Recover Data From Unbootable Hard Drive [2019]

Starting your computer to complete a project or work and the computer just won’t start. Or your computer gets a blue or black screen, or even a message saying that “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause”. When this happens, you will have no way to access your computer or the data on your computer’s HDD (hard disk drive). So how would you recover data from unbootable hard drive?

What causes Hard Drive not to boot?

• Installing a dual operating system on a single hard drive
• Presence of an excessive number of bad sectors on the disk
• Hardware failure due to faulty RAM
• BIOS corruption due to the improper updating process
• Operating system malfunction
• Damaged partition table

As a result of which, you end up losing files from the hard drive. But, now there is no need to worry as SFWare Hard Drive Recovery software helps recover files from computer that won’t boot.

The software is built with an inbuilt self-explanatory algorithm which provides an easy to use interface for recovering data from unbootable Hard disk even for people with less technical knowledge.

Few questions which come up in everybody’s mind if their hard drive won’t boot?

• How can I recover files from a corrupted hard drive?
• How to backup files from an unbootable computer?
• How to recover data from hard drive that won’t boot
• How to recover from formatted hard drive?
• How to recover data from the hard drive which is not detected?

You might be clueless with these questions flooding into your mind because there are important files on the unbootable hard drive and your worried as to how to recover data from unbootable hard drive if your hard drive won’t boot? Do no worry, your unbootable hard drive data recovery can be done effectively by just following the article.

At some point or another, technology can and will fail us. For this, we should regularly implement backup strategies to protect our data. We store a lot of important information on our computers like documents, photos, videos, etc. so losing them can be a terrible regret.

And if you have lost your data because of your hard drive that won’t boot, do not worry, it is still possible to recover files using unbootable hard drive data recovery. Retrieving files from unbootable internal hard drives or if your external hard drive won’t boot, it is a complicated process as you need to have technical knowledge.

But do not worry, with SFWare’s Hard drive recovery software which is built robustly, you can recover files from computer that won’t boot seamlessly even if you are not that much tech savvy.

About SFWare Hard Drive Recovery:

● SFWare hard drive Recovery is designed to recover data from unbootable and corrupt hard drives. It can recover all kinds of files like photos, videos, office documents, etc.
● Also, sometimes you may need to recover lost partitions from unbootable hard disk. SFWare Hard Drive Recovery is designed with powerful algorithms to scan your inaccessible or unbootable drive and recover lost files from unbootable hard disk
● All the latest versions of Windows (including Windows 10) and Mac OS (including Mojave 10.14.3) are supported

Make your data recovery possible with SFWare?

SFWare hard drive recovery is especially known for its simplicity and has occupied its position in the top list of recovering data from unbootable or corrupted hard drives. The one who owns this application, need not be a tech savvy to make out the process of recovery. Just he/she is supposed to follow the onscreen instructions and recover data in 3–4 steps.

Additionally, this tool saves disk space by creating compressed zip archives of the recovered data from the unbootable hard drive and analyze the recovered data from the unbootable hard drive.

The software even helps to recover files from Western Digital, Seagate, Buffalo, Lexar, Maxtor, and many other brands of hard drives or external hard drives which are not booting up.

Now let’s see how to backup files from an unbootable computer/ laptop.

Method 1: How to recover data from hard drive that won’t boot using SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool

● Initially, download the free version of SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Software on your system and launch it

hard drive recovery● From the main screen, select – “Partition Recovery” option
● Choose the hard drive that won’t boot from the list and select “Next” to initiate the scanning process

Select Drive● The software starts scanning the unbootable hard drive. Scanning and recovering files from unbootable hard drive is time-based and depends on the amount of the data or partitions to be recovered from the hard drive
● Once it is completed you can see your recovered files from unbootable hard drive on the screen

recovered files● To make sure whether the files are recovered properly or not, double click on the recovered files to preview

preview files● If you’re happy and willing to save recovered results, then get the licensed activated and get access to the Save button

Method 2: Manually Recover Data from unbootable Hard Drive

The other way is to manually recover data from the hard drive that won’t boot with these steps and guide below

● Obtain an External Hard Disk Enclosure:

This is the first thing you will need to have. They are quite cheap and you can use it also with an existing hard disk as an external storage device. An enclosure is basically a housing that protects the drive and allows you to connect it to a USB, FireWire, or eSATA port.

They are available in 3.5-inch (standard desktop) or 2.5-inch (Laptop) sizes. Make sure you pick the proper internal interface—IDE/ATA or SATA, based on the type of drive you are using.

Now you just have to follow these steps and you can manually recover files from unbootable hard disk.

● Switch off the computer power, remove the battery and unplug your laptop or computer from the power outlet.
● Open your laptop’s case and locate the hard drive that fails to boot > Disconnect hard drive cables, unscrew it and pull it out of the case.
● Insert the hard drive into an external hard drive case and connect it to a new PC, or insert the drive into another computer which is running in good condition.
● Reboot the new computer from its standard OS on the main drive, and then you can read and access the hard drive data there.
● Finally, copy files and get data off the hard drive that won’t boot to a new storage device.

Note: Paying due attention to these methods can help you resolve the problem and recover data from the hard drive that won’t boot efficiently.

Windows 10 Recycle Bin Missing | [Complete Fix]

As you all know that a Windows 10 Recycle Bin is the location or a folder where all the deleted files are stored temporarily. This in-built Windows feature primarily allows you to recover deleted files from it before the files are permanently deleted.

In short, Recycle Bin is like your second chance on the Windows desktop to get back any data or file which you may have accidentally deleted. But what if your second chance to get back any data itself disappears from the desktop? Now your windows 10 recycle bin missing, leaving you clueless as to how to restore deleted files.

There are quite a few causes for it. For instance, a Windows update or any other third-party program might have removed the registry entry of the Recycle Bin. Learn here a few methods to get back your missing Recycle Bin in the following sections.

“Things to do while trying to recover a missing Recycle Bin?”

  • [There were a few important files in my Recycle Bin which I wanted to restore, but now, I cannot find my Recycle Bin.]
  • If you happen to fall in the above category, I would suggest you scroll down and go to the SFWare Deleted File Recovery sub-section.
  • [I just want to troubleshoot this error and get back the Recycle Bin icon on my desktop.]
  • In this case, just read the upcoming section which includes various steps and methods to troubleshoot and fix the Windows 10 missing Recycle Bin.

Method 1: Re-Enable the Recycle Bin
If you’ve accidentally disabled the Recycle Bin, it will stop appearing on the desktop. Before you try anything else, it’s good to double check if you haven’t disabled it by accident.

  • Select the Start button, then select Settings. Or, right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize.
  • Select Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings.
  • Mark the Recycle Bin checkbox and then click on Apply.

Method 2: Creating a New Recycle Bin
If you’ve ticked the box but the Recycle Bin still doesn’t show itself, we can simply make a new one instead! This requires viewing hidden files, so be ready to change some settings so we can see them.

  • Open Windows File Explorer and select View > Options
  • In the Folder Options box > Click the View tab > Select Show hidden files, folders and drives and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  • Click Apply and OK
  • Return to File Explorer, from the right choose This PC > C: Drive and Right-click $Recycle.Bin, and in the Send To menu pops up, choose Desktop (create shortcut)

Once you have your shortcut set up, go ahead and re-activate “Hide protected operating system files” to keep the important files and folders hidden away, just so they can’t be accidentally deleted.

(If this does not work, physically type “Recycle Bin” into the address bar of Windows Explorer. Then click the small black arrow next to Recycle Bin in the address bar and click on Desktop. The Recycle Bin should be in there. Right-click on the icon and select Create Shortcut. You should now have a shortcut on your desktop.)

Method 3: Turn Off Windows 10 Tablet Mode
Your computer might be in the Tablet Mode which by its nature does not display the desktop icons including the Recycle Bin. You have to switch them back on.

  • To turn your icons back on, go to Start > Settings > System > Tablet Mode.
  • Toggle off Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode and Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

Method 4: Reset Recycle Bin Using Command Prompt
Actually, each partition on Windows has a hidden and protected system folder – $RECYCLE.BIN. When your Recycle Bin gets corrupted in Windows 10, you can repair or reset it using Command Prompt. Follow the below steps to reset:

  • In Windows 10, right-click Start and choose Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Type “rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin” and press Enter. This can reset the $RECYCLE.BIN folder on the C drive.

Recovering files from a missing Windows 10 Recycle Bin folder.
To get accidentally deleted files back or to get files from a missing Recycle Bin, it is necessary to choose a professional file recovery toolkit.

SFWare Deleted File Recovery:

  • Retrieve files emptied or bypassed from Recycle Bin
  • The software has been upgraded to recover file on Windows 10
  • Recover accidentally deleted and lost files in various scenarios.

Why choose SFWare?

SFWare Deleted File Recovery is an effective data recovery program. It can recover up to 300 types of files from desktop/ laptop’s hard drive regardless of the scenarios like permanent deletion or losing files from the Recycle Bin or missing the whole Recycle Bin itself. You may wonder how it is possible.

All this is possible because, when you delete any files on a permanent basis, only the index of those files will get erased not the actual data. This data will be present on the hard drive and you won’t be able to see that! However, SFWare deleted file recovery Tool can find out each and every erased file and helps you in recovering them in an easy way!

Whatever may be the reason for deletion say accidental/ intentional deletion of files, losing files due to virus attacks, deleting files using SHIFT and DELETE keys, etc.

SFWare Deleted File Recovery can bring back deleted files with almost no effort. This genuine program is not only good for deleted or lost files from PCs and laptops but also recover deleted files from recycle bin, external drives, pen drives, digital devices like memory cards or any other storage devices. It restores whatever you have deleted or missed such as documents, videos, music, emails, etc.

Steps on Recovering Deleted or Missing Files from Recycle Bin using SFWare File Recovery Tool:

Download and launch SFWare Deleted File Recovery software and follow these simple steps.

  • From the first screen, you can see three main options – “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Drives”, Select “Recover Files”
    deleted file recovery home screen
  • Pick either “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” option based on the circumstance you’re confronting
  • At the next screen, select “C drive” as it is Recycle Bins’ default location
    Select Drive
  • Once the recovery progress is completed, you can view files in “Data View” and “File Type” view

You can save your Recycle Bins’ recovered data to your desired location

Have a preview before saving the files:

  • Identify the files to be recovered.
  • Refine your search by using filters like name, size, type, and date.
  • Locate the desired files and preview them to evaluate the deleted file recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Partition Files?

Partitioning of a Hard Disk is always a good practice. It allows you to classify your files or data according to your preference. Although these partitions are volatile and prone to get deleted (intentionally or unintentionally), a few recommended ways can definitely be used to get them back. This article will give you a brief insight on how to recover deleted partition with cmd and how to retrieve data from deleted partition.

What causes Deleted Partition?

Either it’s intentional or accidental, a deleted partition is challenging to restore. However, if you know about the events causing deleted partition, you can avoid them from happening. The events result in deleted partition are as follows.

1) Accidental Deletion:
It is quite a common occurrence where users accidentally deleted a partition. However, it is not a dead end and you can confidently recover your deleted partition by following the instructions in this guide.

2) Ware and tear of a hard drive:
Hard drives or any sort of storage device are subjected to wear and tear just like any physical device. Over usage of might alter the sectors on the magnetic disk or the sectors of hard drive and delete the partition

3) Corrupt PBR:
Partition Boot Record or PBR contains information about contents of that partition. It helps the operating system to find and launch the files or applications existing on that drive. There are numerous reasons that crash a PBR. With PBR crash,  your OS can no longer access the partition or recognize the existing partition.

However, recovering a deleted partition is as easy as eating a pie but only with proper instructions. In the later section of this article it clearly explains how to recover deleted partition using cmd.

Steps To Perform Deleted Partition Recovery Using CMD:

Some would assume, a partition once deleted cannot be recovered without a third party application. Nevertheless, you can use disk part command through command prompt to clean the partition and recover it. It is recommended to create a backup of partition data before you perform damaged partition recovery on your Windows or Mac PC

Instructions on how to recover files from deleted partition:

    • Click on start search cmd, right click on it and run as administrator
    • On the command prompt window type diskpart
    • Type listdisk and enter, now you can see disks on the computer
    • Type Select disk# with disk number in place of #
    • Type list volume and press enter
    • This will list out available volumes or partitions on the disk
    • Now type select volume # replace # with volume number and press enter
    • Finally type assign letter = “available drive letter”
    • Close the command prompt

NOTE: After recovering the partition don’t use the partition or that drive without recovering data, because doing so will overwrite pre-existing files and cause permanent data loss. However, remember that you only recovered the partition but not the lost data on the deleted partition. For recovering data from a deleted partition, you need a tool specifically programmed for the task

SFWare Partition Recovery tool is developed by testing against thousands of real-time data loss scenarios. It is integrated with robust scanning algorithms that ensure to recover data from lost or deleted partitions

How to Recover Data from Deleted partition?

    • Download and install SFWare Partition Recovery software
    • Launch the application, you will see Partition recovery button and Formatted/ Reformatted partition recovery buttons

SFWare Partition Recovery

    • Click on the Partition recovery button
    • It will list available hard disks and partitions on the computer
    • Click on the Partition or Hard Disk and click next

SFWare Partition Recovery Drive

    • It will list out the available files or data on the partition
    • At this stage, you can have a preview of the data available and check the integrity of the files
    • Select data or files which you want to recover or if you want to recover everything mark all

SFWare Partition Recovery Files

    • Now click Next. Now give the location where you want to save.

SFWare Partition Recovery End Screen

Benefits of Using SFWare Partition Recovery software:

SFWare is a robust data recovery software. It is not limited recovering deleted or lost partitions, you can also

  • Recover formatted or reformatted partitions
  • Interactive GUI is designed to make the recovery process easy even for a newbie
  • A professionally programmed algorithm can perform a sector level deep scan
  • It is compatible with all kinds of hard drives (HDD’s, SSD, SDcards, Pendrives etc)
  • Supports all types of file systems (NTFS-5, NTFS, FAT-32, exFAT)
  • Most importantly it can work on all versions of Windows operating systems (XP, 2000, 2003, 7, 8, 10)


As for the summary, in this article, you have learned about how to repair a deleted partition using a cmd. However, repairing a deleted partition using cmd is a manual and a risky task. Making a mistake while repairing will result in data loss. Nevertheless, creating a backup of data on the deleted partition will avoid any data loss. If this article misses on any information please share

Recover Photos from Corrupt SD Card in 5 Simple Steps:

Nowadays a digital camera is a must for any travel plan. It feels wonderful to look at all the memories you have saved after returning from your trip. However, there will be a few situations where you connect your SD card to your computer only to realize that the SD card got corrupted and there are DataDno photos on it. If you encounter a similar situation with your SD card, you can easily repair it and recover photos from corrupt SD card.

Scroll down for sections that begin with the usual causes of corruption in SD card followed by steps to repair it and concludes with how to recover photos from corrupt SD card using an efficient SD card recovery software

4 Usual Causes behind corrupted SD card:

A few obvious reasons behind the corruption of SD card or cause data loss on SD card as follows

Inaccessible SD card:
Under rare circumstances, the file system on your SD card might get corrupted or converted into a RAW drive. A RAW file system error occurs when a computer cannot access the storage device or recognize file system. Fortunately in situation like these, your photos are still saved on your SD card but you cannot access them.

Note: If your SD card is inaccessible, skip ahead to section of the article that explains how to recover photos from SD card

Unexpected formatting of SD card:
Various digital cameras use a distinct storage media format to save photos. When you insert your SD card from one camera into another it will format the card with its own specific file system.

Recovering formatted data from SD card using CMD is complicated for a normal user, rather it is quite easier to recover lost photos, videos or any other using an SD card recovery software.

Virus or Malware attacks:
If your SD card is infected with viruses or malware, a swift reaction is required to save your personal memories from corruption. Virus attacks are always sneaky, so it is recommended to maintain an updated firewall or antivirus for avoiding such situations.

Interrupting While Reading or Writing on to SD card:
Most of the users tend to take SD cards for granted. Users interrupt any read or write process while it is going on or remove SD card from camera without switching off. Under such circumstances, the SD card’s file system will be damaged resulting in corrupt or damaged SD card.

Nevertheless, you can surely repair Corrupt SD card. The latter section of the article offers you a brief explanation on how to repair corrupt SD card using CMD or  command window.

How to Repair damaged SD card using CMD?

The quickest way to recover corrupt or damaged SD card is through CMD. CMD or Command window is a ms-dos tool. Follow the specified instructions to recover photos from sd card

  • Click on start search cmd. Right click on cmd and click on Run as Administrator
  • On the command window type chkdisk “drive letter”/f (for example if a drive letter is G: type chkdsk G:/f)
  • Once this process is finished enter command “drive letter”: (“G:” press enter)
  • Enter command attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*

    Once the process is completed you can see the recovered files in a new folder in the SD cardHowever, manual way of repairing a corrupt SD card might be risky as well as tricky. If you are not confident, kindly refrain from repairing damaged SD card using CMD. Because a single mistake while using cmd will permanently erase all your precious photos.

SFWare Photo recovery software developed with an easy user interface, that automates the recovery process and avoids any data loss scenarios. SFWare’s deep scan algorithm is specifically programmed to recover lost photos from corrupt, formatted or damaged SD cards.  

How to Recover photos from corrupt SD card ?:

SFWare’s SD card recovery software is specially programmed to recover digital media from problematic SD Cards. You can easily recover photos using specified directions

  • Download and install SFWare SD card recovery software
  • Connect the corrupt SD card to your computer and launch SFWare recovery software
    SFWare Recover photos home page
  • Select Recover Formatted/Corrupt for recovering files from corrupted SD card
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card
  • Now click on scan. Scan result will display available storage devices and partitions on your computer
  • Select the storage device you want to recover and click Scan
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card
  • Once the scan is completed, you can see available partitions on the scanned storage device
  • Select the partition consisting your photos and click on scan
  •  After a successful scan, you can recover the photos on the partitions.
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card
  • Select the files you want to restore and proceed to save the files
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card

    Why choose SFWare SD card Recovery software?
  • SFWare SD card recovery is specifically designed to recover digital media such as RAW images, PSD files, video files, MP3 formats etc
  • Integrated with a robust scan algorithm, it always ensures to give you precise scan results
  • With the help of SFWare, you can easily recover deleted files, files from reformatted or hard drives installed with the new operating system.
  • You can take advantage of save recovery session and avoid rescanning of large hard drives
  • It is compatible with storage devices formatted with NTFS-5, NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, HFS, HFS+

    Hope this article helped you to recover photos from corrupt SD card. As discussed in this article, SD cards are vulnerable. There might be various reasons for corruption. Nevertheless, you can recover them easily. However, the manual way of recovering photos is risky and tricky. Hence, it is strongly suggested to use a professional photo recovery software to automate and avoid any risk of erasing precious photos.