How to Retrieve Data from SATA Hard Drive


SATA hard drives are the most commonly used internal storage drives for their reliability. Despite having several advantages, the drive is not free from data loss situations. If your data is lost from SATA hard drive and wondering if it possible to recover lost data from SATA hard drive? Answer would be Yes, data can certainly be recovered from SATA hard drives. To know more on SATA hard drive recovery follow the write up and quickly retrieve data from SATA hard drive. 

SATA Hard Drive Recovery

Data loss can happen with any hard drive, be it internal SATA drive connected to motherboard or PATA attached drives. Users would experience data loss due to many reasons including accidental data deletion, formatting, etc. Here are few of the reasons that lead to the data loss from SATA hard drives. 

What causes data loss from SATA hard drive?

Bad sectors: When the drive gets more bad sectors, data cannot be written or read from the hard drive and the storage device loses data on it. Recovering data from bad sectored hard drive becomes complex. 

Corrupt Firmware: Firmware is a software program fixed permanently into the hardware devices to perform functions including the hard drive. Firmware corruption would cause the SATA hard drive to malfunction and eventually lead to data loss.

Sudden power outages could cause rapid movement of the head in the hard drive or permanently damage the circuitry of the hard disk. 

If your drive is corrupt, unbootable or goes unrecognizable your hard drive needs to be fixed. However, if you have important data on the drive, fixing can be risky as your data can be lost in the process. Hence recovering your data becomes the priority. The best option for you would be to connect your SATA hard drive as an external hard drive and access data.

How to Turn SATA Hard Drive as an External Drive and Recover Data?

Since the SATA drive cannot be directly connected to another computer as an external drive either to repair or recover you might need an hard drive enclosure. This would help you connect your SATA drive as an external drive and help fix the drive.

SATA hard drive enclosure

An enclosure will help you convert the SATA interface using a USB type connection, thereby helping you access the drive as an external hard drive.

Once you have connected the drive via enclosure. Follow the instructions given below to access the SATA drive as an external hard drive.

  • Open the enclosure along the designated line by unscrewing the clips
  • Place the internal hard drive inside the enclosure, if you have the right size it should be obvious how it lines up.
  • Connect all the necessary cables such as SATA connection and power cables
  • Once done, you can then plug it into the computer as an external hard drive.
  • After gaining access to the drive, follow the data recovery steps mentioned below to recover your precious information

Can files be recovered from a failed/ corrupted SATA hard drive? 

Yes, files can be recovered from a failed hard drive. If your hard drive has failed or damaged due to corruption or any sort of interruption during formatting, you can easily recover the data using a trusted hard drive recovery tool. However, data cannot be recovered if your hard drive has any physical damages.

Be it a damaged or failed or corrupted hard drive, your precious data can be recovered safely without any discrepancies. SFWare Hard Drive Recovery tool is an effective automated solution to easily recover the data from the SATA hard drive. Integrated with a deep scan algorithm, the tool scans the drive sector by sector to recover the data lost from SATA drive. Retrieve SATA hard drive data in just few clicks for free now

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

How to Recover Data from Damaged, Corrupt, Failed SATA Drive?

To recover data from SATA drive, Download and install SFWare Hard drive recovery tool on your computer. Connect SATA hard drive to your computer and follow the instruction given below.

Step 1: Select Recover Drives option from the main screen. Click on Drive/ Partition Recovery or Formatted recovery, depending on the data loss situations

Step 2: Select the SATA drive to recover data from it. Scanning takes a time based on the storage of the drive it has to scan.

Step 3: Once the scanning process completes, you will be able to see the recovered files in Data Type or File Type View.

You can preview the recovered files and if you are satisfied with the results, Save the files on your computer

SATA hard drive is uniquely designed to automatically check and correct the errors in the drive. Despite being able to correct the errors the hard drive can get corrupt over time and you end up losing your important data. Recovering data from the corrupt hard drive is still possible if the SATA drive is recognized. 

Additional information:

SATA hard drive can be checked for functionality by connecting the SATA storage drive to another computer as a secondary hard drive, if that works for you take a backup of your data. If SATA hard drive is not working even after connecting it to a different computer, try the workarounds explained.

How to Repair a SATA Hard Drive?

You can easily fix the SATA hard drive. When you come across problems with your SATA hard drive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drive is corrupted or damaged. At times this issue could also be because of the SATA cable. Before fixing the SATA hard drive, it is better to know that when the drive is considered to be dead or failing. Below given are some of the symptoms of SATA drive failure:

What are the symptoms of a SATA hard drive failure?

  • The computer crashes frequently while booting the operating system. Try retrieving data from an unbootable drive before it gets late.
  • The SATA hard drive produces clicking and grinding sound while running.
  • Files and folders start to disappear frequently.
  • When the hard drive starts failing, it takes longer than usual to access data from the hard drive.
  • Computer shows error messages while moving or copying a file in the hard drive
  • The number of bad sectors in the hard drive increases over time.
  • The computer slows down and freezes frequently while in operation.

While the computer starts showing the above symptoms, it is better to take frequent backup of all the important files in the computer. By doing so losing important data in the SATA hard drive can be avoided.

How to Fix the SATA hard drive?

If the hard drive is corrupted, you can easily fix it using CHKDSK in command prompt.

  • Go to Windows Search and type command prompt
  • Now, right click on the first option and click on Run as administrator
  • In the command prompt type “chkdsk D: /f”(where D is the drive letter of the drive to be scanned)
  • After the scanning process is complete restart the computer and check the drive for functionality.

By performing the above steps you will be able to check and fix the errors in the SATA hard drive.

Sometimes SATA hard drives might just be working fine but the problem with the components exists. Such issues can easily be solved on your own. Here is how you can do it.

SATA cable problem

  • Open the CPU cabinet with the help of a star screwdriver.
  • Turn on your computer and check to see if the hard drive is making any sounds
  • If you don’t hear any noise from the drive push the connecting SATA cable into the drive for a firm connection
  • In case you find any damage to the SATA cable, replace it with a new one to make your hard drive work smoothly

Unrecognized Drive

  • Suppose you do hear a noise in the drive but are not able to see the same on the   display, chances are that your hard drive is not selected as the primary bootable drive.
  • If that is the case, restart the computer and press F10, Del, or F12 (Depending on the manufacturer) to enter the BIOS or UEFI setting. 
  • Navigate to the Boot Tab; under boot option priorities, choose your hard disk as the primary drive.

Damaged PCB/Motherboard

  • If you find any rust or damage to the motherboard, you can easily replace them with a new one. However, it is recommended seek experts help to replace the motherboard.

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