WindowsおよびMac OSでVLCのクラッシュまたは応答しない問題を修正する3つの簡単な方法


VLC player stops working / responding or VLC keeps crashing is a common problem that VLC users encounter while watching videos. If you have ever faced VLC issues on both  Windows and macOS , here are the best workarounds that can help you fix VLC crashing on both operating systems.

VLC media playerkeeps crashing

VLC media player is a media player that is also used for watching videos, movies and music. VLC is the most reliable audio and video player ever, so it’s a real frustrating situation when it stops working or stops playing. Let’s see what reflects that VLC is causing problems with the video –

Signs of VLC crashing

  1. Player takes a long time to open and tries many times
  2. video fails to load
  3. While you are playing a video in blue, gray or black screen VLC
  4. Multiple logic errors appear on the screen
  5. VLC media stops responding or stops working in between

If you’ve ever encountered one of these scenarios, VLC may crash or malfunction. This can corrupt videos played in VLC.

If you don’t know why VLC keeps crashing so often, here are some possible causes of VLC crashing.

Why does VLC keep crashing?

Some common reasons that force VLC to stop responding or stop working are −

  • Improper installation of the VLC program
  • The video may be corrupted or the player does not support VLC files to play
  • Corrupted VLC media player program files
  • Installation of outdated or corrupted drivers
  • There is a problem with VLC’s coding, output scheme, or other playback settings
  • Components of VLC can be blocked by system programs, security apps, or settings.
  • Reasons why VLC was unable to play video include sound issues, audio-video sync issues, missing fragments, dropped frames, corrupted headers, and more.

All the above reasons lead to problems with VLC media player. In case you’re wondering, how do you stop VLC from crashing? How to fix the problem, here are some easy options. Click the link below to go to the section you need to fix the VLC keeps crashing issue.

How can I fix VLC crashes?

How can I fix VLC crashes on Windows?

How to fix VLC crashes on Mac?

How to repair corrupted video?

Workarounds to avoid VLC crashes

For Windows users: How to fix VLC keeps crashing?

If you are running VLC on Windows , you may be familiar with video crashinglagging and stuttering issues . Fix the issue with the help of below method.

Method 1: Reinstall VLC Media Player

If the VLC media player program files are corrupted, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

To uninstall VLC:

  1. Go to Control Panel >> click  Programs  (you will see a list of installed apps)
  2. Select VLC >> right click on the app and click on the  Uninstall  button

Doing so will uninstall the application from your computer.


After successfully uninstalling the VLC app, go to the official website and reinstall the app.

Method 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

VLC may crash if hardware acceleration is enabled on an unsupported system. Hardware acceleration is a Windows feature that provides better video playback performance.

  1. Go to VLC Media Player Tools >>  Preferences
  2. Click Inputcodecs , you see the option  Hardware-Accelerating Decoding
  3. From the dropdown, select DirectX Video Acceleration feature Or  you can just disable it. 

Method 3: Check compatibility settings

The Windows Compatibility Settings feature allows current versions of Windows to run VLC written for older versions.

  1. Open File explore >> Navigate the path below

Windows 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC

Windows 32-bit: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC

  1. Right click on exe >> Select  Properties
  2. Click on the Compatibility tab
  3. Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and select a previous version of Windows and  OK

You should be able to fix VLC keeps crashing using the above fix on your Windows computer. If you’re having trouble opening File Explorer, fix the problem and proceed.

For Mac Users: How to Fix VLC Keeps Crashing?

If you have problems with VLC on Mac, try reinstalling the app first, just like you did for Windows with reinstalling VLC player. Apart from that, there are some workarounds that you can try to fix the problem.

Method 1: Force Quit Media Player

VLC issues such as video freezing or not responding just force the application to quit running in the background.

  1. First, go to Finder >> Click on  Force Quit Applications
  2. Alternatively, you can press Command + Option + Esc keys simultaneously.
  3. A force quit window will appear on your screen, select your VLC player and close it from running in the background.

Method 2: Install VLC Codec Pack

It’s a known fact that Macs are often incompatible with most video formats or codecs, except for Mac-only formats. This could be one of the reasons why you are experiencing VLC crashes on your system. To fix this, just install the VLC codec pack supported by Mac and it will make your video more compatible.

Method 3: Update VLC Player

By simply updating your media player, you can avoid most media player issues such as crashes, stutters, lags, hangs and unresponsiveness. To fix issues with VLC player or  VLC is not playing any videos ,

  1. Initially, open VLC media player , go to Menu
  2. Click Help >>  Check for updates

This will automatically tell the application to check for new updates for your Mac so you can install them later.

What if the video file is corrupted due to VLC media payer crash or media player corruption? How do you repair corrupted video files?

As mentioned above, video corruption can lead to VLC media player crashing or stopping working. The most important thing in such situation is to stop playing the corrupted video and fix the corrupted video.

How to repair corrupted video?

SFWare video repair tool can fix video file corruption.  Whether it’s MOV , MP4 or AVI  , the tool’s unique repair algorithms refer to healthy files to reconstruct the file structure.  So the new good file is not corrupted.  Also, this tool is designed to handle copies of the original files keeping the original video files unchanged.  SFWare video repair tools are available for both Windows and Mac computers and work well with their respective OS versions.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps to fix video file corruption

Download and install  SFWare Video Repair Tool  on your computer and launch the application. Choose MOV/MP4/AVI or other video formats based on your requirements.

  1. From the main screen, click Browse , which provides a sane file for codec reference to rebuild the file.

Select MOV from the main screen

  1. Now click on Corrupted File >> provide location

Browse MOV file

  1. Click Repair option.

Wait for the video file repair process to complete. After the process is successfully completed, you can preview the corrupted video file repair and save it to any desired location.

How to avoid crashes in VLC?

  • Avoid having multiple video threads open in VLC at the same time.
  • If you think your video is not compatible with VLC, try using a supported media player.
  • Keep a minimal program running in the background while VLC is playing.
  • Keep updating VLC regularly and install VLC Player from the official website
  • Avoid tampering with VLC’s important settings such as output module, file cache, codec scheme and other settings.


Summary :

Is your AVI file unplayable on Mac ? Having problems playing AVI video files on Mac QuickTime Player ? If you’re wondering why AVI files won’t play on your Mac , check out our complete guide on why QuickTime wo n’t play AVI files and how to open and play AVI files on your Mac .

About AVI: .avi files won’t play on Mac

AVI is a multimedia container format developed by Microsoft. AVI files contain both audio and video data in a file container and help synchronize audio with video playback. AVI is a subformat in which data is stored in the form of tagged chunks of information.

AVI format

One of the main reasons why AVI files have trouble playing in Mac’s QuickTime player is codec incompatibility. A codec is a compressor/decompressor that helps the media player understand the video or audio track within an AVI file. If the codec present in the AVI is not compatible with QuickTime, you will not be able to play the AVI file on your Mac.

The AVI file format is divided into 3 sub-chunks.

  • The first carries metadata  , which includes the file size and frame rate.
  • The second subchunk is the tag that carries the actual audio and video information of the movi  AVI file.
  • The third ( idx1 tag) is an optional chunk that holds information about the  Offset  (the address of the destination or arrival point in the file).

Why AVI files cannot be played on Mac?

QuickTime cannot open or play video files If  the AVI index is corrupted  or one of the codecs (chunks) used to encode the video is not available in QuickTime Player. To overcome this, you need to include a codec that supports AVI files on Mac.

However, QuickTime supports the VFM format, so unless you’re using an older version of QuickTime for AVI files you want to play on your Mac (AVI was originally called Video for Windows), this is usually One of the old problems. Nevertheless, AVI files and QuickTime players have problems.

How to play AVI in QuickTime on Mac?

Here are some ways to play .avi files on Mac. Follow the methods below to resolve AVI files that are not compatible with QuickTime and play unplayable AVI files .

Install an add-on or plugin to play AVI files on Mac

QuickTime may not be able to play AVI files due to incompatibility. However, with a supporting program, you can play AVI files without interruption.

Add-ons or plugins are supporting software that help you play any video format you want. Using the right plugin  is one of the methods you can use to make AVI files playable on Mac. So download the appropriate plugin to QuickTime and enjoy your AVI files on Mac.

Download and install supporting codecs

AVI files are created based on a specific compression technique. There are many ways to create or compress AVI files. If the QuickTime player is not compatible with that exact compression method, the file cannot be opened. However, you can play AVI files by installing the appropriate code on your Mac that supports the files you want to play.

You can go to the  DivX website and download the AVI support codec.

Try another media player to play AVI files

QuickTime should be good enough to play AVI files. However, if downloading a new codec or plugin doesn’t work, try a different media player. One of the most widely used and recommended software to play AVI files is  VLC media playerDownload VLC player for Mac , then play AVI files without any problem.

Additional Info :  Also, if you don’t have VLC, you can browse the Mac App Store to find a suitable AVI player to play your files. Make sure to include the file extension (.avi in ​​this case) in your search query to find the right AVI media player.

Convert AVI to MOV to Play AVI File on macOS

QuickTime is highly compatible with MOV videos. Therefore, by  converting AVI to MOV  files you have a better chance to play unplayable AVI files. To do this, download the AVI converter software on the Mac App Store and convert AVI to MOV. Once done, you can play the unplayable AVI files as MOV files on Mac.

If you have tried all the methods above to play AVI files on Mac, but you still have problems playing AVI files on QuickTime, the problem might be due to video file corruption. Fix AVI file corruption. You can make use of the most recommended  video repair tools .

SFWare Video Repair Tool is one of the most recommended tools to fix unplayable AVI file issues on Mac . An added advantage of this tool is that it only works in read-only mode, so the file integrity is not altered. The tool works by analyzing audio and video streams separately to identify audio and video issues.

Free Download for Mac

How to fix corrupted AVI files and play them on Mac?

Download and install  SFWare AVI Repair Tool  on Mac, follow the steps below

  • From the main screen, select AVI Repair  option

Repair AVI file not playing on Mac

  • In the next step,  Browse  for corrupted AVI files on Mac

Browse the AVI file to repair

  • Click Repair  to fix corrupted AVI files

SFWare repairs the unplayable AVI on QuickTime e

  • After fixing the file references, find a location and click Save to save  the fixed AVI file.

in conclusion

With the above methods, you can easily play AVI files on Mac. If the AVI file cannot be played on Mac, you should update your QuickTime player timely to avoid the error. If you are still unable to open AVI files on Mac despite careful approach, try using SFWare video repair tool.



RAR file checksum error is one of the most annoying errors as it holds extracting content from zip folders . Don’t worry about stack files. This article will show you the easiest and free solution to fix WinRAR checksum error.

WinRAR Checksum Error

A WinRAR checksum error occurs when some bytes of relevant information are missing from the file or file header, or the  RAR archive is corrupted .

Here are some of the common reasons that lead to RAR file corruption and cause checksum error in RAR files:

Causes of WinRAR File Checksum Error

  • One of the usual errors can be interruptions that occur during the RAR file download process.
  • Bad sectors on drives can also cause file corruption and cause checksum errors.
  • Other reasons such as virus intrusion and file extraction from untrusted tools also cause checksum errors in WinRAR files.

How to fix WinRAR checksum error?

WinRAR checksum errors can be fixed using two different approaches.

  1. Fix checksum errors using manual methods

Method 1: Check the “Keep corrupted files” checkbox

Method 2: Repair the archive with WinRAR

  1. Fix WinRAR Checksum Errors with a Dedicated RAR Repair Tool

Fix Checksum Errors in RAR or Zip Compressed Files

To fix checksum error in WinRAR file, do the below methods as instructed and check if the error exists at the end of the process.

Check the “Keep corrupted files” checkbox

Keep broken files. This is an option available in the WinRAR application used to extract files. Selecting this option has the advantage of ignoring file corruption and allowing the content to be extracted from the zip folder. Follow the steps below to extract the files without any error messages.

  • First, right click on the Zip or RAR compressed file
  • From the Extract Files option select
  • Miscellaneous tab in  Tick Keep Broken Files
  • Click Ok if you select a destination where it should be extracted

Fix checksum error in .rar files

Note The files are extracted to the specified location, but I still get the same “checksum error”.  Ignore the error and open the file.  You should see the successfully unzipped files.

This method works fine if you are focused on single file corruption. If the RAR file has multiple header corruptions, the method cannot open the file.

In such cases, the complete archive must be repaired. You can make use of an inbuilt tool or a reliable repair tool  to fix RAR file corruption .

Repair Corrupted RAR File to Fix Checksum Error

To repair checksum error in WinRAR file, first you need to download and install WinRAR on your computer. WinRar has built-in options that help fix checksum errors and repair corrupted files. To repair the archive, follow the steps below.

  1. Right click on the corrupted RAR or ZIP file
  2. From the Open with WinRAR menu select

Open with WinRAR

  1. When WinRAR opens, click Tools menu ->  Repair archive .

open repair archive

  1. Select a location to save the repaired RAR or ZIP file by clicking on Browse

repair rar file

  1. Leave the archive type unchanged and click OK .
  2. After the archive repair process is complete, click Close

Note The built-in repair process helps fix only minor corruptions in your files.  This method is not an effective method if the files are badly corrupted or damaged and there are bad sectors on the drive.

It also works directly on the original file which can increase file corruption. To fix errors and repair complete RAR files, all you need is a  professional RAR file repair tool .

SFWare RAR File Repair Tool is the most recommended software to fix WinRAR checksum error.  An added benefit of using this tool is that it works on a copy of the file, leaving the original content of the file unchanged.  This tool also helps you extract encrypted RAR files easily.  Try the software for free to fix checksum error in WinRAR files

Free Download for Windows

How to fix .rar file showing checksum error?

To fix WinRAR checksum error or CRC error, download and install SFWare Repair RAR File Software. Launch the application and follow the steps below.

  • On the main screen, use Browse option to select the error that caused the damaged or corrupted file

main screen of the tool to repair MS word file

  • Click Repair to extract the corrupted RAR file
  • Software initiates scanning process to repair corrupted RAR file
  • Once the scanning is completed, the repaired RAR file will be displayed on the screen

preview the repaired MS word file

  • Select a destination for the fixed WinRAR file and click Save option

Now you can extract the RAR file and open it without error. If you are facing problems in  extracting large .rar files, you can use SFWare tools to fix and extract large RAR files. .

in conclusion:

You can use the above methods to fix checksum errors in WinRAR files. Checksum errors in RAR files can be prevented by using a reputable antivirus and providing sufficient space to downloaded RAR files.

If you were able to fix WinRAR checksum error with the help of the article, share your opinion in the comments section below.



Outlook send/receive error is the most annoying Outlook error that hinders email communication . If you were unable to send or receive emails due to an Outlook send/receive error, then you are on the right track. Here are 8 best workarounds to troubleshoot the most common Outlook errors based on various Outlook send/receive error codes.

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Most Common Outlook Send/Receive Errors

How to fix Outlook send/receive error

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an Outlook user, you may have come across various Outlook errors with different error codes. Why am I getting send/receive errors in Outlook? Why are my emails having send/receive errors? One of the Outlook errors that interrupt your email activity is the Outlook send/receive error. Outlook send/receive errors do not occur reliably due to one particular reason.

Here is a list of common Outlook send/receive errors associated with different error codes. Check the cause of the error and get rid of Outlook send/receive error messages easily.

List of Most Common Outlook Send/Receive Errors

Send or receive errors can be caused by server problems, network problems, or long periods of inactivity. Below is a list of some errors that cause various Outlook send/receive errors.

  1. Outlook send/receive error 0x800ccc0e
  2. Outlook send/receive error 0x800ccc0f
  3. Sending or receiving error 0x80040600
  4. Send receive error 0x8004060c
  5. Outlook send/receive error 0x8004010f
  6. Send reported error 0x800ccc0d or server not found
  7. Outlook error code 0x800ccc19
  8. Outlook error code 0x800ccc80
  9. MS Outlook send/receive error 0x80040610

1. Outlook send receive error 0x800ccc0e:

Outlook send receive error code 0x800ccc0e

Reasons behind the error : The main cause of the  error 0x800ccc0e  is caused by a conflict between SMTP servers when using an email program or when a user tries to send an email during account configuration is.

2. Microsoft Outlook send error 0x800ccc0f:

Error code indicating send receive error

Reasons behind the error : This error usually occurs when the connection to the server is interrupted or firewall blocks MS Outlook for outgoing and incoming messages. Error 0x800ccc0f can also be caused by incorrect Outlook profile settings or a corrupted Outlook profile  .

3. Send or receive error 0x80040600:

Outlook send receive error 0x80040600

Reasons behind the error : Corruption or damage to the Outlook archive file is the main reason why the error pops up. This is commonly called Outlook.pst. Outlook files get corrupted due to disk failure, network link issue, power failure or other unknown reasons.

4. Transmit Receive Error 0x8004060c:

Outlook send receive error Send receive error 0x8004060c

Reasons behind the error : Both OST and PST are important files of Microsoft Outlook. Corruption in either format will cause the 0x8004060c Outlook send/receive error. 

5. Outlook send error 0x8004010f:

Outlook send receive error 0x8004010F

Reasons behind the error: This error indicates a send/receive error  Outlook data file cannot be accessed . This is a generic MAPI error. This happens during synchronization during send and receive operations. The main reason behind this error is OST file corruption. Improper configuration or corrupted Outlook profile.

6. Sending reported error 0x800ccc0d or no server found:

Outlook send receive error 0x800ccc0d

Reasons behind the error : The 0x800ccc0d send/receive error usually occurs when the mail server account settings are assigned incorrectly.

7. Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc19:

Outlook send receive error 0x800CCC19

Reason behind the error : When the above send/receive error occurs, you will also get the message “A timeout occurred while communicating with the server”. The most common causes of this error are a misconfigured pop3uidl system file and a corrupted operating system registry.

8. Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc80

Outlook send receive error 0x800CCC80

Reasons behind the error : This error message occurs in Microsoft Outlook and is accompanied by the error message ‘None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by the server’. This message means that one or more of your outgoing mail server settings are incorrect.

9. MS Outlook Send Error 0x80040610

 Reasons behind the error : This error occurs when Outlook is unable to connect to the incoming POP3 mail server i.e. the target machine refuses to establish a connection. Improper behavior of antivirus and firewalls can also cause send and receive errors.

How do I fix Outlook send/receive errors?

The most common solutions to fix the above Microsoft Outlook send/receive error are listed in the next section.

To fix these send/receive errors, use one or more of the following methods: After completing each method, send yourself a test e-mail message to verify that you can send and receive messages without error messages. If the error persists, try each of these methods in order.

Quick Tip : If you’re losing time figuring out which of these methods works exactly for your problem, stop worrying and turn to one of the most recognized methods. You can use PST Repair Tool by experts due to its 100 % accuracy and efficiency.   

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Test your internet connection:

Here are the basic steps to resolve Outlook send/receive errors and avoid MS Outlook issues. Make sure your internet connection is good. Also check your modem and network cable.

Delete suspicious emails:

Although this action is automatically and actively performed by Outlook, it is possible that there is a virus infection in one of your mailbox messages. This can be avoided by identifying and deleting dangerous email messages from your ISP’s web-based email program.

Check your Outlook email account settings:

Improper configuration of your e-mail account may result in sending errors. So, it is essential to properly reconfigure your Outlook email account. You can follow the given steps to help you check your settings −

  • Please check the email address that the account is set to.
  • Check your email account type between IMAP, POP3, or HTTP.
  • Confirm your email ID and password.
  • Check the name and address of your email account server: IMPA or HTTP or POP3.
  • Check your email port number

Outlook account setting

Start Outlook in safe mode:

Safe Mode is used to fix many Outlook errors detected on startup.

To run Outlook in safe mode, follow this process:

  • Type “exe /safe” in the search box >> Enter
  • If Outlook starts in safe mode, will it ask for confirmation? click yes

Note: If you are asked to authorize your account, enter your password and select Authorize.

Run in safe mode

Increase server timeout:

You can increase the server timeout settings to prevent Outlook from sending too many send/receive errors. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Start Outlook. Go to File menu and click Info.
  • Click Account Settings and select Account Settings.
  • Select a target account. Click Change.
  • Go to Advanced Settings.
  • Select the Advanced tab and increase the server timeout setting

Note : This procedure is provided for Outlook 2010 and later versions.

Set server time-out

Run the MAPI repair tool:

MAPI is a messaging application programming interface and if the mapi32.dll file is corrupted it will directly lead to Outlook send/receive errors.

Below are the steps to take to run the MAPI tools.

  • Go to C:\ drive and select Windows << System32
  • Select the file exe (MAPI repair tool) and run the file to stop Outlook send/receive error.

Run MAPI tool

Use ScanPST.exe to fix send and receive errors.

Scanpst.exe analyzes and identifies problems in PST files. This method will fix most Outlook send/receive errors if the file is corrupted or corrupted .

Locate and run the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe). The Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool is a hidden file. To find scanpst.exe, go to Control Panel >> File Explorer Options >> View.

Here, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Locate ScanPST.exe

Browse or specify the folder path where the PST files are stored.

Folder Path – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Quick Note The above path only applies to Office 2016 and Office 365. If you are using Outlook2013, use the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15. Change “Office15” to “Office14” if you want to run an older version of the application.

Then click Start to initiate the scanning process and repair PST file Outlook

Finally, click Repair button to fix Outlook send/receive error

Most of the Outlook send/receive errors can be resolved by avoiding the above methods. Sometimes your Outlook file is severely corrupted? Or is it subject to data CRC? How do you  fix data CRC error in Outlook file ?

If you can’t track down what is causing the error and are wondering what went wrong, here is the answer to all your painful thoughts.

Scanpst.exe only looks at the Personal Folders file to determine if the data is corrupted. So as long as there is a small error in your Outlook file it will work fine. However, these changes are made directly to the original copy of the Outlook file.

So, it is highly recommended to use a professional Outlook PST repair tool that can go through all Outlook folders and fix Microsoft Outlook critical send/receive error effectively.

SFWare Outlook PST Repair Tool is the most recommended utility to fix all major Outlook send/receive errors. This tool is designed to work with copies of damaged or corrupted PST files, so it does not cause any harm to the original PST file. The tool works flawlessly with all Outlook versions i.e. Outlook 2003 to 2016 and even the more recent Outlook 2019 .

Free Download for Windows

How to fix send and receive errors using PST repair tool?

Download and install its SFWare Outlook PST Repair Toollaunch  application.

Step 1:  The main screen will display 3 options –

Open PST File:  Helps find default location of PST file

Select PST File:  Manually specify the path of the PST file if you know the location of the PST.

Find PST Files:  Use this option if you do not know the location of your PST files.

first step to use PST repair tool

Step 2:  Select Normal Scan or Smart Scan from the next screen

Normal Scan:  This option is selected if the severity of the corruption is low or if the Outlook file does not open due to minor Outlook errors.

Smart scan:   Select this option if the severity of your Outlook file corruption is high.

Select PST File to Repair

Step 3:  Click  Repair  option to fix Outlook send/receive errors.

End Screen

Step 4: Once  the process is over,  preview  all recovered Outlook items to evaluate

in conclusion

This article provides all methods that you can use if you are having trouble sending and receiving emails in Outlook. Other reasons include PST structure distortion, PST file corruption, application functionality inconsistencies, and so on.

To avoid high level file corruption or data loss issues, it is recommended to include Outlook PST Repairing software in your toolkit. SFWare is one of the most recommended software by experts to fix Outlook send/receive error.

If you have repaired your Outlook file using SFWare Outlook PST Repair Tool and the Outlook file receiving error is gone, do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the Outlook receiving error in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a send/receive error?

As the error itself indicates, I get a send/receive error when trying to send/receive emails in Outlook. However, Outlook will not send or receive emails until you fix the error.

What to do if Send/Receive is not working in Outlook?

First, you can perform some basic checks, such as checking your internet connection and deleting emails that you think might be causing the error. If the basic checks failed to fix the error, your Outlook data file may be corrupted, you can try repairing Outlook using Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool or SFWare PST Repair Tool .

How to fix Outlook stuck in preparing to send/receive?

If Outlook gets stuck before or after sending or receiving email, try these simple troubleshooting steps to easily fix it. First, check for add-ins or extensions that may be causing the problem and try starting Outlook in safe mode.