How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows 11?


Accidentally deleted files from Windows 11? Do not worry! This article is a complete guide if you are looking for ways to recover files on Windows 11. For a quick and safe recovery of deleted files on Windows 11, you can make use of the most recommended tool that recover your files in jiffy-SFWare data recovery tool.

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With all focus on security and user interface Windows 11 is the finest Windows version available till date. Despite all the visual upgrades and performance tweaking data loss is still an issue that remains unaddressed. Although Microsoft tried to address the issue by providing free Windows data recovery software, data loss in Windows 11 remains as one of the major concerns for the users.

Let us understand why data loss happens in Windows 11 and try to find better alternative to recover the deleted or lost data.

Why Data Loss happens in Windows 11?

If you are wondering updating to Windows 11 is the reason behind data loss, the answer is no. however, there are other reasons that might cause data loss from Windows 11 which are discussed below:

Interruption while updating:

During upgrading to Windows 11, the computer will be in vulnerable state. Any interruption caused to the process can damage the system files on the drive or drive itself, leading to data loss.

Type of Install you Choose:

While installing Windows 11, you will be asked to choose between Upgrade or Custom. Custom allows you to change the settings and functionality. If you are not aware of the steps to take, it has an ability to wipe the data off from the computer.

Hard drive failure:

Hard drive or SSD, if it is on the verge of failure, it is suggested not to use the drive for updating. If the failing drive is crashed while upgrading to windows 11, this makes the process incomplete resulting in data loss.

Virus intrusion:

No computer is free from virus threat. Virus or malware can cause damage to files and makes your important files inaccessible. Therefore, it is always advised to run antivirus or Windows defender on before inserting any new external devices to your computer.


Accidental deletion of files, inappropriate partitioning the drive on Windows 11 or using a wrong parameters and attributes in CMD or DISKPART also leads to data loss that you were not intended to delete.

Want to know what happened to files deleted from Windows 11? Is it possible to recover deleted files from Windows 11? Follow the next sections to know how deleted file recovery is made possible on Windows 11.

Where do deleted files go?

When files are deleted or lost from Windows computer, only the entry that registers the address of the file is removed and not the files themselves. Later, the Windows OS marks the space available for the new data to be written. Therefore, with the help of few recovery methods you can restore the deleted files on Windows 11.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 11? 

To recover files and folders deleted in Windows 11, you can make use of recovery methods described below:

How to Recover Deleted Files Using Recycle Bin on Windows 11?

Any files you delete, be it accidental or intentional, the deleted files go to Recycle Bin. Files can be easily recovered from Recycle Bin unless you deleted all the files from Recycle Bin or used Shift + Delete keys to delete files. Using Shift Delete to delete files cause permanent deletion of files from recycle bin becomes impossible.

    1. Go to Desktop and find Recycle Bin icon
    2. Double-click on the icon or right -click on the folder and click on open
    3. Now, navigate to the files you want to recover. Select multiple files to recover, right-click on it and choose Restore.
    4. You will find your files restored in the original location

How to Recover Deleted Files Using the Backup on windows 11?

Windows built-in utility File History helps you back up files and recover files deleted using Shift Delete as well. The feature only works if you have enabled File History option. File History keeps back up of certain system folders like Documents, Music, Pictures and Desktop folders and the OneDrive files if available offline on your computer. If you want back up of other folders, you can add them to any of these folders.

Once you enable File History, over time, you’ll have a complete backup of your files. You can make use of back up files in situations like accidental deletion of important files, when the file is corrupt or damaged, you can restore them from backups.
Restore files deleted from Windows 11 using File History

    • Type File History in the search box on the task bar
    • Select Restore your files with File History

All the files that you backed up appears on the File History window. If there are multiple backup versions, you can select the recent backup to recover files deleted from Windows 11 lately.

Recover files using Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Application on Windows 11

Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery application is a command line utility that can be used to recover deleted or lost files from the Windows system.

      1. Go to Microsoft Store and type Windows File Recovery. Download and install the application and launch it.
        Microsoft's File Recovery app to recover files on Windows 11
      2. Once the app is installed, right-click on the Windows icon on your taskbar and select Windows Terminal (Admin)/ Windows PowerShell (Admin)
      3. Next, enter the command in the PowerShell window. The command will help you recover the files on drive C to drive D.winfr C: D: /regular /n \Users\<username>\Download\ – Recovers your Downloads folder from your C: drive to the recovery folder on D: drive

    Windows PowerShell to recover files on Windows 11You can replace the file names and destination folder names with the ones you require.

    Once the recovery is completed, go to destination folder and verify if all the files are recovered.

    If you were unable to recover files from any of the above-mentioned recovery methods, all you need is a trusted and effective deleted file recovery tool.

    Recover Deleted File and Folders on Windows 11 using Data Recovery Tool

    With SFWare Data Recovery Software you can recover permanently deleted files from Windows 11.

    The software supports recovery of all types of files such as Word, PowerPoint, excel, video, audio, email data file, system files etc.

    Easily recovers files from corrupt drives without causing any damage to the recovered files

    Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

    Free download SFWare Data Recovery software on your computer and recover deleted files on Windows 11 operating system.

    Step 1: Choose Recover Files option from the main screen to recover deleted files from Windows 11

    Select Recover Files to recover deleted files from Windows 11
    Step 2: Select the drive of deleted files and then click the Next button to continue

    Select internal drive to recover files on Windows 11
    Step 3: After the software completes scanning the drive, the recoverable files are listed on the screen. All you have to do is, select the files you want to recover and click Next

    Scanning the drive to recover files on Windows 11
    Step 4: After the process is completed, you will have the recoverable files ready to save. You can also preview the files before saving it.

    Preview files before savingConclusion

    With all the above-mentioned recovery methods  explained  you will be able to recover files from Windows 11 without any hassle. If you were unable to recover deleted files on Windows 11 using any free methods, you can always rely on SFWare data recovery software which helps you recover files without any hassle.

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