How To Recover Photos And Videos From Canon Camera?

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Summary: It’s an absolute bummer to know that your photos from your Canon camera are gone, it could be due to accidental deletion, File corruption, Hardware malfunction, or other technical issues.

If you ask “Can you retrieve deleted photos from a Canon camera?” Yes, you can but only if you did not overwrite with new data after the photo loss. If you did then this article will help you more than just recovering deleted files.

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Canon Photo Recovery in 5 Steps

You would need a Data Recovery Software that works like Canon recovery software as it must CRW, CR2, and CR3 Raw File formats and other formats like JPEG, and PNG and support 4K and 8K video recovery as well.

We would like to suggest SFware Data Recovery Software the go-to recovery software that does all the above and works on almost all data loss scenarios on a Canon camera and Canon camera memory cards.

Recover Deleted Photos From Canon Camera using SFware Data Recovery Software

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps to use SFWare Data Recovery Software to perform photo Recovery

Connect the Canon camera SD card, download and install the photo recovery software, and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the tool, select the SD card, and click on the hard drive and click on Scan

Step 2: After quick scan completion, check the folders (Deleted Files and Lost and Found Files) for the recovered photos.

check for the recovered data in the respective folders


Step 3: Choose the Photo files that you wish to recover.
(Make use of search box and Filter options to make it easy)

locating from the recovered external hard drive data


Step 4: Preview the photos by Double-clicking on it.

preview the recovered files

Step 5: Select the photos and click on Save to restore them on your device.

save the recovered data

NOTE: Save the recovered files in a new location to ensure the safety of the files. You can also use this software to recover deleted photos from other cameras like Nikon, Samsung, Sony etc.

ALSO: If you had a good habit of backing up your photos and videos in an external hard drive or cloud storage, now is the time that habit is going to favor you.

You can restore the Canon camera photos and videos from the backup without any additional support or worrying about overwriting.

The one drawback is that you will be able to restore only the backed-up data. If you have any new photos or videos you need the help of data recovery software in that case.

What To Avoid If Photos Are Permanently Deleted From A Canon Camera Without Backup?

  • Do not Remove the SD card: Keep the SD card in the Camera itself as it lowers the chance of physical damage and data overwriting.
  • Act Fast and Wise: Don’t panic and begin the recovery process as soon as possible and choose verified recovery software to recover the deleted files from Canon Camera.
  • Don’t use Repair Utilities: In case of SD card RAW or corrupted, don’t use camera functions or repair commands to repair it as could complicate the recovery process.
  • Professional Help: IF none of the DIY solutions did the job for you then you should handle the card to a reputed data recovery service.

Retrieve Photos From A Physically Damaged Canon Camera Card

The DIY solutions are applicable only in case of logical errors if you notice cracks on your card or go boating or campfire. There is no other hope of recovering photos from the Canon camera apart from recovery services.

Before handing over the device check the data recovery services’ success rate and cost of recovery and the terms and conditions of the recovery services.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss from Canon Cameras in the Future-

  • Regular Backups: Ensure to regularly back up your photos from your Canon camera to an external device or cloud storage.
  • Organizing: Keeping your photo files organized on both the camera and storage devices to easily locate and manage them and avoid accidental deletions.
  • Proper usage: Protect your camera and memory cards from physical damage to prevent potential data loss and always eject the memory card properly to avoid data corruption.
  • Reliable Memory Cards: Purchase branded memory cards that are compatible with your camera to reduce the chances of SD card failure.
  • Use Reliable Software: When transferring or editing photos, use reliable software to minimize the risk of corruption or accidental deletion.
  • Recovery Tools: Keep a disaster management plan ready and an efficient data recovery software as part of your digital kit to recover photos in case of unforeseen circumstances.


We hope you were able to recover deleted photos from your device using this article.

No matter what kind of storage device you are using SD card or CF card. The solutions in this article work across all Canon digital camera models like 5D/6D/70D/80D DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Canon camera have a recycle bin?
No, instead it has a recently deleted folder in the settings.

2. Can I recover permanently deleted photos from the camera without backup?
Yes, you can recover the deleted photos from a previous backup or using data recovery software.

3. Can I recover photos from the camera’s internal memory?
No, the computer does not recognize the camera as a storage device, it recognizes the camera as MTP(Media Transfer Protocol).

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