Know How to Recover Deleted or Lost GoPro Videos


Losing your videos from GoPro could be distressing and devastating as you cannot recreate those moments once again. If your GoPro SD card is not showing up any of your videos or photos, here is an easy and simple method that helps you recover your GoPro videos in a minute. Yes, you can recover GoPro Videos that are lost or deleted using the solution given in the article.

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GoPro, the travel camera is the most versatile digital camera popularly known for its high stability action videos. Be it adventurous off-road biking or hiking, you rely on GoPro to record those beautiful moments. Losing those GoPro videos can be very painful. You certainly cannot recreate those videos, but you can recover GoPro videos.

Recover GoPro Videos

Common Scenarios that lead to video loss on GoPro

  • No SD is an error encountered in GoPro cameras irrespective of any series
  • Trying to resize the 4k resolution GoPro videos to other scenarios
  • Although you can fix corrupt GoPro videosSD card corruption can lead to video loss from a GoPro camera.
  • Accidental formatting of SD card
  • An error like memory card not initialized appears when SD card is damaged
  • Virus-infected SD card can cause your important videos to merely disappear

The above-mentioned are some of the common reasons that cause video loss on GoPro. It will be disheartening when any of the above-mentioned scenarios put all your efforts into making a travel video or action video into vain.

Do not worry! Read the next section to know more about how to recover videos shot on a GoPro camera. 

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted or Lost GoPro Videos?

Yes, it is possible to recover GoPro videos. You must be wondering how to recover lost or deleted GoPro videos. Here is a detailed explanation of recovering videos from GoPro.

When a file is deleted from the GoPro SD card, it is not instantly erased. The file still exists on the device marked its space as ready to be overwritten. Hence, it is strictly recommended to immediately stop using the SD card to recover deleted or lost GoPro videos.

When recovering GoPro videos is the prime focus, remember your important GoPro videos are at stake. Hence make sure you only use a trusted and tried video recovery software.

SFWare Video recovery software is designed specifically to recover GoPro videos that are lost or deleted. The advanced scan engine of the tool ensures quick and safe recovery of GoPro videos without altering the quality of the lost video. The tool is free to download and try on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

GoPro SD Card Recovery: How to Recover GoPro videos?

Download and install SFWare Video Recovery software on your computer

Connect the SD card to the computer to recover GoPro Videos and launch the software

Step 1: Select Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos (the same option will recover GoPro Videos) depending on the data loss situation you are experiencing.

Select Recover Photos to recover videos from GoPro

Step 2: Select the SD card drive from the shown list of drives and click on Next button
Select the GoPro SD card drive

Step 3: Select music and video from the file types you want to recover and click Next
Select the file types to recover files from GoPro

Step 4: After scanning is completed, recovered files can be viewed in Data View and File Type View
View recoverable files from drive in Data View or File Type View

Step 5: Validate the recovered GoPro video files by Previewing and save them on your computer.

Recover Videos from Any GoPro Model

SFWare video recovery software supports all the models of GoPro series starting from initial model Hero 35mm to the latest model GoPro HERO8.

Recovery of GoPro Videos Shot on any of the GoPro Versions:

HERO6 Other Models

Why SFWare GoPro Video Recovery Software?

  • Recovers videos lost due to GoPro No SD card error or format error
  • Helps recovery of video files from any SD card like micro SD card, mini SD card and other external storage devices
  • It can recover high-resolution  videos of 3840 x 2160 i.e., 4K resolution captured by GoPro cameras
  • Ensures easy recovery of different video formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, etc and supports the recovery of h.264 codec files and others.
  • Helps recovery of RAW still images captured by the camera
  • You can validate recovered GoPro files by previewing it before saving the file.


You can avoid data loss situations by keeping backup of the video files. Irrespective of any video loss situation in GoPro camera, you can easily recover deleted or lost GoPro videos with the help of SFWare GoPro SD card recovery software. 

SFWare provides 24/7 technical assistance to help you in recovering GoPro videos. Please do let us know if you were successful in recovering videos from GoPro camera with the help of this article. Share the word and do give your valuable feedback by reviewing our product.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I recover corrupted GoPro videos?

You can recover using GoPro SOS, first turn off the camera and remove both battery and SD card. Now, insert the battery and the SD card on the camera and wait for the recovery icon to appear on the screen. When icon appears on the screen select any button to start repairing the corrupted video files on GoPro.

How do I recover GoPro files?

To recover GoPro files, you need to connect your GoPro SD card to your computer. Install SFWare photo recovery tool and launch the application. Now follow the instruction, scan the SD card drive and recover deleted or lost photos from GoPro SD card.

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