How to Recover Deleted Photos From Nikon Camera? [2024]

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Summary: Nikon is one of the world-class camera manufacturers, but it also faces data loss in situations like accidental deletion and formatting, corruption, file system damage, and virus and malware corruption.

All you need to do is stop panicking and follow this article to discover trustworthy solutions to perform Nikon photo recovery for the best results

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Nikon Photo Recovery On Windows and Mac

2 Solutions To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos And Videos From Nikon Camera

VERY IMPORTANT: The most important aspect of Nikon photo recovery or any other data recovery for that matter is to avoid overwriting. I.e., After observing the loss of photos or videos from the Nikon Camera you need to stop using it as the deleted data can be overwritten with new data on the Nikon camera card.

Congrats if you did that, The next step to recover deleted photos from a Nikon camera is choosing a using an effective data recovery software to make the process easier and more successful.

We suggest SFware Data Recovery Software as it recognizes NEF and NRW file formats and commonly used formats like JPEG, GIF, and many more.

The tool supports Video file recovery as well, I think it would be better when you experience it yourself.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps to use SFWare Data Recovery Software to recover photos from Nikon Camera

Connect the Nikon camera SD card, download and install the photo recovery software, and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the tool, select the SD card, and click on the hard drive and click on Scan

Step 2: After quick scan completion, check the folders (Deleted Files and Lost and Found Files) for the recovered photos.

check for the recovered data in the respective folders


Step 3: Choose the Photo files that you wish to recover.
(Make use of the search box and Filter options to make it easy)

locating from the recovered external hard drive data


Step 4: Preview the photos by Double-clicking on it.

preview the recovered files

Step 5: Select the photos and click on Save to restore them on your device.

save the recovered data

NOTE:  Make sure you save the recovered files in a new and safe location and you can make use of SFWare Data Recovery Software to recover photos from other cameras like Sony, Samsung, Canon, etc.

Nikon Transfer 2

After 2020 Nikon transfer is offered across all Nikon camera models for free, if you have been using the backup feature then you can relax as it serves more than just a transfer tool.

Locate the drive where the backup was configured and recover deleted photos from the Nikon camera.

Not just these utilities you can make use of any other backups like an external drive or cloud storage as well

Bonus: In Case of A Failed Or Damaged SD Card

If you notice damage on the SD card or memory card failure then DIY solutions will not be sufficient to recover the deleted files from the Nikon camera or memory cards.

Choose a reliable and reputed Data recovery service near you and let the professionals do their business.

BEWARE: Ensure that you learn about their success rate, cost of recovery, and data privacy.

Suggestions to Keep Your Nikon Photos Safe in the Future

Backup: Have a practice of taking multiple backups of important photos and videos from your Nikon camera.

Organize: Cluttered files are the major reason behind accidental deletion, organize the files and folders properly and mark them as important.

Proper Usage: Ensure that your camera and SD are used properly under ideal physical conditions, Make sure there is proper camera gear while storing it.

Reliable Memory Cards: Invest in a branded card that is compatible with your Nikon Camera. To ensure that cards don’t fail.

Power Supply: Keep the battery charged while shooting for a long time and backup source so that you don’t face data corruption issues


We hope this article helped you recover photos from the Nikon camera, and don’t forget the tips to keep the data safe at all times.

Even if you notice a lag or unusual errors immediately back the data to a safe place, if you are not able to do so then head to recovering them first using the data recovery software

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