Quick Method to Recover Laptop Files after Factory Reset

Extensive search engine of SFWare data recovery software assists you to recover data after factory reset from Windows or Mac laptop. Scan and restore lost files after factory reset on your laptop within few minutes.

The moment you factory reset a laptop, all your personal files, settings, applications, emails are wiped out from your Windows or Mac computer. Before guiding you through available options to recover data after factory reset, we’ll check out the unavoidable reasons to do factory reset

Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

Performing a factory reset does not mean that the data is completely removed from your computer hard drive. If you have not used the system or device after factory reset, the chances are data is not completely overwritten with zeroes or new information. Hence it gives you a fair chance to restore data after factory reset from your PC.

An easy way to get back lost data is by restoring it from a backup drive. In case if you have not taken a backup of your laptop files, the only option to go for is a proficient data recovery software.

Nowadays you can find numerous online file recovery software, but the most important factor is to find a tool with an effective data recovery rate and extensive search algorithm. This algorithm enables the software to recover files from any kind of data loss scenarios. A proficient data recovery software should be built to recover from all kind of storage devices such as HDD, SDD, SD Card and USB drive.

SFWare data recovery software performs data recovery after factory reset from top laptop brands such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Macbook etc. This software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and all versions of Mac OS.

Following are the common reasons people choose to factory reset their Windows or Mac computers

Features of SFWare Data Recovery Software:

How to Recover Files after Factory Reset from Windows 10 PC

Steps to recover data after factory reset is successfully completed. Now check the files you recovered. If you want to recover deleted files after factory reset, resume the recovery process by using the saved recovery session.

Why factory reset is not recommended?

If your PC is not performing as well as it was, it is suggested to refresh laptop or PC. Refreshing your laptop keeps the system files, personal data, Windows settings, application you have installed. It is the most recommended alternative to perform factory reset. If you are resetting Windows 10 PC, all the unwanted software pre-installed will be back on your laptop.

Using your laptop after factory reset is like working on a brand new laptop. All your data, settings, applications are removed. In order to get back lost files, immediately recover data after factory reset by using SFWare data recovery software. Do not use the same laptop to read or write files without performing data recovery after factory reset. This reduces the chance of recovering complete data from your Windows or Mac PC.