How to Recover Deleted Partition Files?

Partitioning of a Hard Disk is always a good practice. It allows you to classify your files or data according to your preference. Although these partitions are volatile and prone to get deleted (intentionally or unintentionally), a few recommended ways can definitely be used to get them back. This article will give you a brief insight on how to recover deleted partition with cmd and how to retrieve data from deleted partition.

What causes Deleted Partition?

Either it’s intentional or accidental, a deleted partition is challenging to restore. However, if you know about the events causing deleted partition, you can avoid them from happening. The events result in deleted partition are as follows.

1) Accidental Deletion:
It is quite a common occurrence where users accidentally deleted a partition. However, it is not a dead end and you can confidently recover your deleted partition by following the instructions in this guide.

2) Ware and tear of a hard drive:
Hard drives or any sort of storage device are subjected to wear and tear just like any physical device. Over usage of might alter the sectors on the magnetic disk or the sectors of hard drive and delete the partition

3) Corrupt PBR:
Partition Boot Record or PBR contains information about contents of that partition. It helps the operating system to find and launch the files or applications existing on that drive. There are numerous reasons that crash a PBR. With PBR crash,  your OS can no longer access the partition or recognize the existing partition.

However, recovering a deleted partition is as easy as eating a pie but only with proper instructions. In the later section of this article it clearly explains how to recover deleted partition using cmd.

Steps To Perform Deleted Partition Recovery Using CMD:

Some would assume, a partition once deleted cannot be recovered without a third party application. Nevertheless, you can use disk part command through command prompt to clean the partition and recover it. It is recommended to create a backup of partition data before you perform damaged partition recovery on your Windows or Mac PC

Instructions on how to recover files from deleted partition:

    • Click on start search cmd, right click on it and run as administrator
    • On the command prompt window type diskpart
    • Type listdisk and enter, now you can see disks on the computer
    • Type Select disk# with disk number in place of #
    • Type list volume and press enter
    • This will list out available volumes or partitions on the disk
    • Now type select volume # replace # with volume number and press enter
    • Finally type assign letter = “available drive letter”
    • Close the command prompt

NOTE: After recovering the partition don’t use the partition or that drive without recovering data, because doing so will overwrite pre-existing files and cause permanent data loss. However, remember that you only recovered the partition but not the lost data on the deleted partition. For recovering data from a deleted partition, you need a tool specifically programmed for the task

SFWare Partition Recovery tool is developed by testing against thousands of real-time data loss scenarios. It is integrated with robust scanning algorithms that ensure to recover data from lost or deleted partitions

How to Recover Data from Deleted partition?

    • Download and install SFWare Partition Recovery software
    • Launch the application, you will see Partition recovery button and Formatted/ Reformatted partition recovery buttons

SFWare Partition Recovery

    • Click on the Partition recovery button
    • It will list available hard disks and partitions on the computer
    • Click on the Partition or Hard Disk and click next

SFWare Partition Recovery Drive

    • It will list out the available files or data on the partition
    • At this stage, you can have a preview of the data available and check the integrity of the files
    • Select data or files which you want to recover or if you want to recover everything mark all

SFWare Partition Recovery Files

    • Now click Next. Now give the location where you want to save.

SFWare Partition Recovery End Screen

Benefits of Using SFWare Partition Recovery software:

SFWare is a robust data recovery software. It is not limited recovering deleted or lost partitions, you can also

  • Recover formatted or reformatted partitions
  • Interactive GUI is designed to make the recovery process easy even for a newbie
  • A professionally programmed algorithm can perform a sector level deep scan
  • It is compatible with all kinds of hard drives (HDD’s, SSD, SDcards, Pendrives etc)
  • Supports all types of file systems (NTFS-5, NTFS, FAT-32, exFAT)
  • Most importantly it can work on all versions of Windows operating systems (XP, 2000, 2003, 7, 8, 10)


As for the summary, in this article, you have learned about how to repair a deleted partition using a cmd. However, repairing a deleted partition using cmd is a manual and a risky task. Making a mistake while repairing will result in data loss. Nevertheless, creating a backup of data on the deleted partition will avoid any data loss. If this article misses on any information please share

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