How to Fix SD Card with Unsupported File System Error?

Experiencing an unsupported file system error on your SD card and unable to access data on it? Dont worry, use SFWare to recover data from such cards easily. It works with all types of cards such as SD, micro SD, XD, CF, MMC etc. Download a free trial and try it today!

SD cards are the most commonly used storage devices in phones and cameras. They are great for storing pictures, text, audio and video. But in some cases, one may experience issues while using it. Here, we discuss about an error ‘SD is blank’ or ‘SD card has an unsupported file system’.

Note: If you are someone facing this error, in some cases, you may be asked to format the card. But please do not proceed with formatting unless you have a copy of all data on the card.

Let us begin by understanding the reasons for this error so it’ll help you prevent the error from happening again.

  • Removing the SD card from camera or phone when the device is in use can cause corruption and hence the error
  • Removing the camera or phone with SD card without using Safely Remove Hardware
  • Virus infected SD cards
  • Physical damage

Solutions to resolve ‘SD card has unsupported file system’

In order to resolve ‘SD card has unsupported file system’, let us start from the simplest troubleshooting solutions. First of all restart your device (camera or phone) and check if the error persists. If it does, remove the SD card and re insert-it again to rule out any connection issues. If the error still persists, run CHKDSK on the card to fix file system errors. To run CHKDSK, follow the steps below.

  • Connect the SD card to your computer using a card reader
  • Click on Windows + X to open the menu and select Command Prompt
  • Type ‘CHKDSK SD card’s drive letter: /F’
  • Hit Enter for CHKDSK to repair the errors with your SD card

Now reinsert your SD card and check if the error persists. If it does, recover data and format the SD card.

Recover data using SFWare media recovery software

If CHKDSK doesn’t help, your SD card is probably severely corrupt and may need formatting. But before formatting, it is best to recover data from the SD card using SFWare Media recovery tool. The software is specially designed to recover data from SD cards that show errors such as ‘Unsupported file system’ or ‘Blank’. It can also be used to recover data from RAW SD cards.

All types of files, from documents to music, videos and photos of several different formats can be recovered using the tool. What’s more is that this software supports all makes of SD cards like SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Lexar, and Kingston etc. In addition, all types of SD cards such as Micro SD, SD, SDHC, XD, CF and MMC are supported.

Steps to recover data from SD card with ‘File system not supported error’

Step 1. As a first step, download and install SFWare software on your Windows systems

Step 2. Select Recover Photos in the main screen and then select Recover Lost Photos

Step 3. Choose the SD card drive for the software to scan and recover files from

Step 4. Once the drive is selected, the software scans it and displays a list of all available files in the drive

Step 5. At this stage, you can preview the files to check for quality by double clicking on them

Step 6. As a final step, save the files to a desired location

Other advantages of SFWare

  • The software can be used not just with SD cards, but also with other storage media such as memory stick, USB flash, your computer hard drives and external hard drives.
  • Whether your storage device has FAT32, FAT64, ExFAT or NTFS, all file systems are supported
  • Works with all versions of Windows including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.

Once data is recovered, go ahead and format the drive to resolve ‘Unsupported file system error’. Once you format, the drive is as good as new to start fresh.

Tips to avoid errors in SD cards

  • Always format your SD card in the device you’re going to use it with. Formatting it on one device and using it on another can mess up the file system and lead to corruption.
  • Always use the Safely Remove Hardware to eject the device containing SD card when connected to a computer
  • Turn OFF the camera or phone before you remove the SD card from it

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