How to Recover Lost Partition on External Hard Drive?

Summary: Are you wondering how to recover lost partition on external hard drive? Don’t worry. We are here to provide the best solution to recover lost partition external hard drive. In this article, we can help you to restore lost partitions on an external hard drive without any hassle using SFWare External Hard Drive Recovery Software.

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Fortunately, lost partitions can be recovered from an external disc, and the procedure is simple to follow. You may find an efficient external hard drive partition recovery program and learn how to tackle partition loss issues on your own in the following section of this article.


In general, an external hard drive is a storage device used for storing and transferring data between systems as well as backing up crucial files.

External hard drives, like internal hard drives, can be partitioned into parts known as partitions. The partition table on the external hard drive will store all information about the hard disc partitions. Partitions on an external hard disc might be lost for a variety of reasons.

Reasons Behind Data Loss Occur in External Hard Drives

The most frequent causes of data loss among users of external hard drives are as follows:

  • Deleting the file accidentally or formatting it.
  • Corrupt file systems may result in data loss.
  • Failure of a system or application that was not expected.
  • The partition structure could sustain harm or even be destroyed.
  • A power outage or surge is another important problem.
  • Either a virus infection or unknown factors.

Methods to Recover Deleted Partitions on External Hard Drive Without Software

We discussed two tried and true techniques you can use to recover lost partitions on an external hard drive. To manually recover data and inspect hard drives for faults, use each of these free partition recovery techniques.

Note: These techniques could take a lot of time and need specialized understanding.

Method 1: Using CHKDSK Command

All Windows computers include a disk-checking application known as CHKDSK, which examines and fixes your hard drive, even if it is an external HDD. It will check the volume’s file system integrity and attempt to repair any logical file system faults.

  • Type “cmd” into the taskbar’s search box. Right-click “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as administrator”.
  • Enter the following command into the Command console and hit Enter. /f chkdsk F (Just be sure to swap out “F” for the letter that corresponds to your external HDD.
  • Depending on the size of the external hard disc, scanning may take some time. Close the CMD console after the scan is finished, then restart your computer to see if the drive is now operational.

Note: You may be able to restore data from a corrupted or damaged hard drive using this technique.

Method 2: Assign A New Drive Letter

A partition without a drive letter frequently looks to be lost. Using Disc Management, a new drive letter can be assigned quickly:

  • Press Windows + X.
  • Open Disc Management by searching for it in the list.
  • Locate and right-click the missing partition.

  • Next, Click on Change Drive Letter and Paths

These techniques will help you figure out whether the hard disc has problems, is corrupt, or just seems to be missing. Use reputable partition recovery software, such as SFWare, if you’ve tried these approaches and are still unable to find the partition on your hard disc.

How to Recover Deleted Partition on External Hard Drive Using SFWare External Hard Drive Recovery Tool

You can recover lost partitions on external devices using a safe and secure data recovery solution. SFWare External Hard Drive Recovery Tool is one of the most popular options for recovering lost partition on external hard drive. Whether the drive is formatted or corrupt, the tool analyses every sector to restore all files.

Download and install the SFWare External Hard Drive Recovery Tool on your PC and connect your external drive to your system.

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  • From the main screen, based on the scenario, Choose the Recover Drives/Partitions to recover the lost partition from the hard drive using SFWare data recovery software.

  • Click on the drive from which you want to recover lost partitions on an external hard drive.

  • Now, the scanning process begins.

  • After the completion of scanning, it will display all the recoverable files.

  • Preview the selected files for recovery. If you are satisfied with the results Save them in your safe location.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss on External Hard Drive

  • Always keep an extra duplicate of important files in a safe storage device.
  • Avoid abruptly removing an external hard disc during the data transfer process.
  • After data loss or erasure, an external hard disc should not be used.


We hope your query is resolved and this article has helped you to understand the various methods on how to restore lost partition on external hard drive. However, if you ever encounter issues with how to recover lost partitions on an external hard drive, use our recommended SFWare external hard drive recovery tool to solve your problems.

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