HFS Data Recovery | (Recover Files, Folders, Data, Partitions From HFS Drive)

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HFS and HFS+ (Hierarchical File System) are file systems designed, developed, and launched by Apple Inc. In the year 1985, for macOS and other Apple devices. These file systems were designed to ensure effective file storage.

However, due to various reasons such as accidental deletion of the saved data, formatting of the HFS/HFS+ drives, corruption, system errors and software glitches, virus or malware attacks, and interruption during the data read or write process. Many Mac user loses their data from their HFS or the HFS+ drives.

If you have lost your data and are now searching for ways to recover data from HFS or HFS+ drive. Then, follow the instructions mentioned in this article to recover your files and data.

How To Recover HFS/HFS+ Data?

Irrespective of the reasons why you have lost your data. Powerful tools like SFWare Data Recovery Software for Mac can bring back your HFS and HFS+ data from the brink.

This powerful yet easy-to-use tool is designed to deeply scan the volumes and recover files like photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc, at breakneck speed from your internal or external HFS hard drives. 

Additionally, SFWare offers a free preview option before data saving to ensure you are completely satisfied with the HFS recovery process.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the tool now and start recovering your HFS or HFS+ partitions easily.

Free Download for Mac

Steps To Recover Files, Folders, Data, or Volumes From the HFS or HFS+ Drive Using SFWare Data Recovery Software for Mac

1: To start the HFS partition recovery process, you must first download and install your system’s SFWare Data Recovery Software for Mac

2: Once the tool is installed, you need to launch the tool from the main screen. Select the HFS or the HFS+ Drive and click the Start Scan button.

select the hfs drive from where you want to recover and click on the start scan button

3: The tool will start scanning the selected Mac HFS drive, and the recovered data will be displayed on your screen.

a list of all the recovered data from the connected drive will get displayed on your screen.

4: You can use the Filter option or the Search bar to sort, filter, or find files quickly.

5: SFWare Data Recovery Tool for Mac also has a free Preview feature that lets you look at the recovered data.

preview the recovered from hfs drive data

6: Select the files, folders, or partitions you want to recover from the list of all recovered data. Click on the Save button. The tool will ask you to provide a location where you want to save the selected data. The tool will start the HFS file restoration process upon selecting the data and the storage location. 

completion of the hfs drive recovery

Tips To Boost The Chances of Successful HFS Drive Recovery

  • Stop Using the Drive: Further use of the affected drive can lead to data overwriting, thereby making it difficult, at times, impossible to recover HFS files. So, stopping using the drive immediately is always recommended to boost the chances of HFS or HFS+ partition data recovery
  • Act Quickly: Now is the time to recover HFS partition files and folders. Acting quickly significantly increases your chances. However, you need to make sure you use reliable data recovery tools. Since using an unreliable tool can lead to permanent data loss.
  • If necessary, seek professional assistance: The paid version of the SFWare Data Recovery Software for Mac tool comes with our best-in-class Tech support. That is available round the clock to assist you in recovering the lost partition or lost files from HFS drives. But also from any Mac system or External storage device. 


You have now learned all the possible reasons behind the data loss from the HFS or HFS+ drive. You have also discovered a professional data recovery tool designed to recover permanently deleted files and lost data from any internal or external storage devices, including an external hard drive formatted with the hfs format. Always remember the tips mentioned above. Continuous usage of the affected drive and delaying recovery can lead to further data loss. Investing in specialized tools can help any Mac user perform HFS partition recovery in Mac OS X and other versions easily.   

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