Seagate Data Recovery | How to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive?

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Seagate’s popularity, market domination, and popularity don’t guarantee the ultimate data loss-proof device, Events like formatting, corruption, crashes, accidental deletion, and physical damages can cause data loss in it.

This article has viable Seagate hard drive recovery solutions and fixes that’ll help you get back all the data from the drive or partition. Learn and try it out.

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All Possible Ways to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive in 2024

This is a Must: When you observe data loss on your Seagate hard drive, You must stop using the drive immediately to avoid data overwriting. Be it a Seagate internal hard drive, external hard drive, or SSD.

Only with SSD, the chance of recovery is very high when you initiate the process as early as possible, A Delayed recovery process is very difficult due to the TRIM command being enabled.

We’ll divide this article into two parts, 1st in the Seagate hard drive data is actually deleted, formatted, and lost due to virus attacks severe corruption issues, or the hard drive physical damages.

The 2nd is where you can see the data but have trouble accessing them.
Sit back and try these solutions.


1. Restore Files from Seagate Hard drive Using Data Recovery Software – SFware Recovery software

If the Seagate drive consists of important contents that you care about then going for an efficient data recovery software is by far the best option there is.

SFware Data Recovery Software is one easy-to-use tool with very good data-recovering capabilities that works offline to ensure data integrity remains intact.

It is uncluttered software capable of recovering data from crashed hard drives, inaccessible hard drives, and bad sectors across various file systems, all with basic system requirements.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps to use SFWare Data Recovery Software to perform Seagate Hard Drive Recovery
Keep the external hard drive connected, download and install the software, and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the tool, select the external hard drive, and click on the hard drive and click on Scan

Step 2: Check the Folders (Deleted Files and Lost and Found Files) for the recovered files.

check for the recovered data in the respective folders


Step 3: Locate files that you need to recover.
(Use the search box and Filter options to make it easy)

locating from the recovered external hard drive data


Step 4: Double-click on any file to preview it.

preview the recovered files

Step 5: Select the files you want to recover and Click on Save to restore them on your device.

save the recovered data

NOTE: Make sure to save it in a new location to avoid the chances of losing the file again.

2. Restore Using Backup (Device manager or other solutions)

NOTE: This method is applicable only if you have used the device manager utility or other solutions to back up the Seagate hard drive data.

Seagate hard drive has a built-in utility called Device Manager which can help you with auto backup this is very helpful in performing hard drive recovery without any additional tools.

All you need to do is locate the data and restore them, Here’s how you do it on Device Manager:

  • Connect the Seagate hard drive(if it is external)
  • Open the Drive Manager on your computer, Click Yes on the UAC(User Account Control) prompt.
  • In the Main window click on the auto-backup option and click on the backed-up data button.
  • Choose the files from the list of backups and click on Restore to save the files in their original location.
  • Enter your Safekey password to begin the restore the data.

3. Recover Data From Damaged Seagate Hard Drive using Data Recovery Services

If you notice physical damages or are exposed to fire or water. You need to take your hard drive to Seagate data recovery services.

Some of the Seagate hard drives have complimentary access to Rescue Data Services for a limited time. If your hard drive is within the coverage period then can ship the hard drive and let an expert try to recover data from your Seagate hard drive for free of cost.
Here is how it works in most cases:

Ship the hard drive( Free shipping depends on the availability)
Track the status of the drive.
Once the recovery is completed, You will receive a new encrypted Seagate hard drive with all recovered data.
(The encryption key will be sent to your mail before shipping it to your address)

The turn-around time is typically 30 business days from the day of the received date.

More info on Seagate Recovery Services:

  • The recovery technicians will have access to the hard drive data and will review it as well.
  • The recovery methods can cause further damage and make it impossible to recover any data from the drive.

If your Seagate hard drive has gone beyond the coverage period you can opt for any other recovery services to recover data from the Seagate hard drive.


Fix Logical Errors To Retrieve Data From Seagate Hard Drive

As explained earlier, in some situations where data from the external hard drive is not deleted but remains inaccessible on the drive, Here are some solutions to fix it.

Remember: If your hard drive consists of any crucial information try recovering it before any heading to repair solutions.

1. Chkdsk

You can use this command to fix minor corruption issues and file system errors on your Seagate hard drive which is preventing you from accessing the data.

  • Open the Command prompt as Administrator.
  • Type: chkdsk E: /r /x (Replace E with your hard drive letter) and press Enter.

type chkdsk

2. Run Seagate Diagnostic Tool

Use Seagate’s tool Seatools to check the drive’s health and fix it, You can use the tool to test the drive’s condition.

  • Download Seatools.
  • Close all the background applications and Open the Seatools application.
  • Select the Seagate hard drive and click on Basic Tests at the top.
  • Choose Short Drive Self-Test.

If you wish to run Fix All test or other test. This might take a longer time so ensure that your computer is connected to a stable power source.

3. Error checking tool

Windows has a built-in error-checking tool, to repair the errors connected to it. Here’s how to do it on your Seagate hard drive.

  • Open File Explorer, Right-click on the Seagate hard drive and choose Properties.

click on Properties


  • Go to the Tools tab and click on Check to scan the hard drive.

check the drive

  • Click on the Scan drive option to begin scanning.

scan the drive

4. Update drivers

Hard drives might not get recognized due to outdated drivers, In most cases, Windows updates the drivers automatically. If your device driver is outdated or corrupted then the device cannot interact with the connected drives.

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Expand Disk Drives option.
  • Right-click on the hard drive and choose Update driver.

On the next prompt choose the manual option and update the driver by downloading it manufacturer’s website.

This article is a compilation of all solutions that can get data back from deletion on Seagate hard drives. We suggest you take a periodic backup of external hard drive data in cloud storage or any other means to data safety at all times.

In case of data loss accidents, you will need data recovery software like SFware for easy journeys and efficient results.

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