3 Easy Ways to Fix VLC Crashing Or Not Responding on Windows and Mac OS

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VLC player stops working/responding, or VLC keeps crashing is the common issue that VLC user come across while watching videos. If you ever faced the issues with VLC on both Windows and macOS, here are the best workarounds that helps you fix VLC crashing on both the operating systems.

VLC media playerkeeps crashing

VLC media player is the utmost used media player to watch videos, movies and listening music too. When VLC stops working or stops playing, that’s a real situation of exasperation because VLC is most reliable audio and video player so far. Lets’ see what reflects VLC is causing trouble to the videos-

Indications of VLC Crashing

  1. Takes long time and multiple attempt to open the player
  2. Fails to load the video
  3. You might even have blue, grey or black screen while playing videos on VLC
  4. Screen pops up with multiple logical errors
  5. VLC media stops responding or stops working in between

If you ever came across any of these scenarios, its likely your VLC is about to crash or there is a glitch in the functionality.  This might end up causing corruption in the video that are played on VLC.

If you are wondering why your VLC keeps crashing often, here listed are a few reasons that causes VLC crashing.

Why Does VLC Keeps Crashing?

A few common reasons that forces VLC not to respond or stop working are as  follows-

  • Improper installation of VLC program
  • Video might be corrupted or doesn’t support the VLC files to play on the player
  • Corruption in VLC media players program file
  • Installation of outdated or corrupted drivers
  • Problem with VLC’s coding, output scheme, or any other playback setting
  • VLC’s components could get blocked by any system programs, security apps or setting.
  • The reason why video couldn’t be played on VLC may include sound issues, audio video synchronizing issues, missing fragments, dropped frames, corrupt header and so on.

All the above-mentioned reasons lead to VLC media player issues.  If you are wondering, how do you stop VLC from crashing? how to fix the issue, here are the easy options. Click on the below links to navigate to the required section to fix VLC keeps Crashing problem.

How Do I Fix VLC Crash?

How do I fix VLC Crashing on Windows?

How to Fix VLC Crashing on Mac?

How to repair corrupt videos?

Measures to Avoid VLC crashing up forth

For Windows Users: How to Fix VLC keeps Crashing?

If you are running VLC on Windows, you might be familiar with video crashing, lagging and stuttering issues.  Fix the issues with the help of below-mentioned methods.

Method 1: VLC Media Player Re-installation

If your VLC media player program files are corrupted, it is best recommended to uninstall and reinstall the application.

To uninstall VLC-

  1. Go to Control Panel >> Click on Programs (List of installed apps are displayed now)
  2. Select VLC >> Right click on app and click on the Uninstall button

By doing so, your application will be uninstalled from the computer.


After successfully uninstalling the VLC app, go to the official website and install the app again.

Method 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

There may be chances of VLC crashing when hardware acceleration is enabled on an unsupported system. Hardware Acceleration is the is Windows feature to provide better video playback performance.

  1. Go to VLC Media Player Tools >> Preferences
  2. Click on Input / codecs, you see an option Hardware-Accelerating Decoding
  3. From the drop down, select DirectX Video Acceleration feature Or you can just Disable it. 

Disabling Hardware Accelerator Coding can also help VLC users fix the issue of green screen in VLC. Follow this article to learn more solutions.

Method 3: Verify the Compatibility Setting

Windows compatibility setting feature allows you to Run VLC made for older versions on the current version of Windows.

  1. Open the File explore >> Navigate the below given path

Windows 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC

Windows 32-bit: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC

  1. Right-Click on exe >> Select Properties
  2. Click on the Compatibility tab
  3. Check the Run this program in compatibility mode for and Select the Previous Windows version à OK

You should be able to fix VLC keeps crashing issue using the above-mentioned fixing methods on Windows computer. If you are facing trouble opening File Explore, Fix the issue and go ahead with the steps.

For Mac users: How to Fix VLC Keeps Crashing?

If you are encountering the trouble with VLC on Mac, you can first try reinstalling the app as likely did it for Windows on Reinstalling the VLC Player. apart from that there are a few workarounds you could try to fix the problem.

Method 1: Force Quit the Media Player

Any trouble with VLC like video freezing or not responding, all you must do is just forcefully quit the application from running in the background.

  1. First, go to Finder >>  Click on the Force Quit Applications
  2. OR you can press the Command + Option + Esc keys at the same time.
  3. Force Quit window appears on the screen, select your VLC player and close it from running in the background.

Method 2: Install A VLC Codec Pack

It is a known fact that Mac is often incompatible with most video formats or codecs apart from the dedicated format for Mac. This could be one of the reasons why you are encountering VLC crashing on the system. To fix this, you just have to install the VLC codec pack supported on Mac, which helps in compatibility of your videos.

Note: Many users have also found installing proper and updated codecs can also fix Windows Media Player cannot play the video issue.

Method 3: Update Your VLC Player

You can avoid most of the media player issues such as crashing, stuttering, lagging, stopped working or not responding just by updating the media players. To fix VLC player problem or if VLC not playing any videos,

  1. Initially, open VLC media player, go to Menu
  2. Click on the Help >> Check for updates

This automatically directs the application to check for any new updates for Mac and you can install them later.

What if your video files get corrupt due to VLC media payer crashing or corruption on the media player? How would you repair the corrupt video files?

As mentioned  earlier, there could be instances, where corruption in the video leads to  crashing VLC media player or make it stop working. In such situation the prime thing one must be doing is stop playing the corrupt video and fix the corruption in it.

How to Repair Corrupt Videos?

 With SFWare Video Repair tool you can fix any corruption on video files. Be it MOV, MP4 or AVI, the tool’s unique repair algorithm with a reference of healthy file rebuilds the file structure.  Therefore, new healthy file is free from corruption. Also, the tool is designed to work on a copy of your original file to keep the original video file untouched and unaltered. SFWare Video Repair Tool is available for both Windows and Mac computers and works well with any OS versions respectively.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps to Fix Video File Corruption

Download and install the SFWare Video Repair tool on your computer and launch the application. Select MOV/MP4/AVI or other video format based on your requirement.

  1. From the main screen, click on Browse, to provide the Healthy File for the reference of codecs to rebuild the file.
    Select MOV from the main screen
  2. Now, click on Corrupted File >> provide the locationBrowse MOV file
  3. Click on the Repair option.

Wait for video file repair process to complete. Once the process is successfully completed, you can preview the repair corrupt video file and then save them on any location of your choice.

How to avoid crashes in VLC?

  • Avoid opening multiple video threads at the same time on VLC.
  • If videos seem incompatible with VLC, try using a supported media player.
  • Keep minimal programs running at background while VLC playing.
  • Keep updating VLC regularly and do install VLC Player from an official website
  • Avoid vital setting tampering in VLC like its output modules, file caching, codec scheme and other settings.

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