How to Recover Data After Factory Reset?

Updated on May 21, 2021

Be it accidental Factory Rest on your computer or you did Factory Reset your system to fix chronic performance issues, you end up losing your important files if you don’t have backup. An effective tool like SFWare Data Recovery Software you can recover deleted, lost data from all Windows and Mac computers after Factory Reset.

What is Factory Reset?

Factory Reset is a Software that restores your computer file system to its original manufacturer state by erasing all the data saved on the device. In other words, the moment you factory reset your electronic device, all your personal files, settings, applications, emails are wiped out from your Windows or Mac computer and set as new system.

Can Data Be Recovered After A Factory Reset?

Absolutely yes! You can recover data after Factory Rest. To recover data, all you should do is avoid using your computer before recovering your data. Storing new files or information on the system may cause old data to be over written by the new data.

Therefore, if you still have not stored any new data on your computer, you have the best chance to recover data from the factory reset computer using an efficient Data Recovery Tool.

The most important factor is to find a tool that is safe and secure to recover your data. With an effective data recovery rate and extensive search algorithm SFWare Data Recovery Software is the most recommended tool to get your data back after factory reset. This algorithm enables the software to recover files from any kind of data loss scenarios from all kind of storage devices such as HDD, SDD, SD Card and USB drive.

How to Restore All Data After Factory Reset with SFWare?

To recover lost/ deleted files after factory reset, download and install SFWare Data Recovery Software on your Windows or Mac PC.

  1. Select Recover Drive/Partition from main screen
  2. Main Screen

  3. Next, select the drive from where files are to be recovered and click Next.
  4. Seclect the drive to recover

  5. Now, all the recoverable files will appear on the screen in either File Type View or Data View
  6. after scanning recovered files are viewed

  7. Double click on any file to preview. Select the files you need and save them in any desired location.

SFWare data recovery software performs data recovery after factory reset from laptop brands such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, MacBook etc. This software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and all versions of Mac OS including the latest Big Sur, Catalina, etc.

About SFWare Data Recovery Tool-

  1. Not only it retrieves data after Windows factory reset but also recovers missing files from system restore.
  2. Recovers files and folders from formatted, deleted, lost partition
  3. Recover data lost due to MBR error
  4. Helpful to recover data such as photos, videos, files from all partitions that includes NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, exFAT, HFS and HFS+ file systems.
  5. Restore data from formatted partition after re-installing OS
  6. SFWare recovers data from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drive interfaces.
  7. Retrieves files from inaccessible partitions
  8. Aids you to get back data from non-bootable hard drives

About Factory Resetting of computer:

When does factory reset Windows or Mac becomes a necessity?

    # Computer keeps freezing: If you have Factory Rest your computer due to freezing or crashing of system, there are several reasons why your computer keeps freezing, few major of them are-
  1. Driver corruption: Corruption on drive or system files may lead to the poor performance of the computer.
  2. Third party software: the unauthorised software on your device may not allow the device to perform up to its potential and causes the system to freeze.
  3. Incomplete Windows update: Not keeping your computer up to date will hold back the system perform right and it becomes unresponsive to user actions.

  4. # Virus Infection: Virus infected computer is vulnerable to malfunction and may result in data loss., In this case performing factory reset and installing an anti-virus software can prevent further malware attack. However, this process deletes all your data from Windows or Mac system and recovery of data becomes tedious if proper measure is not taken.
    # Accidental Factory Reset: intentional or unintentionally clicking of factory reset button also removes all the information from your PC. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep back up of your important files and documents and avoid data loss.

What can be done as an alternative of Factory Reset?

If your PC is not performing as well as it was, it is suggested to refresh laptop or PC. Refreshing your PC, laptop, phones keeps the system files, personal data, Windows settings, application you have installed. It is the most recommended alternative to perform factory reset. If you are resetting Windows 10 PC, all the unwanted software pre-installed will be back on your laptop.


Using your laptop after factory reset is like working on a brand-new laptop. All your data, settings, applications are removed. To get back lost files, immediately recover data after factory reset by using SFWare data recovery software. Do not use the same laptop to read or write files without performing data recovery after factory reset. This reduces the chance of recovering complete data from your Windows or Mac PC.