How to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive?


Seagate is widely used External hard disk to store data like files, pictures, videos or any documents. If you have lost your data from the Seagate hard disk, the method explained in the article helps you recover your data. If your Seagate drive is corrupt and unrecognized, follow the methods to fix the Seagate drive and recover data without any losing your data.

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About Seagate Data Recovery

Seagate data recovery

Seagate is one of the most widely used external hard disk drives across the globe. The most widely used hard drive is not an exception when it comes to data loss. Data loss on Seagate hard drives varies from silly mistakes of accidentally deleting data to complex data loss scenarios like a formatted or inaccessible hard drive.

If you are wondering how to recover data from Seagate external hard disk which is not detecting, you can click on the link given to fix issues with external hard drive blinking but not detected.

Reasons that Leads to Data Loss on Seagate Hard Disk

There are various reasons that might cause data loss in Seagate hard drives. Logical failures such as corrupt hard drive, bad sectors on the hard drive, virus attack can most likely lead to data loss.

At times, physical damage such as overheating or improper handling of drive can corrupt the drive and lead to data loss.

Can I recover my data from a Seagate external hard drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from Seagate hard drives. The reason being, the files that are lost due to deletion or formatting the drive are not erased. Instead, they have their memory space marked as ready to overwritten.

Therefore, it is strictly recommended for you to stop using Seagate hard drive after data loss to ensure successful Seagate data recovery.

Here is an effective method to recover data from Seagate. With SFWare Data Recover Software you can easily recover deleted or formatted files from Seagate external hard drives. With its unique search algorithm design to scan each sectors of the drive you can easily recover data from Seagate drive.

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How Do I Recover Files from My Seagate External Hard Drive?

Deleted files from external hard drive doesn’t not stored in Recycle bin or any storage folder. If you have lost data from external drive your drive is at stake. You can try retrieving data from Previous Versions.

Recover Data From Seagate External Drive using Previous Version

Note: you can recover data from Previous Versions only if the option was enabled before losing the data.

Connect your external drive to the PC and when it recognizes the drive, navigate to the Seagate hard drive and Right-click on the folder from where files are deleted or lost. Now, click on Properties ->  Previous Versions.

Previously saved versions of Seagate hard drive are displayed that are saved from the File History or restore points. All you have to do is select the recent one saved before data loss and click on Restore button.

What If you have not enabled the Previous Version? Recovering data from the drive becomes impossible. In such situations, you have to restore data using trusted and efficient hard drive data recovery software.

Seagate External Hard Drive Data Recovery

External hard drive can get corrupt due to several reasons including components failure, logical errors as mentioned earlier or electrical malfunctioning.

During inevitable data loss situations, SFWare can be most reliable solution. designed with the precision scan algorithms, SFWare ensures to recover every single bit of data from your Seagate hard drive. Just click on the download button and experience the flawless recovery of Seagate data.

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How to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive?

To recover data from the corrupt Seagate hard drive, connect the external hard drive to your PC and launch the application.

  1. From the main screen, click on Recover Drive/Partition
    SFWare to recover data from Seagate External drive
  2. Next, select Drive/Partition Recovery or Formatted Recovery based on your data loss scenarios.
    Recover data from Corrupt or Formatted Seagate drive
  3. Then, choose the corrupt Seagate hard drive to recover data and click Next.
  4. Once scanning is complete, you will be able to see the recoverable files in either Data Type view and File Type.
    View recoverable files from drive in Data View or File Type View
  5. Now, you can Preview the recovered files and Save

Tip: If you are wondering how to recover data from Seagate external hard disk which is not detecting, you can click on the link given to fix issues with external hard drive blinking but not detected.

Corruption can make your external hard drive goes unrecognized. Also, most of the fixing methods involves data loss. Regardless of the situations, you can recover data from the Seagate hard drive and fix the corruption.

The tool is specially made to recover data from all external drives including Seagate hard drive models like Seagate Backup Plus series, Seagate GoFlex, Seagate Central and others like LaCie external hard drive, Buffalo etc.

How to Fix Corrupt Seagate External Hard Drive?

The easiest method to fix corruption or any sort of problem is to format the drive. But, it’s known fact, that formatting the drive causes all data to erase from the Seagate drive. If you have already recovered the data, just right-click on the drive -> Format.

If you still have not recovered the data and already formatted drive, with the help of SFWare you can recover formatted data from the external drive.

Formatting should fix the problem. If not, you can try the next simplest method to fix corruption is running SFC.

Fix corrupt Seagate hard drive using SFC.

Scan helps fix the damaged or missing Windows system files that may cause drive corruption. The scan checks system file integrity and replaces a corrupt or damaged system file with a cached copy stored within the system.

  1. To run the SFC scan, open Command Prompt window and type sfc /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=c:\ /OFFWINDIR=c:\windows (If the drive is internal hard drive type sfc /scannow) Replace C with the external drive letter
  2. Wait for the scan to finish and then restart the system. Check if you can access the drive now.
  3. Once the corruption is fixed, you will be able to access the inaccessible data from the Seagate drive.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss from Seagate Hard Drive

It is always recommended to take backup of the data to avoid data loss from the Seagate hard drive. Not only from Seagate External drive but from any drive. You can make use of cloud storage to keep backup of drives.

Use secure Antivirus software to protect your important data in the drive.

Furthermore, if you ever lose your data due to any data loss scenarios, you can always rely on SFWare data recovery tool to recover your data intact.

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