How to Recover Deleted Photos From Sony Camera?

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Sony is one of the best camera manufacturers in the market. With exceptional picture quality making each image hold value, users may want to try out every recovery solution possible when their pictures are missing from their Sony camera. In this article, we have compiled a few recovery methods that have proven super effective with photo recovery.

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While SD cards today are better and more reliable in every way, they are never failsafe. If you happen to be using your Sony camera regularly, you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to access, have lost, or even deleted important photos. If you are a victim of data loss and are looking to recover deleted photos from a Sony camera, you will find your answers here.


  1. SD cards are fairly flimsy pieces of plastic and are very delicate. If you notice any scratches or other signs of physical damage on your SD card, please approach a trusted professional data recovery service in your area.
  2. Please avoid using the SD card until after you have recovered your images, as further usage could cause the missing photos to be overwritten and reduce the chances of recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Sony Camera Using SFWare?

To maximize the chances of photo recovery, using professional data recovery software is the safest solution. SFWare data recovery software is an effective solution compatible with several file formats used in a Sony camera such as HEIF and ARW.

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Steps to recover deleted photos from Sony camera Using SFWare Data Recovery Tool

Step 1: Download, Install, and Launch SFWare Data Recovery Software.

Step 2: Select the SD card drive from your Sony camera and click on “Start Scan”.



Step 3: You can view the recovered photos and videos during the scan.


Step 4: After the scan is complete, locate, Preview, select all the photos that you would like to recover, and click on “Save”.


Using the above data recovery software, you can recover photos from Cameras of other popular brands like Nikon, Canon, Samsung as well.

How to Protect my Sony camera from Data Loss?

Today, there are several options that Sony provides to help their user base protect the integrity of their media. If you own an α7C II, ZV-1M2, or any other Sony camera you could make use of the exclusive features.

Creator’s cloud

Creator’s Cloud is a cloud service introduced by Sony that enables its users to back up their images to the cloud directly from the camera itself. You could even use it to transfer media from your camera to your laptop or smartphone.

Dual SD Card Slots

Sony’s latest A9, A7R III, and A7 III cameras have dual SD card slots allowing users to insert up to SD cards simultaneously.

Step 1: Go to the Yellow toolbox tab (Tab 5) and access Setup 6. Select Select REC. Media Settings.


Step 2: Select Prioritize REC. Media.


Step 3: In recording mode select Simult. (image/video) to enable.



3. Avoid using your SD card as a primary storage device.

Regularly transfer all your media files from your SD card to your laptop, cloud storage, or an HDD/SDD (it could be as frequent as after each use). And here is why-

  1. SD cards are fragile-To save on space, durability is sacrificed. SD cards are really small, exposed, and prone to scratches and other forms of damage if you are not careful enough. Storing them in a USB drive, an external HDD/SSD or even a computer system will go a long way in preserving your media files.
  2. Create storage space on SD cards-With high-resolution images and high framerate videos, Raw ARW files take up a lot of space. Exceeding the storage limit or operating your Sony camera while at near full capacity could cause your SD card to get corrupted resulting in data loss.

To Conclude

A lot of factors contribute to your chances of successful photo recovery. The best way to maximize our chances is to react as fast as possible with the most reliable methods. I hope that you recovered your photos using this article. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me.

Frequently Asked Questions on Recovering Deleted Photos from Sony Cameras

Q1: Is it Possible to recover pictures from my Sony camera after they have been deleted?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted pictures from your Sony camera however, you must act fast and avoid using the respective SD card until you have recovered the images. Further use of the SD card will reduce your chances of a successful recovery.

Q2: How to avoid data loss on my Sony Camera?

You can prevent data loss from occurring by following the pointers listed below-

  • Regularly backing up your photos to a backup drive
  • Formatting your SD card every few months.
  • Using the Creators cloud storage provided by Sony
  • Swapping your SD card every few years
  • Avoid overloading your SD card by storing huge amounts of data for long periods.

Q3: What causes data loss in Sony cameras?

  • The following factors may contribute to data loss in Sony Cameras-
  • Data file corruption
  • Physical damage
  • Using an SD card that is about, or has already reached maximum capacity.
  • Operating a camera with a low battery.

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