How To Repair Corrupt Outlook Profile? (Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016)

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With this article you will be able to repair your corrupt Outlook profile of any Outlook version from 2007 till the latest Outlook 2019 and 2021.  The article also explains the reasons behind the corruption and the common errors that are related to corrupt Outlook profile.  Follow the best recommended methods described in the article Repair Outlook profile and get access back to your Outlook email application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be various reasons behind your Microsoft Outlook not starting and the primary cause could be corrupt Outlook profile.

The first indication of corrupt Outlook profile is seen when your Outlook application is stuck at the processing screen. You cannot access any of your important information from the Outlook if your profile gets damaged.

Without any further delay, let’s see how does Outlook profile gets corrupt and how can you detect that the profile is damaged.

What causes corruption in Outlook profile?

A few common reasons that cause corruption in the Outlook are listed below:

  1. Improper installation of Outlook
  2. Incomplete profile configuration
  3. Outlook crash and PST file corruption
  4. Outlook Error in synchronizing with an online server.
  5. Power Interruptions or abrupt closing of email application
  6. Virus or malware

All the above mentioned errors will result in corrupting Outlook data files that further result in corrupting the Outlook profile.

Now let us scroll down to see the common errors that are encountered when the profile is corrupt and demands for repairing the Outlook profile.

Common Outlook errors associated with corrupt Outlook Profile

When you start the Outlook, if the app displays error message Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook or Outlook data cannot be accessed that indicates you need to repair Outlook profile

The Outlook application hangs or freezes due to the corruption in the Outlook profile or Outlook data files (PST, OST).

Other error messages like missing PST file and Outlook data file cannot be configured, etc, would be encountered if the profile is damaged.

No matter what errors were displayed on your screen, the errors can be easily fixed by repairing the Outlook profile.

How to repair profile in different Outlook versions?

Easy steps to repair your Outlook Profile across all versions including the latest Outlook 2019 are given below:

Repair Outlook Profile- 2007

  1. Select tools and go to Account Settings
  2. Choose your account profile in the Email tab and then click on Repair
  3. Follow the instructions and prompts as displayed in the application
  4. After the completion of process, Restart Outlook to sync changes

The above mentioned method can fix the minor corruption that causes trouble accessing your Outlook profile.

Repair the Outlook Profile 2010 and above

  1. Open Outlook window -> Go to File menu
  2. Click the down-arrow sign available next to Account Setting
  3. Click on Account Settings from the given optionsRepair Outlook
  4. Select the Outlook profile on the Email tab and then click on RepairClick on Repair
  5. Next, follow the instruction as prompted further

This is the basic method to fix the corrupt Outlook profile. If this method fails to fix the Outlook profile, you can try the Outlook inbuilt repair tool i.e., ScanPST  or Outlook inbox repair tool.

How Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool fix the Outlook profile?

PST file corruption could also be one of the most reasons for Outlook profile corruption. Therefore, let’s try fixing Outlook profile with the help of ScanPST.exe.

To run ScanPST.exe, first you need to locate the tool. Find your ScanPST.exe, click on Start to initiate the scanning process. Finally click on the Repair button to rebuild the Outlook profile.

In spite of being a free tool to repair PST file, ScanPST do have some drawbacks:

  • Integrity of the file cannot be assured as the tool works on the original Outlook data file
  • ScanPST cannot repair the password protected Outlook data files
  • The tool cannot repair severe Outlook corruption
  • It fails to recover emails and other components of PST that are deleted from the profile

If your profile is severely corrupted or password protected, using Inbox repair tool cannot be beneficial.

If none of the above mentioned manual methods helps you repairing the Outlook profile, the next method is to rebuild the Profile.

Note: Rebuilding the Outlook Profile deletes the data stored in the Outlook if your email server fails to sync with the profile.

If you are thinking how to repair your Outlook profile to fix corruption and recover deleted data from the profile, here is the most recommended process.

With SFWare PST repair tool you can safely repair Outlook data files that causes corruption in the Outlook and recover its data. The main advantage of using the software is, it doesn’t work on the original file. The integrity of the file remains unaltered. Download the software now and try it for free…

Free Download for Windows

If you still want to rebuild or recreate the Outlook profile to fix the corruption, there is no loss in trying it. The next section explains how you can recreate the Outlook profile.

How to rebuild Outlook profile?

Most of the email servers work on synchronizing the data with Outlook. Recreating new profile helps in replacing damaged Outlook data file . Follow the steps to recreate Outlook profile:

  • Go to Control Panel and open mail setup wizardSelect Email client
  • From mail setup wizard click on existing profile and tap on removeClick on Remove
  • Now create a new profile through the Outlook application
  • Go to File and select Add account. In the setup, enter email account details and password
    Add new account
Beneficial Tip:

If you have lost any data working on the rebuild process, you can recover deleted or lost Outlook emails and other data using SFWare PST Repair Tool, the software that doesn’t alter the original structure and recovers Outlook items quick and easily.


You can easily repair the corrupt Outlook profile with the help of manual methods explained in the article. Nevertheless, if you feel that these methods are risky you can always use the safe method of fixing Outlook profile with the help of SFWare PST repair tool, which helps help you fix any Outlook errors in future.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Rebuild Outlook Profile in Windows 10?

To rebuild Open Outlook 2010 and click on the File button from the top menu. Click the icon showing a down-arrow next to Account Settings. Select Account Settings from the available options. Inside the Email tab, select the Outlook profile and click Repair. Complete the required steps by following the on-screen instructions.

Does Inbox Repair Tool Fix Outlook Profile?

Yes, with Windows inbuilt inbox repair tool you can fix the corrupt Outlook profile. However, the tool only works on minor corruption level and on original data files. Also, ScanPST or inbox repair tool cannot repair the password protected Outlook data files.

How to Fix Outlook Profile and Recover Data?

The best way to fix Outlook corruption and recover data is to make use of third-party tool. SFWare PST repair tool is the most recommended tool to fix corrupt Outlook and recover data files. The tool works on the copy of the files and hence the integrity of the Outlook data files kept unaltered.

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