[2021] Recover Photoshop Files: Deleted, Unsaved, Crashed & Corrupted

Published on September 16, 2021

Is your PSD file lost? Or cannot open your photoshop document? Working on PSD files is always time consuming and devours loads of your energy. If your PSD files are crashed or deleted from the drive, it becomes tedious to recreate it. Therefore, the best way to restore photoshop files is to use SFWare Data Recovery Software, the most recommended tool by professionals to recover any PSD file versions including new Photoshop 2021. You can try recovering PSD files for free now…

Photoshop files or PSD files, is an image format in an Adobe’s Photoshop Application that helps to create multiple graphic layers in a single file. Hence, it is used to work up to 2GB single file size project. Also, you can safely convert the PSD file to any other format like TIFF, JPG or GIF etc.

Working on multiple layers of graphical designs requires dedication and it is a time-consuming process. When dealing with large photoshop files of multiple layers, files need to be carefully handled.

The article provides all the necessary information needed to recover any PSD file. With the help of the methods explained below, you will be able to recover deleted, crashed or corrupted photoshop files in a jiffy. Stick to the end of the article to know the successful workarounds along with free methods that can recover PSD files quickly.

How Photoshop Files are Lost? Formatting the drive, accidental deletion, corruption on files continued
Is it Possible to Recover Photoshop Files? Yes, you can easily recover deleted, unsaved or even corrupted PSD
files from the storage drive, if the files are not overwritten continued..
4 Manual Methods to Recover Unsaved/Deleted Photoshop Files This process helps you only when files are unsaved and deleted from
the hard disk. the manually methods cannot be helpful if certain options
are enabled before data loss continued..
An Effective Method to Recover Deleted/ Crashed/ Corrupt PSD Files An ideal method to access Photoshop files that have been corrupted
or unable to open due to application crash. Irrespective of the versions
like Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, or the new CS6, SFWare works on
all versions of Photoshop and get your PSD file back intact.

How Photoshop Files are Lost?

1. Photoshop application has various versions like CS4, CS5, CS6 and many more, PSD files are bound to be opened in various versions while being created or modified. This causes a Photoshop file to get corrupted and leads to various kinds of errors.

2. The most common mistake done by users is accidental deletion. Similarly, files get deleted when formatting the drive or disk where files are saved.

3. Application errors like End of File Error, not a Valid Photoshop document and System errors lead to severe conditions that leads to loss of PSD files.

4. When you transfer Photoshop files regularly through several storage devices like email attachments, flash drives, external hard disk, etc. there will be high risk of PSD files getting corrupt due to version incompatibility.

Is it Possible to Recover Photoshop Files?

Yes, it is possible to recover Photoshop files. Be it deleted, corrupted or formatted you need take certain approach that helps in effective recovery of files. It is always recommended not use your partition/storage drive until recovery process is initiated.

Any files deleted or lost from the disk will not be permanently gone, instead the pointer to its location will be erased and will make space available for new file to be written. Hence, any new data written on to the device overwrites the existing data on the drive and recovery process becomes impossible.

If you have tried few of the manual methods and still not satisfied with the results obtained, this might be beacuse, you files must be severely corrupted. To recover corrupted or formatted PSD files from the partitions or drive, all you need to do is, SFWare Data Recovery Software, that can recover all file formats supported PSD files and layers of the graphics intact.

4 Manual Methods to Recover Photoshop [PSD] Files

With the help of these methods you should certainly be able to recover PSD files. If PSD files are severely corrupted, at first you need to fix the PSD file and then try recovering the file.

Method 1: Recover PSD Files from AutoSave

This method only helps you if Photoshop autosave is enabled. The option will be enabled by default but, if application is closed abruptly or crashed, just re-open it and see if your PSD files is available in an auto-save version. If you cannot find your PSD files, verify the settings, most probably autosave might have been disabled.

To verify if AutoSave option is enabled/disabled follow the below steps:

Also, if the file is deleted accidentally while working before saving it, try searching the deleted/ unsaved Photoshop files by following the below step:

To do this, go to the directory: C: \ Users \ ABCD \ AppData \ Roaming \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 \ AutoRecover

ABCD refers to your name and the year represents the version you use, it could be different based on the version you use. If the Photoshop auto-recovery folder is empty, possibly the files are not saved in the folder or auto save wasn’t enabled when data loss occurred. In such cases, proceed to the next method.

Method 2: Recover Photoshop Files using Temp

If files, cannot be restored from the AutoSave, you can try recovering using Temp folder. Temp is a folder that stores files temporarily until it is saved.

Now open this recovered file and be sure to save it. This method does not always work as there will be various temp files present and you must make sure you find the right one and save it. It is a lengthy and meticulous process.

Method 3: PSD File Recovery using Previous Version

If your PSD file is inaccessible, you can make use of previous version option to access the old saved files. Nonetheless, you must remember the exact name of the file deleted, or damaged.

Now open Photoshop and try opening your PSD file. This method only helps you if you have enabled Previous Version option before the data loss situation.

Method 4: Recover PSD files using Open Recent Option [Unsaved PSD file recovery]

At times, you may forget to save the Photoshop file and close Adobe Photoshop. In such cases you can quickly recover unsaved Photoshop file by opening the Adobe Photoshop tool again and following the steps mentioned below:

Click on File tab and select Open Recent option. Recover unsaved photoshop file within the application itself. If you can see your unsaved photoshop file then it means it can be quickly recovered.

With all the above-mentioned free workarounds, you should have successfully recovered photoshop file. However, if you were not able to recover your Photoshop file by using these methods, you will be needing a professional data recovery software than can perform Photoshop file recovery efficiently even if they were lost, deleted, crashed or corrupted.

SFWare data recovery software is a robust tool that can recover Photoshop files regardless of the data loss or data deletion scenario. This recovery software is known for its ability to recover multi-layer PSD and PDD files efficiently. The unique search algorithm scans and recover severely corrupted PSD files as well. Download now to recover your multi-layered PSD file and start from where you left.

Recover Photoshop Files using SFWare

To recover PSD files, download and install SFWare Data Recovery Software on your computer. Launch the software.

If you would like to recover files from external devices, connect the external storage device to the system where software is downloaded and run the application.

1. Based on the data loss scenarios, choose the options provided: Recover Files [Deleted/Lost, Recover Drive/Partition [Formatted/Corrupted]

Select Recover Partition or Recover Files to recover PSF files

2. Select the drive from which PSD files should be recovered

Select the Drive where PSD Files are Lost

3. Scanning process initiates, after the completion of scanning. All the recoverable files will be displayed in Data View or File Type View

Displays Recovered deleted files

4. Now, select the files you want to restore and save recovered files in your desired location. Make sure you save in a different location for the previously saved location.

Preview and Save the recovered files

Irrespective of the storage device, data loss is inevitable. With the help of above-mentioned methods, you should be able to recover PSD files. However, if you still have any difficulties in Photoshop file recovery process, you can just reach to SFWare’s support centre that provides 24/7 assistance.