How to Recover Data from a Formatted SD Card?

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Formatting an SD card helps to maintain digital hygiene. However, when you accidentally lose your media files in the process, you will need to act fast. This guide will help users recover data from a formatted SD card using proven methods that include the use of professional data recovery tools like SFware to maximize the chances of recovery.

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SD cards can be used with various devices, normally used for specific purposes, and are formatted accordingly. The problem appears when you accidentally format an SD card without a backup. While the chances to succesfully recover data from a formatted sd card is low, there are ways to rectify it.

Understanding How Formatting an SD Card Works

Formatting is more than deleting data, when you format an SD card , the entire file system is restructured meaning that not only are the files erased, but the logical location of all your data is replaced.

Compared to accidentally deleting files from an SD card, it is much harder to recover data when you Format a card.

Benefits of Formatting your SD card

Compatibility: Some devices only work with certain file system formats. You can format your device according to the required format and do the same when you need to use the same card with a different device.

Fix corruption and inconsistencies: Formatting can fix small issues and repair SD cards with corrupted file systems which will improve the card’s performance.

Erase huge amounts of data: formatting helps to declutter an SD card by clearing the data on it saving users time and energy.

Risks of Formatting your SD card

Data Loss: The biggest risk of formatting is accidentally losing all your data. Formatting clears out all the data on your SD card so it is advisable to create a backup and proceed with caution.

Reduced Lifespan: regular formatting can take a toll on the overall lifespan of your SDcard and reduce it significantly. If you are someone who frequently formats their SD card, it is advisable to switch it out to a new one every 2 years or so.

How do I Maximize Chances of Recovery?

1. Stop using your SD card until you have recovered your data.
The more you use your formatted SD card, the greater the chances of your deleted data getting overwritten with new information. By doing so you would significantly reduce the chances of recovery.

2. Use a Trusted Data Recover Software
When it comes to recovering data from a formatted SD card, conventional methods do not work. You will need trusted data recovery software that works around your filesystem to deliver results.

Methods to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card

Recover Data from Formatted SD Card using SFware Data Recovery

Once you format an SD card, it becomes almost impossible to recover data by conventional means. In such a scenario, professional data recovery software like SFware data recovery is required. To easily recover deleted files from your SD card after formatting, download SFware now!

  1. Download, Install, and Launch Sfware Data Recovery Software.
  2. Select the SD card drive from which you would like to recover your deleted files from and click on “Start Scan”.
  3. You can view the recovered files during the scan.
  4. After the scan is complete, locate Preview, select all the files that you would like to recover, and click on “After the scan is complete, locate, Preview, and select all the files that you would like to recover and click on “Save”.

2. Recover Data from Formatted SD Card by Consulting with a Professional Data Recovery Service

A professional data recovery service has the expertise and personnel to recover formatted data from storage devices. Locate and consult with a trusted center near you.


I hope that you can recover your data from your formatted SD card using thing this article. Always create a backup file before you plan to delete a lot of files at once. If you have any suggestions or queries please feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between formatting and deleting?

While deleting is just removing one file at a time formatting a device will completely overwrite all your data and destroy it. If you plan on formatting your drive, it is advisable to be cautious and create a backup drive beforehand.

Can you recover data from a formatted SD card?

The odds are low, but you may be able to safely recover your data from your formatted SD card by using a professional data recovery tool or consulting with a data recovery service.

What will happen if the SD card is formatted?

When you format your SD card, all your data will be permanently erased and a new file system will be created and installed. With a new file system setup, it makes it a lot harder to recover accidentally deleted folders so take caution beforehand.


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