How to Recover Data from PS4 Hard Drive?

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PS4 is a famous video game console played worldwide. You might have saved your important game data on the PS4 hard drive. What if you lost a precious game data and unable to recover it? it could be due to corruption on drive or failed drive. If you wondering how to recover data from PS4 hard drive, you are on the right page. This article answers all the queries you are looking for.


PS4 hard drive recovery

PlayStation 4 is the eighth generation home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Since its release, PS4 became a pacesetter and has grown into one of the most popular game consoles in the world.

One of the worst situations you can face during the gameplay is when PS4 crashes or just stops working entirely. It gets even worse when this persists and keeps happening. There are many factors that contribute to PS4 working including malware infections, human error and corruption on PS4 drives. No matter what, in the end your data will be at risk.

By the end of the article, you will be not only able to recover the game data from PS4 hard drive but also fix the errors causing corruption or damage to the files.

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    1. To recover deleted or lost files perform PS4 Hard Drive Recovery
    2. Fix errors that cause corruption in PS4 Hard Drive

How To Recover Deleted or Lost PS4 Game Data From Hard Drive?

You can easily recover deleted or Lost game data from the hard drive by performing one of the below given PS4 hard drive recovery methods.

    1. PS4 Hard Drive Recovery Software: Recover PS4 hard drive in few clicks [Automated]
    2. Restore lost PS4 game videos from Cloud storage
    3. Retrieve deleted PS4 video file from PlayStation Store

Restore lost PS4 game videos from Cloud storage

This method can be used only when you have saved video games online or if you are a PS Plus user. Follow the below-mentioned step by step procedure and perform PS4 hard drive recovery.

In the PS4 main menu, go to Settings >> Manage saved application data >> Saved data in the online cloud.

Next, click Download in the system storage. You need to select the video games you want to extract. Click Download.

Re-save the game on your PS4 hard drive after the completion of the process. Your games are already available and you can safely play them again.

Retrieve deleted PS4 video file from PlayStation store

If you have purchased video games in the PlayStation shop, think PS4 hard drive recovery is almost done for you.

If you are wondering how to recover deleted video games on PS4, you just need to use the same account with the username and password.

Once you are signed in, go to the PlayStation Store. You will see a list of all the video games you purchased earlier. Select the video game you want to restore. Re-download lost games one by one to PS4 hard drive again. Next, find your lost PS4 hard drive game files on the main screen.

If you fail to perform PS4 hard drive recovery using the above-mentioned methods, here is the assured method to effectively recover data from PS4 hard drive.

PS4 hard drive issue

yes, you can recover  your favorite video game files in few minutes using the trusted and secure software build for PS4 hard drive

SFWare hard drive recovery tool is designed to recover deleted and missing data from any PlayStation gaming console. The tool recovers more than 300 types of file formats including MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2, and AVCHD that are used in a PS4 gaming console. The smart scan feature of the software enables the tool to search through the drive’s file structure and helps in recovering data from the PS4 hard drive. 

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Download NOW and get your favorite game files back in minutes.

Recover PS4 hard drive automatically in few clicks

To perform PS4 hard drive recovery. Download and install the software on your computer. Connect the PS4 hard drive and launch the application.

    1. From the main screen Click on Recover Drive/Partition. Next, click on the Drive/ Partition Recovery, it scans for the lost files and displays the drives.Select Recover Drive/Partitions
    2. Select the Drive from which you need to perform PS4 hard drive recoverySelect the Drive where PS4 files are saved
    3. The tool scans for the lost files from the PS4 hard drive.
    4. Recovered files can be viewed in either Data type or File type view.
    5. You can also Preview the recovered PS4 hard drive files before saving it. If you are happy with the results, Save the recovered PS4 game files on your computer.

Since the internal storage of PS4 is limited and won’t be sufficient to hold all the data related to the game, many users go for adding up external hard drives. If you have your data stored on the external hard drive is missing or deleted, click here to recover data from the external hard drive.

You can easily recover the game files if the data is deleted or lost from the drive using the above-discussed methods.

What if you have a failed hard drive?

If you have failed PS4 drive, your  PlayStation game console won’t work at all. Meanwhile, it may cause lagging in the performance of PS4 or even result in a PS4 hard drive crash.

PS4 hard drive might fail due to 2 types of failure. One is Logical failure and another is Mechanical failure.

Logical failure can be defined as the corruption or damage in a PS4 hard drive’s file structure or software rather than the actual hardware.

Mechanical failure refers to any physical damage to the drive.

How to fix PS4 hard drive errors?

In most cases of logical failure (errors), a PS4 hard drive can successfully be fixed to restore data as there is no damage to the drive’s hardware.

You can easily fix the PS4 hard drive errors that cause corruption or damage to the game files by try any of the following methods to fix PS4 hard drive.

Important Note: If you are here, to fix the drive, it is highly recommended to recover important files from hard drive before heading to methods to fix the PS4 hard drive. Methods explained to repair the drive posses’ high changes of data loss.

    1. Rebuilding the PS4 database
    2. Resetting PS4 to factory settings
    3. Perform CHKDSK
    4. Perform a full format

To fix PS4 HDD errors rebuild your PS4 database

Follow the step by step process to fix the PS4 hard drive by rebuilding the PlayStation database

    1. Power off your PlayStation 4 and do not use rest mode.
    2. Hold the power button down until you hear two quick beeps. Now you have entered Safe Mode.
    3. Connect your DualShock 4 controller to your USB-A slot in the front of the PlayStation.
    4. Scroll down in the menu and select Rebuild Database.
    5. Press the X button to start the rebuild

Rebuilding your PS4’s database may take some time depending on how full your console is and how often you install and delete games. Generally, the rebuilding of the database should not erase any of the data present on the drive unless it is corrupted.

Reset PS4 to factory settings to fix the PS4 error

Most of the issues get resolved when the application is set to reset. To reset PS4 to factory settings, go to Setting >> initialization and click on Restore default settings. Next, follow the on-screen instructions that are displayed on the screen.

Setting the PS4 to factory reset might lead to data loss from the drive. if you have faced data loss recover data from the factory reset.

Perform PS4 hard drive recovery using CHKDSK

If your PS4 hard drive working fine and abruptly freezes this is due to the presence of bad sectors on it. To fix the bad sector in PS4 hard drive, run CHKDSK. CHKDSK is a Windows inbuilt tool to fix any logical errors in the drive.

To perform CHKDSK on the PS4 hard drive, do the following:

    1. Connect your PS4 hard drive to a computer, open a Command Prompt with the required administrator privileges.
    2. The basic Check Disk syntax is quite simple:
      Chkdsk [drive letter you want to fix and recover:] [/f to fix or /r to recover bad sectors]
    3. To run a simple scan for errors just provide the drive letter:
      Chkdsk C: /f or Chkdsk C: /r

Note: You can use either /f or /r but do not use both, as it might create conflicts among the data in the drive.

With CHKDSK, you should be able to fix the corruption in PS4. If the CHKDSK did not work for you, you can try a FULL format on the PS4 hard drive.

Perform a full format to fix PS4 hard drive

To fix the PS4 hard drive corruption, you need to connect the drive to a computer and perform a full format like it is performed on any other hard drives.

Type Control Panel in the search box and click Control Panel. Select Administrative Tools and click Computer Management. Go to  Disk Management.

Right-click on the drive or partition to format and click on Format. Once you select the format, give the file system and set the cluster size. Now, Click OK to format the drive.

Note: Formatting a drive erases all data on the drive. Backup any important information before attempting to format a drive. If you have not taken any backup of the PS4 data, click on the link to recover data from the formatted drive.


Be it a PS4 game data or any important photos or videos, it is always rewarding to take a back up of your important data. You can easily save the PS4 game data using USB drives. If you fail to take a backup, try all the above-mentioned methods in the article to recover PS4 HDD.

If you were successful in performing the PS4 hard drive recovery using the methods mentioned in the article, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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