QuickTime MOV Error 2048 – Solved


If you often use QuickTime media player to play your videos or watch movies it’s no wonder you should be familiar with the error code 2048. The article provides you a clear insight on the QuickTime error 2048 while bringing in all the possible scenarios causing the error and the most feasible methods to fix it.

QuickTime MOV error 2048

QuickTime Movie file format, generally abbreviated as QuickTime file. It is developed by Apple to handle various formats of digital videos, audios and images.

The QuickTime file uses a .mov extension and is compatible with other file formats such as MPEG, MP3, WAVE, JPEG, AIFF, and TIFF. You are likely to encounter error 2048 on QuickTime, while you play videos that are not supported by the player.

What is QuickTime Error code: 2048?

QuickTime error code 2048 occurs when the MOV file you tried to play is corrupt or the video file is missing the appropriate codec’s required to play the video. Therefore, if QuickTime finds inappropriate formats or damage in the video file, it throws an error indicating- Error-2048: Couldn’t open the file because it’s not a file that QuickTime Understands or if you try to open on Windows, MOV cannot play on Windows.

What causes QuickTime Error 2048?

The error occurs due to various reasons such as:

    1.     Corruption in MOV files:
      If MOV header gets corrupt, the necessary information about a file gets corrupt and becomes unable to access the file. MOV file header contains vital information like file size, creation date, last modification data, source address and destinations address etc. and if that is corrupt, then the file cannot be accessed.
    2.     Inappropriate codec used to play the video files:
      The codec used in the video file format should be appropriate to make it play. If there is any issue in the codec it becomes hard to play any video files.
    3.     Virus attack:
      There may be chances of MOV file has been affected by a virus or malware or the drive where MOV files were stored could have been damaged. Sometimes if files have been transferred from virus infected system, MOV files gets corrupt and displays QuickTime 2048 error.
    4. Sometimes faults in the firmware of the device and inappropriate techniques used to compress the file could lead to the error 2048 QuickTime error.

Above-mentioned are the most common reasons that cause the error 2048 in QuickTime players. In the next section of the write-up, you will be able to figure out easy methods described to fix the error with respect to the cause.

How to Fix the MOV QuickTime Error 2048?

You can easily fix the MOV QuickTime error by following the instructions mentioned in the below section. Try all the methods explained  one after another you will be easily fixing the error 2048 without any hassle.

Quick Navigation to Fix QuickTime error 2048

Virus Attack: Run Antivirus

Inappropriate Codec: Download appropriate codec

Faulty Firmware: Update the faulty drivers

Damage during Compression of File: Repair the damaged File

Corrupt MOV File: Repair MOV File

Fix 1: Run the Antivirus to Fix MOV Error 2048

Virus can affect any file stored on the drive. Virus intrusion may cause damage or corruption in the MOV files and make MOV file unplayable or MOV no sound issues. A better way to keep your device free from virus or malware infection is to make use of a trusted antivirus software. This way you can protect your files and folder safe from virus damage.

Fix 2: Update the drivers to fix faulty firmware

Update your system drivers if they are outdated. Outdated drivers will not only lead to error 2048 in QuickTime but also make playback videos choppy or jerky. Follow the steps given to update the device drivers.

  • Go to Device Manager and select Sound, Video and Game Controller
  • Next, select the device you want to update and click on Update Driver Software
  • Restart your computer.

If the QuickTime error 2048 is due to the faulty firmware, this should fix the error.  If you still encounter the error when you try playing a video, try the next method.

Fix 3: Repair the Corrupt MOV file and Fix QuickTime Error 2048

Corruption in the MOV file header could be the main reason behind the QuickTime MOV error 2048. To fix the issue and repair the MOV files using an MOV file repair tool. If you are thinking which could be the best software to repair MOV files? Here is the answer,

SFWare MOV repair tool is the most recommended and trusted MOV repair software to fix any issues related to MOV file including QuickTime error 2048. The tool analyzes the video, separates the audio and video streams and repairs the corrupt MOV video file. Download and try the software for free and fix the error 2048 in 3 simple steps.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Fix the Quicktime MOV error 2048 using  SFWare:

Download and install the software, Launch the application. On the main screen, select MOV/MP4 repair.
Select MOV from the main screen
Browse the file to be repaired and provide the healthy file for the reference.  Click on the Repair button.
Browse MOV file

Preview the repaired files and save the file in the desired location.

Fix 4: Repair the inappropriate compression problem

To reduce the file size, we generally opt for compressing the video. Repeating the compression process on the video files might lead to error 2048: couldn’t open the file. If your video file gets corrupted due to inappropriate compression, the only feasible way to fix the video is by using a trusted video repair tool.

Fix 5: Download the appropriate codec

You can easily fix the issues related to codec using VLC media player. VLC media player is the open source media player. VLC supports most of the audio & video file formats and the compression methods. VLC’s libavcodec library provides various compatible codecs and helps you in fixing the inappropriate codec issue between the QuickTime and video format.

Follow the steps to convert video files like MOV with VLC:


  1. Open VLC, select Media  select Convert/Save.
  2. Under the Open Media tab, click the Add button to add the MOV video file and select Convert or Save option at the bottom.
  3. Under the Settings option, select convert and browse the destination file and click Start.

You can also convert MOV to MP4 in Mac and check if the video is played without the error 2048.

Tips to avoid video file corruption

  • Always make sure you use appropriate compression techniques to compress video files
  • Use a good antivirus both on your system and on your storage devices to keep virus and malware at bay
  • Avoid converting video files from one format to another often
  • It is always a good practice to have a backup of all your important videos. This way you can retrieve those videos back, during an event of video corruption or data loss

Bottom Line:

Error 2048 couldn’t open the file is one of one of the common errors associated with QuickTime media player. Try all the above-mentioned methods to fix the error 2048. With the help of the SFWare video repair tool, you can fix any issues related to corruption and compression in the video files and more importantly it is completely free to download and try.

If the article helped you to fix the QuickTime error 2048 successfully or if you have any queries, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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