How to Recover Data from Laptop?

Updated on Decemeber 24, 2020

Sometimes in a hurry, people might format an important local disk drive rather than formatting the correct drive, Let us take a scenario’s example: “The other day, I was cleaning up my laptop and deleting junk files to get more storage space and I accidentally formatted G: drive which had my presentation files instead of formatting F: drive which just had few videos in it. Can somebody suggest a good laptop data recovery tool through which I can recover files from the laptop?”

Such cases are inevitable and are prone to happen. But, you need not worry as you can recover data from any laptop's hard drive with the help of SFWare Data Recovery Software in an efficient way by just following the steps of this self-explanatory software. In a few cases where Laptop gets crashed, you can recover data from a crashed laptop easily by taking out your hard drive from the laptop and connecting it to a PC that has SFWare Data Recovery Software installed on it.

Let’s learn a few major scenarios that cause data loss in a laptop and how to recover deleted data from the laptop:

Probable scenarios of data loss or losing files in a laptop:

Did you happen to lose data on your laptop due to any of the above mentioned scenarios?

If yes, then data recovery is just a few clicks away. Making use of an effective Laptop Data Recovery Software by SFware, you will be able to quickly recover all the lost information in its exact form. While it not only recovers lost or deletd data, the recovery tool can also come in handy for complex data loss sceanrios like formatted or corrupted laptop hard drive.

What can you do with SFWare Data Recovery Software?:

Available for Windows and Mac, seamlessly recover data from any laptop or Macbook.

Perform efficient recovery of files from the laptop regardless of the complication involved in the data loss. Use of this utility for recovering data from crashed SSD, SATA SCSI, IDE, etc. or any other laptop hard drives.

Flawless recovery from all types of branded laptops like Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, etc.

supports recovery of data from non-bootable hard drives

Retrieves files from inaccessible partitions

How to Recover Laptop Data using SFWare Data Recovery Software?

NOTE: Do not save files on the same drive from where you recovered data.