Guide to Perform Data recovery After Formatting the Device

Updated on Decemeber 24, 2020

SFWare data recovery runs an extensive search algorithm to locate and find deleted files or lost data. Developed with easy interface guides to recover lost files after formating your drive. Download SFWare data recovery software and try it for free.

Almost every user goes through the situation of formatting the computer or storage device without taking a back up of the important data. Later the struggle to recover the lost files is a lot. So, is there any way that you can actually recover lost files after formatting with ease? The answer is yes, scroll down for a solution to perform data recovery after format.

Caution: Once important data is lost after formatting, donot use the device any further until you recover the data from it. If you use a formatted drive or computer, the data will be overwritten and data recovery after format would become difficult.

Is it Possible to Recover Formatted Data?

Formatting your computer is not always a problem, some times its a solution. For example, when your computer or storage device is infected with the virus or corrupted file system. When encountered with such problems, you need to format your device to fix them.

However, you can still recover it only if the data is not overwritten as mentioned above. That is because of every storage device has MBR or master boot record which is responsible for maintaining records of all the contents of the device. When you format any device, only the MBR is overwritten with a new file system and data is left idle until overwritten.

The new file system creates a new MBR. Hence, your operating system fails to display the data even it still existing on the computer or storage device. In order to recover the data, you need a trusted formatted data recovery software to access inaccessible data and recover it.

SFWare data recovery software is developed by testing against real-time data loss situations. SFWare data recovery is integrated with deep scan algorithms that can perform sector level scan and ensure to restore file after formatting your storage device. It can also recover data from a quick format and various kind of data loss scenarios.

How to Recover Files after formatting the Device

This section will help you how to restore data from a formatted drive or storage device by using SFWare Recover formatted data recovery software. First, download and install the SFWare data recovery software and launch the application.

SFWare Data Recovery Software is tailor-made to recover lost data after complex data loss scenarios. Be it formatted, deleted or lost data, try SFWare Data Recovery Software to safely get back all the lost files.

Precautions to Avoid Data loss After Formatting your Device

Benefits of using SFWare Data Recovery Software


If you have missed anything important, here is a quick recap for you. Under some circumstances, formatting your device is inevitable, it is important to take a backup of your data before proceeding to format. However, if you have formatted your device without backup. You can easily recover lost files with the help of a trusted data recovery software. Nonetheless, the data can be recoverable only if it is not overwritten. Hence, it is recommended to get your hands on SFWare Data Recovery Software for secure data recovery after formatting your device.