How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive?

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Usage of laptop is increasing day by day. The application of computers in various fields has increased the demand for laptops as it is compact. Increasing popularity doesn’t mean that your laptop hard disk is free from data loss. You can probably predict if your laptop is going to die with the help of a few signs like degradation in performance but it can also happen abruptly. However, in the end your important files and data will be going for the toss. In this article, you will learn the easy ways to access and recover files from laptop hard drives.

Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

What is a Dead Laptop? Is it possible to recover data from a dead  Laptop’s hard drive?

Physical damage or hardware failure can be the reason why your laptop is dead. This means no display, no sign of power supply and no access to your valuable data. But that doesn’t mean the hard drive that has data is also dead. Therefore, it is possible to recover data from dead laptop hard drives. All you have to do is, remove the HDD from the dead computer and connect it to a healthy computer.

What if your laptop is turning on and not booting into the operating System?

If you are wondering, is it possible to recover data from a hard disk that won’t boot? The answer is, yes you can recover data from the unbootable hard drive.

Laptop hard drive turns unresponsive or inaccessible because it is not booting into the operating system. You might think the data stored in laptop hard drive is completely lost. But in real-time, minor connectivity failures between a hard drive and motherboard or an operating system glitch can also cause the laptop to stop responding.

You can use various troubleshooting methods to fix the issue or recover data from the hard disk that won’t boot by clicking on the link provided.

How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive without Software?

This is a simple procedure which does not require any technical assistance; all you need is the following essentials to recover data from a dead hard drive.

  • Healthy computer
  • Hard drive dock
  • Toolkit

Follow the steps cautiously because hard drive is made up of fragile materials, any mishap causes physical damages to drive:

1: Initially, switch off the laptop and remove the battery. Remove all the cables going out and coming into the laptop.

2: Turn the computer upside down, remove the casing, locate the hard drive. Then start unscrewing all the screws around the drive. Now gently detach the hard drive from the laptop.

3: Now switch on the healthy computer, connect the USB hard drive dock to the computer.

4: Connect the laptop hard drive to the external dock connected to the computer.

5: Once the computer recognizes the drive, access the hard drive data to copy and save it in the backup drive.

Once the hard drive is recognized in the new computer, it means there is no existing physical or hardware failure on the drive. Even after connecting the laptop hard drive to a healthy computer, you might fail to access the hard drive data. This can be due to corruption in the drive or if all your data is saved in the same logical partition as the Operating system.

However, Laptop hard drives might become inaccessible due to both hard drive failure and software failures. Most of the errors and accidental formatting or deleting a partition, abrupt system shutdown, force shutdown, and many more leads to data loss from laptop hard disk.

Laptop Hard Disk Recovery

Among many instances of data loss faced by Windows or Mac users, it is always recommended to make use of the most trusted hard drive recovery tool to recover files from laptop’s hard drive.

SFWare hard drive recovery tool is the most reliable and downloaded recovery software to address data loss due to logical failure issues. The tool is enabled with a highly efficient search algorithm. That makes the tool to perform quick data recovery from corrupt, formatted hard drives without affecting the integrity of the data.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

SFWare laptop hard drive data recovery tool is built to provide one definite solution to recover data. Recovers data from most of the uncertain data loss scenarios faced by the user. This tool has easy user interface design that assists the user to perform the recovery steps within less time.

Quick Steps to Recover Files from Laptop Hard Drive

To start the laptop data recovery process using SFWare Hard Drive Recovery software, you are requested to download and install this tool on your Windows or Mac computer and launch the application.

Step 1: To recover files from laptop hard drive, select Drive/Formatted Recovery from main screen.

Laptop hard drive recovery

Step 2: Now from the list of drives, select the hard drive on which you want to perform hard drive recovery

Select Drive to reacover data from laptop hard drive

After few minutes of scanning process, software displays all recoverable files on the next screen

Step 3: Use Data View or File Type View to Preview the files before restoring it from drive.

recovered files from laptop hard drives

Step 4: Next select the files you want to recover from the hard drive. Select the destination drive to save the recovered data from the hard drive.preview files and save the hard drive files

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