Know-How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

Undoubtedly, MOV is one of the most used video file formats developed by Apple. Also, MOV is a standard format for playing video files on Mac computers. Although MOV is a universally accepted file format, there are certain reasons why it’s been replaced by MP4 on Mac. Stick on to the article to know the reasons behind converting MOV to MP4 Mac and how to perform the same.

Why Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac?

Though MOV is the most used video format, it is easily prone to errors when compared to MP4. On the other hand, Encoded with the same codec MPEG-4, MP4 is similar to MOV and is also the most preferred format for video streaming over the internet. 

Likely you might even encounter that the MOV file cannot be played or opened in QuickTime player and displays incompatibility to play on Mac. This is a significant obstacle for MOV, which limits its scope of application. Therefore, MP4 is more flexible than MOV on Mac.

MOV video file error on Mac

Without taking much of your time, let us move on to the next section that explains the most reliable ways to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac using QuickTime Player and iMovie.

  1. Convert MOV to MP4 Mac with iMovie
  2. Convert MOV to MP4 Mac using QuickTime Pro

iMovie: MOV to MP4 Converter for Mac

iMovie is a free video editing software for Mac and iOS devices. It can be used for the basic conversion of MOV to MP4 on Mac systems. To convert MOV to Mp4 on Mac follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch iMovie Mac to convert MOV to MP4 on your computers. 

If you cannot find the iMovie icon in your dock (works like taskbar), go to Finder and select Applications, choose iMovie from the list.

Step 2: Open the File menu. From the drop-down list, select New Movie

Note: Select the option of No Theme if you are asked to choose any.

Step 3: Next select for Import Media. Browse and add the MOV file that you want to convert to MP4 and click on the Import Selected button present at the right-bottom hand corner.

Select import media files to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

Step 4: The selected MOV video will open as a new Project. Next, go to the app toolbar, select File and choose Share option.

select share option to convert MOV to MP4

Step 5: In the following window, select the File button (if needed edit the preferences) and then click the Next button.

Step 6: A new pop-up window displays, enter the location where you want to save the converted MOV file. Now, click Save to start the MOV to the MP4 conversion process.

QuickTime Pro: Mac MOV to MP4 Converter

QuickTime is the default video player present in Mac computers, where QuickTime Pro is an extended version of the same. It allows you to author QuickTime content and save QuickTime movies downloaded from the web. Also, it helps in basic editing and converting of files including .mov to .mp4.

Steps to Convert MOV to MP4 using QuickTime Pro

Step 1: Install and launch the QuickTime Pro app on your Mac system. Open the drop-down menu at the File tab. Select Open File… to browse and add MOV files present on your Mac.

Step 2: After adding the MOV files, you will be able to see an option of Export… from the drop-down menu. Select to move ahead.

Step 3: The Export panel will display a list of options. Choose the Movie to MPEG-4 option.

Step 4: Click Save to start converting MOV files to MP4 format on Mac.

With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can easily convert MOV to MP4. But, the process of conversion undergoes several file structure changes that can lead to the corruption of video files when played on MP4.

The corruption in video files could also be the result of interruptions during the MP4 conversion like power failure, computer restart, etc.

If you have a damaged or corrupt video file, here is the most recommended video repair tool.

SFWare video repair tool is a programmed tool designed to repair any corrupt or damaged files including MOV, MP4 and AVI files.  the tool works on read-only mode keeping the integrity of the original video files. Download the tool now to repair your unplayable videos and fix them in a few clicks.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac


With the help of the iMovie app and QuickTime Pro, you can easily convert MOV files to MP4 on Mac. It is better to be cautious while converting the video formats,  conversion of MOV to MP4 might lead to the corruption of the video files as it undergoes several file structure changes.

If you were successful in converting MOV files to MP4 on Mac with the help of the article, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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