Fix USB Error Code 43: Windows Has Stopped This Device Because It Has Reported Problems

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Encountering error while working on USB is upsetting. If you encountered the error stating Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43), this could be due to the problem in your USB device you are using. Know how to fix the USB error code 43 using a few simple methods explained in the article.

USB error code 43 is one of the several Device Manager errors which is commonly seen in Windows. It is usually encountered when the Device manager stops the hardware and reports Windows that it has some unspecified problem.

The error is displayed in the following way

USB error code 43 in Windows


Note: Before going to fix the code 43 USB error, it is essential to know about the error. Device manager error and system error shares a similar code. If you see the Code 43 error elsewhere in Windows, chances are it’s a system error code, that you should not troubleshoot as a Device Manager problem.

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The USB error code 43 in Device manager can appear in any of the Windows computers including Windows 10 and other previous versions. Let us see how to fix the USB error code 43 in Device manager using easy and simple steps

How to fix the USB error code 43 in Windows?

Fix the Windows error code 43 by performing below-mentioned USB error resolving techniques:

Method 1: Unplug all your peripherals and restart the system

You are likely to encounter USB error 43 when your hardware is not well connected or hardware problems. In such situations, check with the hardware peripherals and try restarting your system can help you fix the Windows USB error 43 effectively.

Follow the instruction to verify the connection and restart the computer.

  • Unplug the USB Drive
  • Turn off the System
  • Allow System to set for at least 5 to 10 minutes
  • Restart the System
  • Plug-in the USB Drive

If you still encounter the error 43, switch to next method.

Method 2: Resolve the USB error 43 by fixing the Device Manager

Try fixing the error in Device Manager by following simple methods

1. Update the driver to fix device manager error 43

Try installing a new driver for the device. Installing the new driver would help you fix the error 43 USB device not recognized.

  • Go to the search bar, type Device Manager
  • Select Device Manager from the list. Right-click on the desired driver that you want to update. 
  • select Update the driver and click Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.
    Update the drive to fix the error 43 USB

    2. Rollback the driver to fix Windows Device Manager code 43

    Rollback the driver is an option available in the Device manager to fix the Device Manager errors that are encountered after updating the driver. 
    Follow the above steps to open Device Manager. Select the properties and replace the update the driver option. Once the properties window opens, go to driver tab and click on rollback the driver option.
    If installing and rolling back the driver doesn’t help you fix the USB error 43, try uninstalling the driver and later install the USB driver again.

    3. Uninstall the driver to fix USB error 43

    Follow the same steps until update the drive from method 1, later select uninstall device. 

    • Now, in Device Manager right-click on the Computer Name.
    • Select Scan for hardware changes( this option helps the Device Manager scan the system and reinstall the device automatically).
    • Right-click the device and click Properties.
    • It shows a message that The device is working

    Now, you have successfully uninstalled and reinstalled the driver to fix the USB error 43 in Windows. Connect the USB and verify that the error still persists. 

Method 3: Restore the system to the previous version

Unknowingly we change a few system data and that leads to the related errors. In such situations, it is better to restore the previous version that existed before encountering the error. To do so, follow the steps given below:

Go to Control Panel >> System >> System Protection on the left panel >> under System Protection click System Restore

You can only make use of the system restore option if you have created a previous restore point earlier. If you fail to fix the error with this method and still facing the error then it could be due to a outdated BIOS. Fix the Windows USB error 43 by updating the BIOS.

Method 4: Update the BIOS to fix USB error 43

An outdated BIOS can also be the reason for causing USB error 43. Before initializing the update process, you should check your current BIOS version via CMD by giving wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion in the command prompt window.

Update BIOS fix error 43

You can also verify the BIOS version using the run command. Type msinfo32, System summary window opens and you can locate the BIOS version.

Update BIOS

If it’s outdated, go to download the BIOS update file and then update your BIOS.

Must Follow Guidelines before you update the BIOS to fix the error USB 43 error:

  • Do not turn off your computer while the BIOS is updating. Doing so can cause the BIOS to become corrupt. In other words, the computer will be unable to start, complete the BIOS installation, or run at all
  • Failure to follow a manufacturer’s directions and precautions may corrupt the BIOS as well. Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Never download your BIOS update from any other websites than your manufacturer’s website

By trying either of the above mentioned methods you should be able able to fix the USB error 43 in Windows. If you are still unable to fix the error the USB drive might be severely corrupt or damaged and your important data is at stake. 

Before it gets too late and you lose your important data from the drive, recover your USB data with help of most recommended SFWare USB data recovery tool.

SFWare USB data recovery tool is designed to recover data irrespective of any data loss situations. The tool is built with a robust search algorithm that helps in restoring data from FAT, NTFS and even HFS+ file systems effectively. Download now and access all your important files that were inaccessible due to USB error 43.
Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

How to Recover inaccessible data due to USB error 43?

For the safe and secure recovery of data from USB, Download and install the USB Data Recovery Software. Launch the application.

Step 1: The main screen displays Recover files and Recover Formatted / Corrupt options.
Select the drive to recover data from USB showing error 43Step 2: Select any of your preferred options. Select the
USB drive you want to recover data from.
Select USB drive to recover data
Step 3: The software initializes the scanning process. After the completion of scanning, the recovered files can be viewed in either Data View or File type view.
View recoverable files in Either Data View or File Type View
If you are happy with the results, save the files by activating the software.


Do not panic when you encounter the USB error code 43. With the help of the above-described methods, you can easily fix the error 43 in Windows related to Device Manager. If the given method fails to fix and the error persists, it is recommended to recover data from the USB drive using the SFWare USB data recovery tool.

If this article has helped you to fix the error 43 in Windows, please share your thoughts in the comment section below and share a word with others.

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