Free DIY Steps to Recover Files After Quick Format

Updated on March 03, 2022

Looking for a way to recover data after quick format? If you have used a quick format technique to format the drive, you must be thinking is it possible to recover the drive after quick format? By end of this article the free quick format recovery guide will help you recover data after quick format easily with the help of a efficient data recovery software.

What is a Quick Format?

Quick format is a process of erasing data on your hard drive, pen drive or any storage device quickly. Unlike the full format, quick format doesn’t look for bad sectors while formatting your hard drive.
However, in case of full format will address the problems like bad sectors on your storage device. What if you have formatted your hard drive without taking the backup of the data?

Is it possible to recover data after Quick Format from your hard drive?

Be it full format or quick format, when you format a hard drive it is a known fact that data will be completely erased. Hence it is important to take backup of the data before performing quick format.

After performing quick format on your hard drive, that data is erased but it still resides on your computer with its location being marked as ready to be overwritten. Hence the first thing you do if you are facing data loss after formatting hard drive is to stop using the drive. If you have formatted your laptop hard drive and worried to recover data from laptop's, you need to follow the same startergy to recover data from the laptops as well.

Note: It is strictly recommended to stop using the formatted drive to avoid overwriting of data. This will make it possible for you to recover data after quick formatting your hard drive. Read the next section to know how to recover formatted hard drive data.

How to Recover Data from Hard Disk after format?

Now that you know that it is possible to recover data from hard drive after quick format, let us see how to do it. The process of data recovery is complex and very important. Hence it is highly recommended to make use of a professional data recovery software to safely perform quick format recovery.

SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is the trusted and tried method to recover data after quick format. The tool is designed to recover data from formatted partitions like NTFS, FAT, FAT32, HFS, HFS+ etc. Build with highly interactive user interface will keep the complex process of recovery into a simple task.

Simple Steps to Recover Files after Quick Format:

Download and Install SFWare Data Recovery Tool on your computer and follow the below mentioned steps to recover data lost after quick format:

recover drive/partition after quick format
  • Select the drive that you formatted with quick format option to recover data

  • Where SFWare Data Recovery Tool Could Be Used?

    General Guidelines to avoid data loss:


    Upon practicing the above-mentioned guidelines, the chances of you losing data is very low. However, it should be mentioned again that you should always take a regular backup of the data and make sure that you take one before quick formatting your hard drive.
    Just in case you lose data in any kind of situations, SFWare partition recovery tool is always a search away from your computer. Do share the article with your friends if this helped you perform quick format recovery to recover data after quick format.