How Can I Recover Files Deleted Using Shift Delete Keys on Windows PC?

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Accidentally deleted files using Shift + Delete keys on Windows? If you are looking for the solutions to recover files deleted with Shift Delete, this article explains 2 different ways to recover permanently deleted files using Shift Delete. Follow up the article to know the best suited method to recover your files. 

What Does Shift + Delete Do?

Too understand what Shift Delete keys do, it is important to understand what Delete key does. When the files are selected and deleted using only the delete keys, the files are moved to Recycle Bin temporarily and files are not erased from file system.

When you use both Shift and Delete keys to delete a file from Windows PC, it surpasses the Recycle Bin. Therefore, the files are erased permanently and cannot be retrieved back.

Can I Recover Shift Deleted Files?

If you are wondering if it is possible to recover files deleted with Shift Delete keys, the answer would be yes. Yes, you can easily recover shift deleted files from Windows computer. The files that are deleted, will be marked as empty by the file system, to be used by new written data. Therefore, it is always recommended not to use the drive until recovery is done. This may overwrite the existing data and make recovery of files from the drive challenging.

How to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows 11/10 or Older Windows Versions?

You can recover files deleted with Shift Delete keys using 2 approaches. You can either make use of File History to recover files deleted from Shift Delete keys or a well programmed Data recovery Software to recover permanently deleted files using Shift Delete.

Recover Shift Deleted files using File History

File History is the backup feature utility comes in all the Windows OS versions.  The File History holds the copies of the files, to retrieve them back if they are lost, damaged or cannot be accessed.  To use the feature in Windows, one must enable the File History prior to any data loss situations. To activate File History:

Open the Settings application on Windows

  1. Go to Update & Security > Backup
  2. Add a backup drive by clicking on the Add a drive option
  3. An on/off button will appear for Automatically back up my files. Make sure the slider is in the On
    File history to recover shift deleted files

If you have enabled the File History, follow the next steps to recover shift deleted

Step 1: Type File History in the search bar

Step 2: Under Settings in search results, click Restore your files with File History

Step 3: If you are told that the feature is not enabled, click Configure File History settings

Step 4: Select the drive for which you’d like to enable the feature and then click Turn on

Keep in mind that Windows 11 and 10 backs up only the folders in your User folder, and it does so every hour. Once you have enabled this feature in advance, you can restore files from the copies. To restore Shift deleted files from File History:

Step 1. Type File History in the search bar

Step 2. Under Settings in search results, click Restore your files with File History

Step 3. Browse through the available folders and select your deleted files. Click the green arrow to restore the files.

What if File History is not activated? How would you get back your Shift deleted files? if you are wondering how to recover shift deleted files, here is an answer: SFWare Delete File Recovery software. It is the eminent tool embedded with a rapid scan algorithm that helps to track your lost files from the drive and recover it as quickly as it can. You can make use of the software on any Windows OS and Mac OS to recover files that bypassed trash as well.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

How to Recover Files Deleted with Shift Delete using SFWare?

To recover shift deleted files, download and install SFWare deleted file recovery tool on your PC. Launch the application.

Step 1: Select Recover Files from the main screen and Deleted File Recovery from the next screen
Recover files using Shift Delete keys

Step 2: Choose the drive/partition to start the shift deleted file recovery process (Now the tool runs the search algorithm on the selected Drive/Partition to recover the shift deleted files)
Select the drive to scan for shift deleted files

Step 3: Once the scan completes, you can view recoverable files in Data View or File Type View.
View recoverable Shift Delete files in Either Data View or File Type View

Select the files you want to recover and click on Next. After the completion of recovery process, save the recovered files on any location on your computer.

SFWare Deleted File Recovery Tool:

  • Helps you recover over 300 file types associated with Word or Excel documents, videos, images, audio and system files.
  • It supports data recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions.
  • Reliable recovery tool to recover files from desktop or any partition/drive and restore files deleted from re-cycle bin files.


With the help of File History, you should be able to recover your Shift Deleted files, if you were unable to recover using the approach, you can always rely on the best approach: SFWare Data Recovery software. It is always rewarding to have backup of your important files to avoid any data loss scenarios.

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