Recover Data From Unbootable Hard Drive [2019]

Starting your computer to complete a project or work and the computer just won’t start. Or your computer gets a blue or black screen, or even a message saying that “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause”. When this happens, you will have no way to access your computer or the data on your computer’s HDD (hard disk drive). So how would you recover data from unbootable hard drive?

What causes Hard Drive not to boot?

• Installing a dual operating system on a single hard drive
• Presence of an excessive number of bad sectors on the disk
• Hardware failure due to faulty RAM
• BIOS corruption due to the improper updating process
• Operating system malfunction
• Damaged partition table

As a result of which, you end up losing files from the hard drive. But, now there is no need to worry as SFWare Hard Drive Recovery software helps recover files from computer that won’t boot.

The software is built with an inbuilt self-explanatory algorithm which provides an easy to use interface for recovering data from unbootable Hard disk even for people with less technical knowledge.

Few questions which come up in everybody’s mind if their hard drive won’t boot?

• How can I recover files from a corrupted hard drive?
• How to backup files from an unbootable computer?
• How to recover data from hard drive that won’t boot
• How to recover from formatted hard drive?
• How to recover data from the hard drive which is not detected?

You might be clueless with these questions flooding into your mind because there are important files on the unbootable hard drive and your worried as to how to recover data from unbootable hard drive if your hard drive won’t boot? Do no worry, your unbootable hard drive data recovery can be done effectively by just following the article.

At some point or another, technology can and will fail us. For this, we should regularly implement backup strategies to protect our data. We store a lot of important information on our computers like documents, photos, videos, etc. so losing them can be a terrible regret.

And if you have lost your data because of your hard drive that won’t boot, do not worry, it is still possible to recover files using unbootable hard drive data recovery. Retrieving files from unbootable internal hard drives or if your external hard drive won’t boot, it is a complicated process as you need to have technical knowledge.

But do not worry, with SFWare’s Hard drive recovery software which is built robustly, you can recover files from computer that won’t boot seamlessly even if you are not that much tech savvy.

About SFWare Hard Drive Recovery:

● SFWare hard drive Recovery is designed to recover data from unbootable and corrupt hard drives. It can recover all kinds of files like photos, videos, office documents, etc.
● Also, sometimes you may need to recover lost partitions from unbootable hard disk. SFWare Hard Drive Recovery is designed with powerful algorithms to scan your inaccessible or unbootable drive and recover lost files from unbootable hard disk
● All the latest versions of Windows (including Windows 10) and Mac OS (including Mojave 10.14.3) are supported

Make your data recovery possible with SFWare?

SFWare hard drive recovery is especially known for its simplicity and has occupied its position in the top list of recovering data from unbootable or corrupted hard drives. The one who owns this application, need not be a tech savvy to make out the process of recovery. Just he/she is supposed to follow the onscreen instructions and recover data in 3–4 steps.

Additionally, this tool saves disk space by creating compressed zip archives of the recovered data from the unbootable hard drive and analyze the recovered data from the unbootable hard drive.

The software even helps to recover files from Western Digital, Seagate, Buffalo, Lexar, Maxtor, and many other brands of hard drives or external hard drives which are not booting up.

Now let’s see how to backup files from an unbootable computer/ laptop.

Method 1: How to recover data from hard drive that won’t boot using SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool

● Initially, download the free version of SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Software on your system and launch it

hard drive recovery● From the main screen, select – “Partition Recovery” option
● Choose the hard drive that won’t boot from the list and select “Next” to initiate the scanning process

Select Drive● The software starts scanning the unbootable hard drive. Scanning and recovering files from unbootable hard drive is time-based and depends on the amount of the data or partitions to be recovered from the hard drive
● Once it is completed you can see your recovered files from unbootable hard drive on the screen

recovered files● To make sure whether the files are recovered properly or not, double click on the recovered files to preview

preview files● If you’re happy and willing to save recovered results, then get the licensed activated and get access to the Save button

Method 2: Manually Recover Data from unbootable Hard Drive

The other way is to manually recover data from the hard drive that won’t boot with these steps and guide below

● Obtain an External Hard Disk Enclosure:

This is the first thing you will need to have. They are quite cheap and you can use it also with an existing hard disk as an external storage device. An enclosure is basically a housing that protects the drive and allows you to connect it to a USB, FireWire, or eSATA port.

They are available in 3.5-inch (standard desktop) or 2.5-inch (Laptop) sizes. Make sure you pick the proper internal interface—IDE/ATA or SATA, based on the type of drive you are using.

Now you just have to follow these steps and you can manually recover files from unbootable hard disk.

● Switch off the computer power, remove the battery and unplug your laptop or computer from the power outlet.
● Open your laptop’s case and locate the hard drive that fails to boot > Disconnect hard drive cables, unscrew it and pull it out of the case.
● Insert the hard drive into an external hard drive case and connect it to a new PC, or insert the drive into another computer which is running in good condition.
● Reboot the new computer from its standard OS on the main drive, and then you can read and access the hard drive data there.
● Finally, copy files and get data off the hard drive that won’t boot to a new storage device.

Note: Paying due attention to these methods can help you resolve the problem and recover data from the hard drive that won’t boot efficiently.

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