How To Repair CCTV Footage in 2024

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Summary: What’s the point of having a corrupt video file on a CCTV? It is the only job it is meant to do, and it failed. You can’t blame it, as it works in tough situations like continuously recording, is exposed to harsh conditions, and has incompatible playback issues with the software, which are factors resulting in the corruption of CCTV footage.

However, fixing corrupt CCTV footage is possible when you take the right steps. Read this article to learn solutions and techniques to repair a corrupt CCTV video in simple steps.

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Repairing Unplayable or Corrupt CCTV Footage

Security cameras may produce choppy video or corrupt video files due to environmental factors, storage issues, etc. One cannot simply afford to lose CCTV footage. What if I say there is a way to play those videos? Let’s cut to the chase and jump right to solutions

Fix Corrupt Security Camera Footage Using the Video Repair Tool – SFware Video Repair

It is always a safe and secure option to go for a video repair tool to fix CCTV footage videos, as it provides the best results that you can expect.

When opting choose a secure and efficient one, so that you don’t need to complicate the video repairing process.

We recommend the SFware Video Repair tool as CCTV video repair software as it is simple, clean, and effective in repairing CCTV footage video file formats like FLV, MPEG-4, AVI, and H.264.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac
Steps to Repair CCTV Footage Using SFware Video Repair

Step 1: Download and set up the tool on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the tool and click on the Add File to select the corrupt CCTV video file.

add the corrupt video file that you want to repair

Step 3: If the header of the video file is corrupted or not found, the tool will ask you to provide a reference file i.e., other good footage from the same CCTV.

add the reference video files that is shot on the same camera

Step 4: The tool will start repairing the corrupt security video file.

the tool starts repairing the corrupted video file

Step 5: After completion,  Use the Preview option to have a quick look at the repaired file.

preview the repaired video file and save it on any location of your choice

Step 6: Click the Save button and select the location to save the repaired video.

Additional CCTV Video Repair Techniques

If your video is intact, but finding some playback issues here and there or has pixelated images, you can repair corrupt video files with simple techniques, and try them out.

Ensure that you take a backup and try repairing the other copy for safety purposes.

  • Convert the File Format: Try converting the file format of the video file using a video conversion tool (Online or Offline) to eliminate video file corruption.
  • Use Video Enhancement software: Enhance the blurry CCTV video files by using video enhancement tools to sharpen and deblur the video.
  • Contrast and Brightness adjustment: Modify the contrast and brightness of the CCTV footage to improve the visibility and reduce the pixelation appearance.

Some common CCTV problems need to be addressed, which eliminate issues with the security footage.

Fix Common CCTV Problems

Follow the suggestions below to fix the issues with your CCTV:

  • Ensure power supply to your camera so that your camera can pan, tilt, and Zoom properly.
  • If your camera is IP-based make sure it is connected to the network via ethernet cable.
  • Upgrade the camera’s firmware to update the bugs and enhance video ability.
  • Insufficient storage capacity can lead to video loss, when the data storage reaches its limit the new video data overwrites the old videos.

If you’d like to get back the overwritten video data, there is still a way that you can try, read on to know more.

Bonus: How Do You Get Back Overwritten CCTV footage?

Recovering overwritten CCTV footage needs a data recovery tool like SFware Data Recovery Software, provided you acted fast to prevent further overwriting.

Download and try to get back all the lost footage.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac


Whenever you find issues with your CCTV footage it is better to handle it in the most professional way possible, if you have a CCTV camera with a cloud storage facility there’s nothing like it

In case of Physical damage, you need to call the manufacturers or remote support to fix the CCTV camera and get back all the footage.

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