5 Easy Ways to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most commonly used application to create and deliver presentations in schools, offices and wide variety of places across the globe. However, PPT and PPTX files created using PowerPoint is not free from corruption. If your PowerPoint file is damaged or corrupt, this article guides you on how to repair corrupt PPT file in all the versions including latest 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and older.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

MS PowerPoint is the most useful application used in every field of work.  There are various reasons that contribute towards making these PowerPoint files corrupt. Leaving you with no choice than seeking help online.

What Causes PowerPoint File to Corrupt?

PowerPoint File Corruption can be caused due to sudden system termination when PowerPoint is still in use. Viruses like Trojan, adware’s, malware can cause damage to your PPT /PPTX files. And corruption due to presence of bad sectors on the drive where PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) files are saved and unsupported file types included in the PPT and add-ons makes your file unreadable.

Indications of PPT file corruption

You may experience one of the following symptoms when your PPT file is corrupted.

  1. This is not a PowerPoint Presentation
  2. PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by <file_name>.ppt
  3. Part of the file is missing.
  4. The PowerPoint found a problem with the content

You would notice corruption in 2 ways. One of the PowerPoint corruptions allows you to open the presentation file but you will not be able to access the file. The other form of corruption doesn’t allows you to open the presentation file. Let us see different ways to fix corrupted PowerPoint file.

If you are able to open the Presentation File

If the PPT presentation cannot be opened

Part 1: Methods to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file if you are able to open the PPT file

If your PPT/PPTX files are opening but unable to access the contents of the file, you can follow below mentioned methods.

Reuse the slides from the corrupted file

In this method, you can repair the PowerPoint file by extracting the slides present in the corrupted file.

  • Open PowerPoint and create a blank PPT
  • Go to the Home tab -> click on Reuse SlidesOpen Resuse slides from New slides
  • A dialogue box would now appear. Click on Browse and select the corrupted PPT file you want to restore. Now click on Insert AllBrowse corrupt PPT file
  • All your corrupted slides in exception to slide master would appear in your new presentation. You can save (Ctrl + S)the file.

Apply the corrupt presentation file as a template

  • Open a new blank Presentation and save the file
  • Type in a new name -> press enter
  • Now go to the Design tab -> click on More in the Theme group.
  • Click on Browse for themes.
  • Now, look for the corrupted PPT file and select Apply
  • This method should work to open your corrupted presentation. You can save (Ctrl + S) the files.

If you come across any unexpected behavior of the file such as abrupt closing of slides or file not responding, the template may have damaged the presentation. In such situations you can make use of SFWare PowerPoint File repair tool to fix the corruption in your PPT files.

Free Download for Windows

Part 2: Methods to fix the corruption if presentation can’t be opened

If you are unable to even open up the presentation, here are the few methods that helps you fix the corruption and allows you to open the PPT file.

Insert the slides into Blank PPT

  • Open PowerPoint and create a new blank presentation (Ctrl + N)
  • Next, go to the Home tab -> click on New Slides ->Reuse Slides.
  • Select the corrupted file and click on Insert All ->Save (Ctrl + S) the presentation.
  • Now go to the Design tab -> click on More and select Browse for themes
  • Select the corrupted PPT file -> Apply ->Save the presentation

Try opening the presentations temporary file version

PowerPoint has a built in feature to create temporary files when files are being edited. This temporary file is named PPT ####.tmp (Where #### refers to random four-digit number). With the help of these temporary files you can try fixing the corruption in PowerPoint files.

  • Select the temp file corresponded to your corrupt file -> Rename
  • Change the old file-name extension from .tmp to .pptx so that the file name resembles the following file name: PPT ####.pptx
  • Now, Start PowerPoint. On the File menu -> select Open.
  • Browse to the folder that contains the renamed file.
  • Try to open the file in PowerPoint.

Note: You may find more than one file that corresponds to the needed temporary file. In this case, you may have to open each file to see whether which one is the temporary copy of the presentation file.

It is quite a challenging task to search the temp files to fix the corrupt PowerPoint file. This is because if you have many versions of the PPT files, you will find the many temp files. 

It is an irritating task to individually open every file and find the required file. To avoid all such chaos, you have a option of making using a completely automated tool that can do the job of repairing corrupt PPT file in few clicks. 

With SFWare, you can easily repair the PPT files that refuse to open and recover your PowerPoint files. The efficient algorithm of the software makes it easy to fix the error and extracts the all the content from the corrupted PPT, PPTX and PPS files.  Also, retrieves individual slides with their header and footers without any hassle. Download the software now to experience the effortless way to fix the corruption.

Free Download for Windows

The software works on all versions of PowerPoint including the latest 2019, 2016, 2010, 2013 etc. on all Windows platforms.

How to Repair corrupt PowerPoint files using SFWare PowerPoint Repair Tool?

To repair the corrupt PPT /PPTX files without any hassle, download and install SFWare PowerPoint File Repair software. Launch the software.

Step 1: Select the corrupt PPT/PPTX/PPS file to repair by browsing in your computer.
Repair corrupt PowerPoint file

Step 2: Now, click on the Repair button to start the scan process

Repairs corrupt PPT file

Step 3: As the repair process ends, a window will prompt showing that repair was successful.

Save the repaired corrupt PPT file

Now, select the destination location or drive to store the repaired PPT file.

Even in cases where other files are corrupted like PSD, RAR, Zip, MOV, etc, we can help you resolve your issues.

The Bottom line:

All the methods explained in this article to fix corruption in the PowerPoint file will certainly help you fix any issues with your PPT file.

If you feel the manual methods are time consuming and complex, you have another option to fix the corrupt PPT or PPTX files, using he most recommended and trusted tool is SFWare PowerPoint file repair tool.

If you were successful or had any questions in fixing the corrupt or damaged PPT files with the help of the methods described in the article, drop your comments in the below space.

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