How to Retrieve Data from Hard Disk Drives?


Losing data from hard drive can be very big loss considering the dependability of data on computer. Every important document, photos, videos of fun events are saved in the form of memories. If you happen to lose data from hard drive, no need to panic. This article brings 5 different ways for you to retrieve data from hard disk drives. If you are looking for an instant way to recover data from hard drive, without wasting a single second click on the download button bellow and recover files from hard drive.

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What causes data loss from hard drive?

A few reasons that can lead to data loss from hard drive is explained below:

Accidental deletion of files:

There are scenarios when files get deleted accidentally. If you have accidentally deleted files from hard drive, you can always find then on Recycle bin or Trash. However, if you have used Shift + Delete keys to delete files, Recycle Bin recovery or Trash recovery won’t be of help.

Formatting the drive:

Another most common reason for data loss from the hard drive is formatting. While you install new Windows update or format the error causing drive, keeping a backup becomes mandate to avoid data loss situation. However, if you have lost data while formatting the drive, not to worry! With the help of recovery methods given here, you can recover data from formatted hard disk without any hassle.

Corrupt hard drive:

When hard drive becomes corrupt, master boot record or boot configuration data gets damaged causing the PC to not to boot. Corruption in the file system makes files inaccessible and makes drive RAW. Therefore, when hard drive is corrupted, certain methods used to fix the corruption leads to data loss.

System software crash:

When system software crashes, it leads to blue screen of death which makes hard drive inaccessible. The system software freezes or doesn’t respond, in such situations the task manager fails to save any unsaved data and leads to data loss.

Abrupt usage of computer, insufficient power supply or power surge causes too much heat on the hard drive causing hard drive to freeze and becomes inaccessible leading to data loss.

Is it possible to recover hard drive?

Yes absolutely, you can recover hard drive. Be it deleted or formatted or corrupt hard drive you can recover data from it. However, to restore hard drive you need to stop using the drive soon after you realize data is lost. Because, when data is deleted or being lost from the drive, only address to the file or the pointer that holds the information of the file will be removed and the actual files exists on the drive.

With the help of safe and secure professional hard drive recovery software you can recover data from hard disk drives without any hassle. However only logical damage on the hard drive can be fixed and hard drive recovery is performed.

To know whether hard drive can be recovered or not, you need to understand the if the hard has logical issue or physical issue.

Logical damage:

Logical damage on the hard drive can be caused due to file system damage or hard drive corruption. When hard disk is logically damaged, hard drive becomes inaccessible and unbootable. This kind of errors can be repaired. Once the corrupt hard drive is repaired, you can use any recovery methods to retrieve data from corrupt hard drive.

Physical damage:

Hard drive issues caused by any physical damage stops the hard drive from working. Hard drive damage such as torn heads, problem in fan, scratches on platter or any damaged caused to the mechanical parts leads to physical damage. These kinds of damage cannot be fixed manually.

5 Easy Ways to Recover Files from Hard Drive

Here a few proven manual methods to retrieve files from hard drive-

Recycle Bin Recovery
Windows inbuilt recovery feature
Recover using File history or backup recovery
Recover from OneDrive
Professional way to recover data hard disk drive

Recycle Bin Recovery

When files are deleted accidentally or deleted using just Delete key, you can recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

Note: If you have deled files using SHIFT + Delete keys or permanently deleted files from the computer, the deleted files surpass Recycle Bin.

Recover deleted files from Recycle Bin

    1. To recover files from Recycle Bin, go to Recycle Bin on desktop
    2. Navigate to the files in the list, select the files you want to restore
    3. Right click on the file and Restore

Windows inbuilt recovery feature (WinRE)

Windows Recovery Environment is the inbuilt feature in the Windows computer to recover deleted files from the hard drive.

Steps to recover files from hard disk:

Restart your PC by pressing the Shift key while you select the Power button> Restart in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Your PC will restart in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) environment.
Windows Recovery Environment - Troubleshoot

From the options select Troubleshoot, two option System Restore and Recovery are displayed. If options are not available, this is because your PC is not booting up from the drive.  To fix the issue, check your PC manufacturer’s website for information on how to change your PC’s boot order.

Trouble shoot >> select Advanced Options >> System Restore. This will help you restore your system to the restore point when you had enabled the system restore point.

Recover data using File History or Backup Recovery

Another easy way to recover files from hard drive is from Previous version or File History:

Note: You can recover files from File history only if you have enabled the restore point. If you have not enabled the restore point, this method will not help you in recovering hard drive.

Steps to recover files from restore point: Select the Start button >> go to Settings  >> Update & Security  > Back up .
Update & Security

Go to the backup using File History, select the recent restore point to recover files when restore point is creates.
Recover files using File History

Recover data from OneDrive

To recover from OneDrive, follow the steps given below:

Select the Start button >> go to Settings >> Update & Security > Back up.
Recover data from Backup

Go to the backup using OneDrive, to recover files from OneDrive, you need to sign in to the drive. Once you are signed in, you can access files from OneDrive.

Recover files from OneDrive

If none of the above methods helped you in recovering hard drive, this may be due to corruption on the drive. In such situation to recover data from corrupt hard drive, you need a professional data recovery software that scans drive’s each sector to search for the lost files from hard drive.

SFWare hard drive recovery tool is one of the most recommended tools by professionals to recover data from hard disks. The tool is designed in a way that it scans each sector on the drive to perform hard drive recovery without any hassle.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Professional way to recover data hard disk drive

Download and install SFWare Data recovery software on your computer and launch the application. Follow the instruction to start the recovery process.

recover data from hard drive

To recover deleted or lost files from hard drive, from the main screen Select Recover Files >> Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery. Based on the scenario from which you need to recover data from hard drive choose the option.

recover deleted or lost files from hard drive

To recover data from corrupt or formatted hard drive, select Recover Drives from the main screen and based on the scenario choose either Drive/Partitions Recovery or Formatted Recovery
Recover data from hard drive

Select the hard disk drive from which you want to recover data from and click on Next

scan the hard drive

Software initiates the scanning. Once the scan is completed, all the recoverable files will be listed on window screen.

Recoverable files from hard drive

Select the files you want to recover form hard disk drive and save them on different location on the drive. with the help of SFWare, you can also recover data from dead hard drive.


Here we end our discussion on recovering data from hard drive. where we have explained in detail about 4 DIY solution including recovering files from Recycle Bin, Restoring Files from OneDrive, restoring older versions of the drive using File History and Previous Versions option.

However, if those methods didn’t work out for you, you can make use of SFWare hard drive recovery software.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I recover my hard drive for free?

You can recover hard drive data for free using simple manual methods such as Recycle Bin recovery, Previous version. Previous version helps you recover files from hard drive using a restore point created before data loss. Windows Recovery Environment allows you perform system restore.

How to recover data from crashed hard disk?

If a hard drive crashed or dead due to physical damage, hard drive may never work again. However, if the hard drive is corrupt logically, data can be recovered using data recovery software.

Download SFWare hard drive recovery software on your computer and launch the application. Select Recover drives from the main option. Select corrupt drive recovery and follow the instructions. To recover data from the hard drive. If you are looking for ways to recover data from external hard drive, connect your drive to the computer and follow the instructions given.

Can a shredded hard drive be recovered?

Data can never be recovered from the shredded hard drive. The shredded hard drive refers to the pieces from hundreds of drives placed together and recycled.

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