How to Fix Outlook Send Receive Errors?

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The send-receive error strikes on the key feature of Outlook, i.e., sending and receiving emails, and there are different types of send-receive errors in Outlook that occur due to different factors like problematic PST files, incorrect email account settings, mail server issues, etc.

This article will help you with the types of these errors and DIY troubleshooting methods to keep the flow of emails without any issues.

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How Do I Fix Outlook Not Sending Or Receiving Emails?

The send-receive error affects only the incoming and outgoing of your emails; all the other features of your Outlook are intact and ready to use, including previous emails.

There are different Outlook send and receive error codes; we have compiled a list of common ones that users encounter commonly:

Common Outlook Send/Receive Errors

These are some common Outlook send-receive errors with the code and what caused them, take a look:

Error 0x800ccc0f: Network connectivity issues, antivirus or firewall interference, or problems with the mail server.

Error 0x8004210A (POP3): Timeout while awaiting the incoming server response. It can occur due to slow internet connections or issues with the mail server.

Error 0x80042109 (SMTP): Problems with the outgoing server. Due to incorrect server settings, network issues, or firewall/antivirus interference.

Error 0x8004010F (Outlook data file cannot be accessed): This error is associated with issues in the Outlook data file (PST). It may occur if the file is corrupt or damaged.

Error 0x8004060C (Outlook data file exceeds the limit): This error indicates that the Outlook data file (PST) has reached its size limit. Archiving or cleaning up the mailbox can help resolve this issue.

Error 0x8004210B (POP3): Similar to 0x8004210A, this error may occur due to a timeout issue during the communication with the mail server.

Error 0x800CCC92: This error is related to incorrect username or password settings for the email account.

10 Solutions To Resolve Outlook Send/Receive Error

Check if your device’s internet connection is stable and use any methods below under Outlook versions (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or 2021).

1. Update the Software

Try updating to the newer version of Outlook, as it can potentially repair the Outlook send receive error.

2. Check Outlook email account settings

You must verify the email settings if your Outlook email account is not configured properly. Ensure that your email settings are correct:

  • In Outlook, Go to File and click on Account settings.
  • Click on Account Settings and Account Settings.
  • Select the Email, and under the email tab, click on Change.

change the account settings


3. Disable the Firewall or antivirus settings

If your email antivirus tool is not configured with Outlook, you must change it, as it can conflict with the clients and cause a Send/receive error.

Try disabling the antivirus, send a mail, and check if the error is still appearing. If still not resolved, then head to the next solution.

4. Clean up the outbox Folder

If you find any unsent or stuck messages in your outbox, remove those messages and try sending the mail again.

5. Safe Mode

If some plugins are causing the send/receive error on your Outlook, try opening Outlook in safe mode, as it starts the client with limited features and disables the plugins.

  • Close Outlook and press Windows +R.
  • Type Outlook.exe /safe, and click OK.

6. Disable Add-ins

If you can send emails on safe mode, then the faulty add-ins are what is causing the issue; remove those by opening Outlook in safe mode:

  • Open File, Options, and choose Add-Ins.
  • Click on Go and uncheck all the add-ins, close the safe mode, and start normally.

7. Use the MAPI repair tool

In the case of Mapi32.dll damage, you will be encountering sending and receiving reported error (0x8007000E); you can run the MAPI repair tool (Fixmapi.exe), which is located in :
After locating the file, rename the mapi32.dll file to mapi32.dll.bak or other names, double-click, and run the program.

After the completion, try sending a mail and see if the send receive error is resolved.

8. Check the outgoing servers

Make sure your Outgoing server is configured properly, Checkmark on the option – My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and select use the same settings as my incoming server.

9. Run Inbox Repair Tool (PST)

A damaged or corrupt PST file cannot store new emails and contacts, and this can result in Send send-receive error, You can run the inbox repair tool (PST) to fix this issue:

  • Locate the inbox repair tool and launch it.
  • Browse the PST file and click on Start to begin the repair process.
  • If the tool prompts for errors, click on Repair to fix them.
  • Once the repair is complete, check if you are again failing the send-receive error.

10. Repair Corrupt OST/PST File using Outlook Repair Tool

There are scenarios where the Scanpst, i.e., inbox repair tool, fails to repair the PST file, though they are built by Microsoft.

You can try using the SFWare PST repair tool to fix your Corrupt PST and prevent errors like Outlook operation failed. and send receive, and many more to enable a seamless outlook experience.

Free Download for Windows

Download and install the SFWare Outlook PST repair tool. Launch the application.

Step 1: The main screen displays three options –

Open PST File: Helps in locating the default location of your PST file

Select PST File: If the PST location is known, provide the PST file path manually.

Find PST Files: If you are unaware of where the PST file is located, go with this option.

first step to use PST repair tool

Step 2: Select Normal Scan or Smart Scan from the next screen

Normal Scan: This option is chosen when the severity of corruption is low or the Outlook file doesn’t open due to minor Outlook errors.

Smart scan:  Select this option when the severity of Outlook file corruption is high.

Select PST File to Repair

Step 3: Click on the Repair option to fix any Outlook send receive error.

End Screen

Step 4: Once the process is over, preview all the recovered Outlook items to evaluate.

Remember to keep the PDF preview handler enabled or you will be unable to Preview PDF in Outlook


We hope that at least one solution from the listed 10 solutions worked out for you in resolving the send-receive error in Outlook; if you are a total newbie to this situation, You can opt for SFware PST Repair for a simple and efficient repair process.

Frequently Asked Questions on Outlook Send Receive Error

1. How to contact Outlook support?

You can try to get in touch with a person in Outlook through +1-844-457-0264 and (800) 865-9408 through phone or chat.

2. What causes the send error in Outlook?

The common cause of send-receive errors in Outlook is
– Network Issues
– Incorrect Email Settings
– Server Issues
– Large Attachments
– Firewall or Antivirus Interference

3. How to clear Outlook cache?

Select the folder, right-click, and choose properties, In the General tab click on Empty Cache.

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