SD Card Errors | A Complete Guide


If you were unable to access your data on the SD card, this could be due to certain SD card errors that are causing trouble in accessing SD Card. This article brings a few common SD card errors and the reasons behind various SD card errors. With the help of simple methods given in the article you will be able fix the errors without losing any data from the SD card.

As we all know, the usage of SD cards in smartphones has decreased with increased internal memory space. However, when it comes to capturing memories cameras and other devices still rely on SD cards. It would be distressing if you lose access to such memories due to any SD card errors.

What Does SD card Error Mean?

Any error displayed while using the SD card defines you that the data stored in the card cannot be accessed or the SD card is inaccessible. 

These errors could occur due to any of the reasons such as corruption, bad sectors, virus, physical damage, improper handling of SD cards, etc.

The coming sections of the article talk about the errors that come under various categories.

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Errors That Indicate SD Card Corruption

There are many errors you encounter when SD card is corrupted. The level of corruption varies from card becoming unreadable to data becoming inaccessible or hidden. Few of the prominent errors of SD card corruption are listed below:

      • If your SD card is corrupted, an error message Access is denied is displayed while accessing the files saved on SD card.
      • In some rare cases, you might also observe CRC errors File access is denied. Data error( Cyclic Redundancy Check).
      • In some cases, cameras display a Black screen error resulting in SD card failure.

However, your data will still be present on the SD card. To get rid of corruption, the only way is to format the entire drive. If you want to format your SD card, you will have to compromise on all your important files and data saved. know how to repair SD card without formatting just by clicking on the link provided that explains various measures to repair the corrupt SD.

SD Card File System Errors

If you are wondering what this SD card file system error is, Here is an answer. Any file system errors are usually caused by disk-related errors that can be due to bad sectors. 

To make it more clear let’s consider you are using a FAT32 file system in a specific device (SD card). If the same SD card is used with a different device that has another file system such as NTFS or any other, the device fails to recognize it. The memory card doesn’t show up on the device. 

      • Frequently encountered file system errors while using your SD card is Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System error
      • Windows was unable to complete the format is another error that is commonly seen when there is a problem with the file system. 
      • In some cases, file system errors could also turn SD card into RAW
      • SD card Unable to format is another error you encounter when you try to format. 

As file system error is related to disk, you can easily fix the error with a CHKDSK (check disk) command explained in the next section of the article.

Errors Due To Improper Handling of SD Card

These kinds of errors are often encountered in cameras. There fall many errors under this category as improper handling of SD card is the most frequent mistake every one of us does.

Have you ever encountered Media card storage cannot be accessed due to fatal errors or  Image database file not ready error while using your camera?

Well, the main reason behind SD card fatal errors is any interruption while files are in read /write process or when files are getting transferred from SD card to other devices.

Image database file not read error is thrown when required image database files are not available in the camera or camcorder memory. 

When SD card throws these kinds of errors, the device needs to be reformatted.

This seems to be a stuck up situation as formatting the card will erase all the data stored within it. Do not worry! You can recover all your videos files, photos and other data from the SD card before heading to format process.

Next, moving on to the other factor that creates conflicts with SD card working is a system virus.

Virus-Infected SD Card Errors 

If your files are displayed in shortcuts or are inaccessible, it clearly indicates the SD card is virus infected. 

      • A virus-infected SD card throws an error message Drive is not accessibleAccess is denied
      • Some viruses will hide the files, remove the file and it might also spread to the internal memory of your system causing malfunctioning of the system files. 

Do not panic! It is still possible to recover data from an inaccessible virus infected SD card with the help of a secure SD card recovery tool.

It is always recommended to use a safe and secure method to recover data before formatting. Using SFWare SD card recovery software is one of the safest and easiest methods. The software restores all the formatted / reformatted, deleted and lost files from SD card.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Important Note: Before proceeding with any of the repairing process, it is always recommended to recover your data from the SD card as few of the error fixing methods might cause data loss from the device.

Once you have recovered all the important files and folders from the SD card, the next step would be fixing the SD card errors. 

Common DIY Methods to Fix Any SD Card Errors

The first thing to be considered when errors are displayed is, any SD card error can be fixed by formatting the SD card. However, there are some errors that fail the format process on SD card stating Unable to complete the format. In such cases, you need to perform format via disk management. 

Fix Inaccessible, Unreadable and Unrecognized Files By Formatting Via Disk Management Tools

Initially, connect your SD card or any other storage device to the PC.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start button, select the Disk Management option

Step 2: Click on Disk Management option to open the Windows Disk Management

Step 3: Now select the storage devices that you want to format. Right-click and select the Format option.
Disk Management to fix SD card errors

Not only SD card you can also perform this on USB drive, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive that you want to format.

Once the format process is completed, see if your SD card is accessible.

Use CMD Command To Fix Any Corrupt File System errors

CMD command CHKDSK is used to verify the complete file system and fix any logical errors present in it. 

Step 1: Connect your SD card to the computer and type cmd in the search bar.

Step 2: Right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run as administrator

Step 3: Type chkdsk C: /f in the command prompt, where G is the drive letter of your SD card. 

CHKDSK to fix corrupt SD card

After completion of the repair process, restart your computer and reconnect the SD card. If no error message occurs, you have successfully repaired and fixed the error on the SD card.

How to Fix SD Card Error in Mac Computer?

On a macOS system, the built-in Disk Utility app includes a First Aid option that helps in repairing any problems on connected drives, including SD cards. Make sure your SD card is connected to your Mac and follow the steps given below.

disk utility

Step 1: From the main Finder menu, choose Go, then Utilities.

Step 2: Open Disk Utility program from the macOS Utilities menu

Step 3: Select your SD card from the detected drive list and click on First Aid tab, then Run

Step 4: This process initiates the repairing by scanning your SD card and fix errors.

After you’ve completed the above-mentioned steps on your macOS system, try using your SD card to see if it performs as expected.

If you fail to fix the errors even after performing the above-mentioned methods, it is either your SD card is physically damaged or it is severely corrupted. All you can do to keep your data safe is recovering it using a trusted SD recovery tool.

If you have trouble accessing data after fixing the errors, you can make use of SFWare SD card recovery tool. The tool helps to retrieve data from any inaccessible, formatted or reformatted drives. Also, the software is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.


Most of the SD card errors are due to corruption in the file system or due to the invasion of the virus. The above-mentioned methods would surely help you to fix any sort of SD card errors irrespective of the causes that are responsible for it.

It is always recommended to take a back up of the data to keep it secure in the data loss situations. 

In case if you have no backup or need to recover your important data from the SD card you can easily rely on the trusted SFWare SD card recovery software to recover data from any SD card brands.

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