Fix Lagging & Stuttering Issues in Videos?


Isn’t it annoying to face video lags while watching your favorite videos online or offline? This article guides you on how to fix the issues that cause lags or stuttering in the video on your computer. Also, provides measures to stop video lags on videos.

What causes video to lag or stutter while playing?

Video lagging and stuttering are the common problems while watching your videos. Videos lag due to the many reasons that affect your video performance. Few of the reasons that interfere in video performance are listed below;

  •  If you are streaming videos from the internet, it completely depends on your internet connection and from which source you are streaming it.
  • Video lags might also be due to limited computer’s RAM, or restricted processing power. Running multiple programs and trying to watch videos at the same time certainly reduce the video output.
  • There are chances when you keep your browser open for too long a period, temporary data might add up. Therefore browsers start taking up more computer space and creating glitches.

To fix the lagging or stuttering problems in videos, follow the simple steps mentioned in the article.

Measures to avoid Lagging and stuttering issues in online videos

By following the below given methods you can easily fix choppy video problems, stop lagging, stuttering or glitches on your videos.

  •  Delete cookies & temp files for better performance of the online videos
  •  Use a high speed Internet connection, to acquire better connectivity from the source
  • Close all browser windows when viewing the web video. As a result, no background process affects the performance.
  • Update to latest browser and also, update the Media Player using on your system
  • Always Watch your video in Safe Mode

Successful methods to Fix Lagging and Stuttering of Videos

 Reinstall Device Drivers

It is always important to keep your drivers updated because outdated drivers might lead to video lagging or video stuttering. Follow the given steps to reinstall your device drivers:

  1. Open Control Panel → and click on Device Manager
  2. Now, Go to Sound, video and game controllers.
  3. Right-click on each of the options available → Reinstall it.

Check for the latest updates are available for the drivers and update it.

Use VLC Media Player to repair Videos

VLC media player is a free and open source application that is compatible with almost any video format. Hence, it is called a universal media player. Be it MOV no sound problem or media player failed to play the video, you can fix using VLC.


Videos lagging and stuttering are common and most times it is not the problem with the media player. This might be due to the corruption in the video formats. To fix the issues, try VLC media player and repair the video file. You can use VLC to fix corruption in GoPro videos too.

  1. Open VLC media player, Tools →  Preferences.
  2. Now, open Input & Codecs → click Always Fix →  Save.

Now play your video and verify if the problem is fixed.

Scan for Hardware Changes

As mentioned earlier, hardware changes might also cause lagging, stuttering or other glitches in a video. Scanning for hardware changes helps fixing the issue. Follow the steps to scan for hardware changes using Device Manager.

  1. Press Windows + X command, to open WinX menu
  2. Open Device Manager →  select Scan for hardware changes.
  3. Now, run the scan.Once scanning is done, close the video and try playing your videos again to check if the problem still exists.

Decreasing the Video Size & Resolutions

UHD 4K videos contain big size and formats. Due to its large video size and format, it often creates problems while playing videos or during transfer of the video files.

If video size and resolution is decreased, it can make the large-sized videos play properly. You can make use of any safe third party tool to perform resolution change for you.

Re-download your Video

Sometimes video lagging, stuttering happens due to improper downloading or sudden interruption during transfer or downloading process. Therefore, make sure that there is no interruption during the video transfer or downloading process.

What if none of the above mentioned methods did not stop video lagging?

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods to fix the still encountering the issue, this must be due to damaged or corrupt video files.

To verify if the video file is corrupt, try playing a different video file of saved format. If you figure out that the video is corrupt or damaged, it is recommended to use a safe and secure video repair tool to fix corrupt or damaged video files.

SFWare video repair tool is the most recommended tool designed to repair lagging, stuttering and any glitch in video files of any formats including MOV, MP4, MPEG, M4V, AVI, DivX XviD and many other file formats. The tool has a built-in read only mechanism and works on the copy of the file keeping the integrity of the original video file.  Download the tool now and repair your unplayable video files.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Fix Video lag and stuttering using SFWare Video repair Tool

To fix the video issues in 3 simple steps, Download and install the software. Launch the tool. 

  1.  Select the type of the file [MOV, MP4, AVI, etc] you want to repair. Video repair tool to fix video lagging
  2.  Now, provide a Healthy File as a reference to repair the corrupt video file in case of MOV / MP4 files. Click on the Repair button. Fix video stuttering and lag
  3.  After the completion of the repair process, you can Preview the repaired files. If you are happy with the results, Save the repaired video on your computer.

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