How to Format 3DS SD card?

We all know that regular SD cards cannot be used with Nintendo Video game consoles. Yes, by reformatting the regular SD card it can be upgraded to the Nintendo 3DS SD card. The next question would be, how to format 3DS SD card to make compatible with the Nintendo 3DS consoles? Stick till the end … Continue reading “How to Format 3DS SD card?”

Audio Recovery: An Easy Way To Recover Audio Files

Why do you need to perform audio recovery? Well, this blog answers all your queries related to recovery of audio files lost in various scenarios.   Be it a newly recorded podcasts or audio notes, recordings, or some rare music files that you have saved from long time, losing important audio files can be disheartening. … Continue reading “Audio Recovery: An Easy Way To Recover Audio Files”

Fix Error: A Required Drive Partition is Missing

Windows computers come along with many options to resolve issues related to the operating systems.  Be it Windows or any other operating systems, hard drive errors are evidently noticed while working on PC. One such common error encountered while resetting your PC is A required drive partition is missing error. When your computer fails to … Continue reading “Fix Error: A Required Drive Partition is Missing”

[Solved] Hard Disk 3f0 / Boot Device Not Found Error

The boot device is a hardware that contains files required to start. The device includes a hard drive, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM drive, DVD drive and USB jump drive. Any computer start-up issues related to hard drive leads to hard disk 3f0 error or boot device not found error. Hard disk error 3f0 or boot … Continue reading “[Solved] Hard Disk 3f0 / Boot Device Not Found Error”

Know How to Recover GoPro Videos

GoPro, the travel camera is the most versatile digital camera popularly known for its high stability action videos. Be it adventurous off-road biking or hiking, you rely on GoPro to record those beautiful moments. Losing those GoPro videos can be very painful. You certainly cannot recreate those videos, but you can recover GoPro videos.  Yes, … Continue reading “Know How to Recover GoPro Videos”

5 Ways to Repair Corrupt SD Card

SD cards are the most popularly used storage devices in digital cameras, camcorders and other portable devices. SD card corruption is one of the common problems that users face due to which they lose their important data. However you can repair corrupt SD card all by yourself easily.  How to repair a corrupt SD card? … Continue reading “5 Ways to Repair Corrupt SD Card”

4 Easy Methods to Fix and Recover Blank SD card data

Blank SD card error or has unsupported file system error is commonly seen in smartphones or while transferring data from one SD card to other storage devices. If you are encountering blank SD card error message and struggling to access data in it, this is the right article for you. The article talks about the … Continue reading “4 Easy Methods to Fix and Recover Blank SD card data”

Fix Microsoft Word Not Opening In Windows 10

Microsoft Word is one of the most used application of Microsoft Office. Word is majorly used for documenting projects, typing notes, making agenda, etc. Being such a simple and easy to use tool you might never expect any error or malware within it. However, you may encounter an error after which you might be oblivious … Continue reading “Fix Microsoft Word Not Opening In Windows 10”

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070002?

Although it’s quite natural to get annoyed by Windows ‘New update available’ alerts. All updates cannot be installed or it cannot be ignored. Irrespective of any Windows update, you will often encounter Windows update errors like error 0x80070002, 0x80243FFF, 0x8024A003 and many more. Let’s see what is Windows update error 0x80070002 and how to fix … Continue reading “How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070002?”

DIY Guide to Recover Partition table

Partition table is known for having basic information of a hard drive and its partitions. All the basic information that the partition table holds are very vital for the operating system to boot. When this partition table is damaged or corrupted, the operating system fails to boot the computer and throws up an error called … Continue reading “DIY Guide to Recover Partition table”