2 Easy Ways to Troubleshoot an Error “A Word File Error Has Occurred”

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Have you ever encountered an error while saving a file in Word document stating “A file error has occurred”? All your hard work would go in vain, if you were unable to save your document due to glitches or bugs. You can easily fix the error and try saving your word file by following the troubleshooting methods described in the article.  

A file has occurred in MS Word

Sometimes, when you try editing or saving your word file, the error message pops up stating that error occurred in the file and unable to save it.

Following are the various word file errors that you encounter using Word document:

Can’t Save Edited Document (Microsoft Word)

A file error occurred while saving the Word document

Word cannot save a file: A document error has occurred

You do not have permission to save the file in this location

.docx cannot be saved from Word

Apart from the errors listed above, you can receive error might also receive errors such as an Error while you try to open the file, MS Word stop working or responding , etc. If you are wondering what made your Word document display the error, here are the reasons.

Why I Cannot save my Word document?

Some of the most common reasons behind Word file errors that has occurred while saving the document are listed below. Knowing the cause helps you to address the problem in later days.

  • Corruption in the Word File
  • When Word document is password protected
  • Filing to cope up with the updates
  • If Word file is shared on the network server, file is accessed by multiple PCs
  • If “Always create backup copy” option is enabled

How to fix an error “A File Error Has Occurred” on Word Document?

When you encounter the Word file error, you can resolve the error by trying all the solutions explained below. Also, you will know how to recover unsaved, or deleted word document

Easy workarounds:

  1. The easiest way to get rid of the error and save your document is to create a new word document. All you must do is Copy the content from the error displaying page and Paste in the new Word document. Try saving your File with a different file name.
  2. Disable the “Always create backup copy” option, and keep the name of the file unchanged while editing the Word document file. After the editing, you can again re-enable the option.
  • To enable/disable Always create backup copy option follow the steps shown below:
  • go to File > Options > Advanced and Scroll down to the Save section
  • Then Enable/ Disable the backup copy option
  1. If the Word document is shared on a network server, then it is recommended to Keep a copy of the file on your hard drive before making any changes to the original file over the network. If your file is shared on the Network server or used by multiple users.

How Do I Fix A File Error Occurred in Word?

Method 1: Delete the ~Normal.dot file

The normal. dot file is the Microsoft Word template, used to store the default settings such as font, font size, content of a file, etc. It is important to unhide files and folder before deleting the file, steps to show hidden files are given below-

  1. Open File Explorer ->View -> Click on Options
  2. When Folder options are displayed, Folder options ->Click on Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  3. Apply -> OK

Steps to Delete the ~Normal.dot file

Key Point to Remember: Do not accidentally delete the Template Folder.

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer -> search the following path

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

  1. From the template folder, deleted all the data files that contain “Normal” in the file name.

What if your word file encounters the error even after performing all the above-mentioned methods? Not to Worry! This must be due to the corruption in the Word Document. All you have to is repair your word document with the help of the tool that is safe and trusted.

SFWare Word Document Repair Tool is one of the most recommended tools to fix corruption or any damages in the Word document.  The tool can fix most of the word file errors irrespective of the versions you are using including MS Word 2019. The tool not only repairs but also recovers OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks, headers of the file from corrupt DOC files.

Free Download for Windows

Method 2: Use a Professional Word Document Repair Tool to Repair Word File Error

To fix the Word file error, Download and install the SFWare Repair Word Document Software and launch the application. Follow the below given instruction-

Step 1:  Select corrupted or damaged Word documents (DOC or DOCX) file using Browse option

Step 2: Next, click on the Repair button to start repairing process

Step 3: Once the repairing process completes, you can view and validate the repaired word files using Preview option

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the results, provide the desired location and Save the file.

You can make use of the tool, when MS word stops responding or working or crashing. It will also work on a Word File that is not opening.

Bottom Line:

Above mentioned methods are the trusted and tested methods to fix the Word file errors. With the help of manual methods explained, you can easily fix the error “A File error has occurred” that stops you from saving your edited files. If you fail to fix the error using manual methods you can always rely on SFWare Word Document Repair Tool and fix the error.

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