Repair Outlook PST File Without ScanPST- An Alternate Solution


When PST file gets corrupted or damaged, the first resort to repair it is ScanPST. However, what happens when ScanPST does not fix the issue? Or if you are looking for an alternative due to its limitations? If you are wondering is it possible to repair PST file without ScanPST, then this article is for you! Find here how you can fix Outlook data files without ScanPST using a better alternative.

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Alternative solution to repair corrupt PST files without ScanPST?
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Just like any other files stored on your computer, Outlook data files are also prone to corruption and errors. Outlook data files uses personal storage table (PST) file format to store your data such as emails, notes, calendars and other items in Outlook. When PST file is corrupted or damaged accessing Outlook becomes tedious and tough.

A few scenarios where PST file gets damaged

Most common reasons that leads to PST file corruption are:

    1. Hardware failures such as storage device incompatibly, server breakdowns, network-connection errors, problems in interface cards, routers, network hubs can cause damage to Outlook data files.
    2. Bad sectors on the storage drive where PST files are saved damaged the Outlook file
    3. Virus attacks on a PST file might also lead to a corrupt PST file. A few of the common computer viruses that attack PST files include Stages virus, BleBla, worm explore zip, and Melissa.
    4. When the file size limit is exceeds the recommended limit i.e., according to Microsoft, any Outlook data files of 10 GB or lesser than the size have a good performance factor.
    5. Usage of unsafe repair tools, recovery tools, incompatible third-party add-ins, plugins can all lead to improper working of PST files.

Irrespective of the causes leading to PST corruption, the one tool that helps you repair Outlook files is ScanPST or inbox repair tool. It is the first resort to fix any errors or corrupt Outlook OST or PST files instantly. All you need to do is locate and download the ScanPST and run the tool.

Now, as we have seen the reasons that can damage PST file, lets learn about Inbox repair tool, an inbuilt utility for Outlook to repair corrupt or damaged data files.

ScanPST: Inbox repair tool

Microsoft Outlook has the inbuilt Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) to scan & repair damaged/corrupt PST files. Sometimes ScanPST will not be available to repair Outlook files due to many reasons.  And sometimes, ScanPST freeze during repair process or fails to repair corrupt PST files, as Scanpst.exe can repair files up to 2GB only. Also, this tool may fail when the extent of corruption of PST files is severe.

Microsoft Inbox repair tool to fix corrupt Outlook data file

Scenarios when Scanpst.exe fails to work?

    1. ScanPST.exe cannot repair large-sized PST files; it can only repair files of sizes up to 2GB.
    2. It can fix only minor corruption, if your files are severely corrupted, ScanPST freeze during the repair.
    3. If you are wanting to access deleted email files, this cannot be accessed at all using ScanPST tool.
    4. If the file size exceeds the limit of 2GB, the ScanPST may freeze and stops working.

When ScanPST is not available or does not respond, it becomes unable to repair any Outlook files. Be it PST or Ost files, ScanPST will not be able to repair the issue. In such situation, it is important to know how to repair corrupt Outlook PST files without ScanPST.

SFWare PST Repair tool- A best alternative of ScanPST Repair Tool

SFWare Outlook PST repair tool repair complex process that ScanPST cannot repair. The tool helps you recover all Outlook data items such as mails, calendar items, contacts, appointments, RSS feeds, task, notes and journals while repairing PST file. Be it password protected files or encrypted PST files, the tool can easily repair PST file. However, to open files you need to have a password. The tool supports repairing PST file in Outlook versions including the latest Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

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Steps to Repair Corrupt PST Files without ScanPST

To repair corrupt PST File without ScanPST, download and install the SFWare Outlook PST Repair Tool and launch the software and follow the instruction-

Step 1: Select the options from the main screen: The software provides 3 options that enables you to choose your PST file.

Open PST File: you can make use of the option, if you know the path to open PST file

Find PST File: If you are not aware of PST file, the tool easily finds that for you. This locates your PST file all you need to choose the file that is corrupted.

Select Outlook Profile: If you are using multiple Outlook profile, this option helps you select the Outlook profile in which you need to repair the Outlook files.

PST repair tool to fix Outlook error

Step 2: Now, from the next screen, Select Normal Scan or Smart Scan based on your situation:

Normal Scan: This option helps you to repair minor corruptions on the Outlook PST file

Smart Scan: If you are looking for severe corruption repair, this Smart scan works effectively on severely corrupted PST file.

Select PST File to Repair

Click on the Repair option to fix Outlook errors or corrupt Outlook data files

After completion of the Outlook repair process, save the repaired PST file in your desired location on the computer and verify if the problem due to corrupt PST file is fixed.

End Screen



ScanPST is the tool that comes in handy when you need to repair Outlook files. However, the inbuilt Inbox repair tool has its own limitation due to which it cannot be used in all situations. With the help of an alternative solution, you can repair PST file without ScanPST without any hassle.

Frequently asked questions

How to repair corrupt PST using ScanPST?

To repair corrupt PST file using ScanPST, exit Outlook and browse to one of the following file locations: Open SCANPST and Select Browse to select the Outlook Data File. Now, choose Start to begin the scan. If the screen displays any errors, click on Repair to start the process to fix them.

Can SFWare Outlook Repair tool repairs Outlook versions 2019 PST files?

Yes, with the help of SFWare Outlook Repair Tool, you can easily fix all the errors and corrupt PST files regardless of its version. The tool supports repairing PST file in Outlook versions including the latest Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.


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