How to Repair Outlook Data Files When ScanPST is Not Available?

ScanPST.exe is the  inbuilt utility that comes in handy to repair Outlook data files like OST and PST. However, if you were unable to find the ScanPST or if the ScanPST is missing, you will not be able to repair the Outlook data files. Stick to the writeup to know what to do when ScanPST is not available and how to repair Outlook data (PST, OST) files without ScanPST.

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Table of contents

  1. About ScanPST: Where is it located?
  2. Why is ScanPST.exe Missing?
  3. Find Missing ScanPST.exe
  4. Is there a better alternative for ScanPST? 
  5. What to Do If Scanpst.exe is Not Working?

About ScanPST:

Microsoft has an inbuilt Scanpst.exe utility to help repair corrupt or damaged outlook files including both OST and PST files. However, ScanPST is not unlike any other utilities that stops working or does not respond.  There can be scenarios where you cannot find ScanPST.

Where is ScanPST?

Generally, ScanPST is installed automatically with all MS Outlook installations and can be located in one of the following locations.

Outlook 2019-32-Bit C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office19

Outlook 2019-64-Bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office19

Note: if you are using any older versions of Outlook, you will find it with the respective office folder. If you still cannot locate the ScanPST, you can click here to download ScanPST.exe and locate the path based on the Windows version you may be using on your computer.

Reasons Why ScanPST.exe is Missing

There could be several reasons due to which ScanPST goes missing from the computer. Below listed are a few reasons:

The first reason could be, you finding it challenging to locate the location of ScanPST files. Because, the location of ScanPST.exe can be different depending on whether you have installed Outlook application from Microsoft Store or automatically installed during the Outlook installations.

Sometimes running ScanPST.exe can be prevented due to certain security (sandbox mode) limitations. This may cause the ScanPST.exe file to go missing.

Inappropriate Outlook permissions won’t let ScanPST to run in your computer.  

How to Find Missing ScanPST?

When ScanPST is not available to repair the outlook PST and OST files, all you need to do is find ScanPST using Task Manager and navigate to the file location of the Outlook process.

find missing ScanPST

  1. Type Task Manager in the search bar and Launch Task Manager on your computer.
  2. On Task Manager, switch to the Processes tab and find Outlook.
  3. Once you have located Outlook, right-click on it and then click on the Open File Location option.
  4. Now, Windows Explorer will open the folder where Outlook is installed. You can then look for ScanPST.exe in that folder.

You can run ScanPST now easily. What if the ScanPST is not responding? How will you repair corrupt or damaged Outlook files when ScanPST is not available?

Do you really need a ScanPST? Is there a better alternative for ScanPST?

As we all know ScanPST is a great option to fix minor corruption in Outlook data files for free. However, ScanPST has its own limitations and you need not depend only on it to fix any Outlook issues. 

Moreover, if the PST file is severely corrupted or damaged then it is risky to use ScanPST as it works directly on the original file. Hence putting your precious Outlook data at risk. So, is there an alternative for this inbox repair tool? Fortunately, yes. 

There are multiple PST or OST repair software that can help you with fixing any Outlook data file related issues without any hassle. SFWare PST Repair is one of the best PST repair tools out there which can help you repair severely corrupt or damaged PST files. See how easily you can repair Outlook PST files using SFWare PST Repair tool in the next section. 

Repair Outlook PST File Without ScanPST

Download and install SFWare PST Repair Software by clicking on the download button and start following the steps mentioned below.

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Step 1: From the main screen, select an appropriate option from the following

Open PST File – If you’re aware of the PST file path present on your  computer

Find PST File – If you do not know the location of Outlook PST file location

Select Outlook Profile – If there are multiple Outlook users/profiles existing on your computer

first step to use PST repair tool


Step 2:  After locating the Outlook data file for repairing process, click on Next option.

Select either Normal Scan or the Smart Scan based on the corruption. Later, select a folder where repaired PST file is to be stored.

Select PST File to Repair


Step 3:  Click on the Repair button and once the repair process is complete, you will be prompted with ‘Your Outlook PST file has been repaired message’.

End Screen



Although Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) is an inbuilt utility from Microsoft, you might encounter a trouble when ScanPST is missing or not responding to fix the error on Outlook. However, with the help of SFWare PST repair tool, you easily fix Outlook issues.  The tool that helps to repair severe corrupted Outlook data files and extract all Outlook files including emails and folders and  save them in a new healthy Outlook PST files.

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