily fix the video? In this post, we discuss different methods that help you know how to fix the choppy video … Continue reading “Know-How to Fix Choppy Video File”

Know-How to Fix the Error 87 Parameter is Incorrect

I have this issue with my laptop in which an error pops up every time I open a Photoshop application that uses a secondary graphics card (AMD). An error displays: ‘load library failed with error 87:parameter is incorrect’. I tried to search for solutions for the same. I have tried many options but nothing helped me … Continue reading “Know-How to Fix the Error 87 Parameter is Incorrect”

How to Fix SSD is Read Only Mode Error?

You might be one among those who have just come across SSD read-only mode issues when tried to install new applications or run software on your SSD partition. In such a situation, SSD might refuse to let you perform any operations that are required to write data to drive displaying the error message SSD is … Continue reading “How to Fix SSD is Read Only Mode Error?”

How to Format 3DS SD card?

We all know that regular SD cards cannot be used with Nintendo Video game consoles. Yes, by reformatting the regular SD card it can be upgraded to the Nintendo 3DS SD card. The next question would be, how to format 3DS SD card to make compatible with the Nintendo 3DS consoles? Stick till the end … Continue reading “How to Format 3DS SD card?”