3 Effective Ways to Repair Corrupt GoPro Videos Files


Is your GoPro Videos not readable or corrupted? If your once in a life time video cannot be accessed, do not worry! Here you have best solution to fix corruption or damage in the GoPro Videos. Be it of MP4, MOV or any other formats, with the help of efficient methods provided in the article, you will be able to fix the errors and recover your GoPro videos without any damage.

GoPro videos are usually shot while doing activities like biking, running, skateboarding, climbing and other adventures. In most cases recreating the same video is close to impossible. What if you happen to lose these videos due to some damage or corruption on the video? Fortunately, this not the end of your video. You can fix the corruption and recover your amazing GoPro videos using the information below.

Why do GoPro Video files get corrupted?

The main causes that lead to GoPro Video corruptions are listed below:

  1. There are chances your GoPro videos get corrupt due to malware or spyware present on your computer files. Such software not only cause corruption but also damages the system files.
  2. Memory card failure or SD card errors also leads to GoPro video file corruption. Always use SD card that are designed for GoPro.
  3. Abrupt transfer of GoPro video files from your camera to storage device. Make sure you transfer video files without any interruptions.
  4. There might be chances where camera shuts inappropriately while recording.

Your GoPro videos may get corrupt or damage for many reasons. It may be due to memory card errors or glitch on the camera and sometimes virus or malware. Irrespective of the reasons, your precious video is going to be at stake. Here are the best workarounds that repair GoPro Video files without causing any damage to the files.

How to Repair Corrupt GoPro Video Files for Free?                 

Once you are aware of the reasons why your GoPro videos are corrupted/damaged or broken, the next thing is to seek methods to fix them. Try this free and a built-in function to repair the GoPro videos at first and check if video is readable. You can also try the instant and Quick method to fix the video file using SFWare Video Repair Tool.

Repair GoPro Videos using built-in SOS function

GoPro cameras comes with a built in SOS feature that repairs corruption occurred while filming the videos. If you see SOS on your camera screen, it means your GoPro video file is corrupted.

If you are experiencing trouble opening the catered videos on your PC or any other device, you can easily fix corrupt, broken video files using SOS function.

  1.  Insert your SD card to your camera and Power it on.

Note: Use the same camera that was used to record the videos

  1. If your video is corrupted, GoPro detects it and displays it on the screen. You can either see a bicycle icon, a bandage icon or just REPAIRING FILE. Pressing any button will start automatically the repairing process.

What if your video files are choppy and cannot be played? SOS function helps you fix corruption caused by certain factors like video unindexed or corruption that occurred while recording and storing the captured GoPro video.

What if the corruption was caused due to virus or damage in the SD card file system? In such cases you might need a safe and secure video repair tool that fixes the corruption and recovers GoPro Videos for you without any hassle.

SFWare Video Repair tool, with its unique repair algorithm fixes corruption in your GoPro video files. The exclusive Read only mechanism allows it to work on the copy of the video files, therefore the original video is unchanged. Be it MOV, MP4 or AVI any video file format, SFWare takes your few minutes to fix the problems. Keep your one-time video files safe and secure always just by clicking on the below download button.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

How to Fix corruption in GoPro Videos?

To repair corrupt GoPro files, download and install the efficient SFWare Video Repair Tool on your computer. Insert your GoPro SD card into your PC and follow the steps.
Video repair tool

Step 1: Select MOV/MP4 Repair from the main screen as GoPro shoots recording in MP4 format.
Repair MOV/MP4 file

Step 2: Provide any healthy working GoPro video file and a corrupt file that you want to repair. Click on the Repair button.

Preview the repaired MOV/MP4 file

Step 3: After the completion of the repairing process, Preview the repaired GoPro video file and Save the file in your desired location.

SFWare Video repair tools aids you in fixing video file corruption occurred in all the GoPro models including GoPro Hero9, GoPro Max Action, Hero8, Hero 7 and other models.

Can VLC be used to fix GoPro video file?

Most of the GoPro cameras record videos in MP4 formats that is H.264 codec. If you have any problem with respect to codec or if you want to convert your video recorded format to other video file format, you can make use of VLC media player. Sometimes, converting may help you fix the corruption but also there exists a huge risk of your video get damage more.

Repair GoPro Videos using VLC

VLC media player is an open source media player that comes with built-in system to fix basic corruption in any video files using AVI format. Follow the steps to convert your video format and fix corruption in GoPro files.

  1. Open VLC media player ->go to Media -> Click on Convert/Save
  2. Now click on Add button to insert corrupt GoPro file.
  3. Click on Convert/Save button. Select the new codec from the drop box for the selected file. Now it automatically starts the conversion and saves the video files.
  4. Browse the new location to save your converted video files.

Play the new video file and check if you can play the GoPro video files. As mentioned earlier conversion may not always help you fix the videos because, VLC player acts on the original video file. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep the backup of the video files and perform repair process on it.

If you fail to repair GoPro video files using any of the manual methods, you can always rely on the efficient and automated SFWare Video Repair tool.

Tips to Avoid Corruption in GoPro Videos

If you frequently take up journey with GoPro, here are few prevention tips you should be taking to avoid GoPro video corruption:

  • Make sure you use a GoPro approved video memory card or an SD card.
  • Do not use your GoPro until battery is completely drained
  • Always keep your GoPro clean and format your SD card frequently. Make sure you transfer all the data before you format your memory card.

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