How to Restore BAK File?

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Summary: Have BAK files been unintentionally deleted from your Windows or Mac computer? Then, utilizing an effective bak file recovery tool, this post demonstrates how to recover bak files. One of the top tools for recovering deleted or lost BAK files from Windows is SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software, which comes highly recommended by experts.

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What is a .BAK File?

The BAK file extension denotes a backup file. This file type is used by several programs for the same purpose to keep a backup copy of one or more files.

The majority of BAK files are generated by an application that demands a backup. Anything that backs up web browser bookmarks or archives one or more files in a specialized backup program qualifies.

Business software such as AutoCAD, Google Chrome, Notepad++, Outlook Express, SQL Server, WhatsApp, Windows, and Word produces a supplementary file with the .bak file extension for backup purposes. These .bak files are useful if you mistakenly lose the original files. The exact thing that was supposed to keep you from losing all of your crucial work data is now the source of your problem. Although those backup data could be lost for a variety of reasons, such as physical or logical damage to the storage device, permanent deletion of that information, or formatting of the disc.

Can I Recover a .BAK File?

The quick answer is yes. If you manually deleted it.BAK files, the first thing you should do is look for them in your system’s recycle bin. If your files have been deleted, lost, or become inaccessible, you will want strong data recovery software such as SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software to recover all of your permanently deleted or lost data. Easily recover files from any folder, formatted drive, or damaged storage drive.

Can .BAK File Deleted?

In most cases, .BAK files can be safely erased because they do not harm files saved on your computer – after all, they are only backup files. However, unless you are certain that the master copies will not be lost, we urge that you do not remove BAK files because you may need them to recover your data in the future.

How Do I Open a .BAk File?

Most of the time, as we have already stated. There isn’t a single app that can read all BAK files because they are automatically created and kept by the associated software.BAK files can be played by some media players in a similar manner to how they can.

Therefore, determining the context is the first step in opening a.BAK file. What program, specifically, is the.BAK file prepared for? It is simple to open the.BAK file with the correct program once you identify it as being used by that program. Try it out and see whether it works if you’re still unsure. If you discovered a.BAK file in a music folder, try using a music player to open it. You might also try renaming the file with an alternative extension, like “.mp3” or “.wav,” and then see if it can be played.

Reasons Behind BAK Files Getting Deleted

There are several reasons why BAK files can get deleted:

Manual deletion: BAK files may be purposefully deleted by users or administrators to clear up storage space or as part of a cleanup procedure. They might decide to get rid of the backup files if they’re no longer needed or are out of date.

Automatic cleanup: Some programs or systems have built-in features that enable them to routinely erase unneeded or outdated BAK files. This function makes sure that only current backups are kept, preventing an excessive buildup of backup files.

File system issues: Due to file system failures including disc corruption, unintentional formatting, or problems with storage media, BAK files may be mistakenly erased. Various files, including BAK files, may be lost if the file system is corrupted.

Malware or viruses: BAK files and other important data might be targeted and deleted by malicious software. Some malware varieties actively look for backup files to harm data recovery efforts or hide their activities once they’ve infected a machine.

Human error: Users might unintentionally destroy BAK files, particularly if they are unaware of their significance or function. When managing files, organizing directories, or attempting to delete irrelevant files, accidental deletion might happen.

Methods To Recover Deleted or Lost BAK Files

Follow the methods below how to recover deleted .bak files:

Restore Lost BAK Files using Recycle Bin

  • Go to the Recycle Bin icon on Windows 10 Desktop and see if your BAK files find here.

  • If your BAK files are found then right-click on that files and click on Restore.

  • Now the BAK Files will be restored to the original location.

Note: If you are not able to restore your BAK files or files are not found in Recycle Bin using the above method, then follow the below methods.

Recover Lost BAK Files using the Previous Version

You can restore deleted BAK files and folders from previous versions if you use Windows Backup or restore points.

  • Navigate to the previously deleted file or folder’s location. Select “Restore previous versions” from the context menu when you right-click the file.

  • A list of previous versions will be displayed. To recover the lost BAK files, select a prior folder version. You can preview it by clicking the “Open” button to ensure that it is the correct version.
  • Once confirmed, click “Restore” to recover the deleted files.

Recovery of Lost BAK File using Backup

To restore a deleted BAK file on the Windows system from a backup, make sure Windows backup is turned on. To recover deleted .bak files from a backup, follow these steps.

  • Select “Control Panel” from the “Start”
  • Select “Backup and Restore” from the “System and Maintenance”
  • Next, choose “Restore my files” and follow the screen instructions to restore and save your files.

Recover Lost BAK Files using SFWare Deleted File Recovery Tool

The tool can recover files in any format, including Backup Files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, and audio files. The SFWare Deleted File Recovery tool is built with an expert scan algorithm that reaches every sector of the hard drive to recover deleted BAK files.

Download and install SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software on your computer.

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  • First, Launch the tool, from the main screen.
  • Next, choose between Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery

  • In the next screen, you can able to see the list of drives, select the drive from which you want to recover lost or deleted BAK files, and click on Next.

  • Now it will start the scanning process.

  • After completion of the scanning process, the tool will display the recovered lost BAK files.

  • You can Preview the recovered BAK files using the preview option.
  • If you are satisfied with the recovered results, then activate the software and Save the recovered BAK files to a safe location.

Tips to Avoid BAK Files Getting Deleted

To avoid BAK (backup) files from getting deleted accidentally or unintentionally, consider implementing the following tips:

  • Keep your file system organized and set aside specific folders for BAK files. This can make it simpler to discover and manage your backups as well as assist prevent accidental loss.
  • Set the proper access controls for files and folders to limit access and stop unauthorized deletion. Review and update the permissions frequently to make sure they comply with your backup files’ protection needs.
  • Please use trustworthy Antivirus software to protect your PC from external threats.
  • Avoid uninterrupted transferring of files.


Here we end our article on how to restore BAK file. SFWare Deleted File Recovery tool makes retrieve deleted bak files Autocad, easy and safe. If you have any trouble during the how to restore .bak file, you can contact our tech experts to assist you.

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