Recover Photoshop Files If Deleted, Unsaved, Crashed or Corrupted

Updated on July 27, 2020

It’s very rare that a Photoshop user sticks to one version of the application. So, PSD files are bound to be opened in various versions while being created or modified. This causes a Photoshop file to get corrupted leading to various kinds of errors.
Usually users don't consider the option of PSD recovery when it comes to unsaved or deleted PSB/PSD files. Working on creating the file from scratch might not be a bad option but it can be very painstaking when dealing with large photoshop files of multiple layers.

Instead, recover Photoshop files that were lost or deleted using a data recovery software or with few free methods mentioned-below. Knowing how to recover Photoshop file efficiently can be tricky, so stick to the article to know the successful workarounds along with free methods that can recover PSD files quickly.

How Do Photoshop files Get Deleted or Affected?

  • Version incompatibility:
    If you transfer Photoshop files regularly through email attachments, flash drives, external hard disk, etc. there will be high risk of PSD files getting corrupt, and recovering corrupt files becomes tedious.
    The sender and receiver might not have the same version of Adobe Photoshop which leads to corruption in Photoshop file as layer edits done on the latest version of Photoshop might not be supported with some of the older versions of Adobe Photoshop. Thus, this leads to inaccessibility and a crashed Photoshop file.
  • Before opting for any Photoshop file recovery software, double-check if you can recover Photoshop files quickly. How? Follow the free workarounds given below to recover Photoshop file.

    Method 1: Recover Crashed Photoshop File Using Adobe Photoshop

    Method 2: Recover Corrupt Photoshop File From Temp Folder

    If your corrupted PSD is still not repaired, use SFWare's PSD File Repair Tool that works on a copy of your Photoshop file to scan and fix your corrupt PSD files without altering the original PSD file.

    Method 3: Recover Unsaved Photoshop File Using Adobe Photoshop

    At times, you may forget to save the Photoshop file and close Adobe Photoshop. In such cases you can quickly recover unsaved Photoshop file by opening the Adobe Photoshop tool again and following the steps mentioned below:

    With all the above-mentioned free workarounds, you should have successfully recovered photoshop file. However, if you were not able to recover your Photoshop file by using these methods, you will be needing a professional data recovery software than can perform Photoshop file recovery efficiently even if they were lost, deleted, crashed or corrupted.

    Recover Photoshop File using Photoshop File Recovery Tool:

    SFWare data recovery software is a robust tool that can recover Photoshop files regardless of the data loss or data deletion scenario. This PSD recovery software is known for its ability to recover multi-layer PSD and PDD files efficiently. If you are in a dilemma as to which is the best Photoshop file recovery tool? Then here is a tool that can help you a long way.

    A unique scan algorithm that strengthens this data recovery software to recover Photoshop file that was lost, deleted, crashed or corrupted. If the required Photoshop file is not recovered, use the Smart Scan feature to scan and recover severely corrupted PSD files. Download now to recover your multi-layered PSD file and start from where you left.

    How to Recover Photoshop File?

    Download, install and launch SFWare’s Data Recovery Software.


    With all the above-mentioned free workarounds and resolution, you should have successfully recovered Photoshop file by now. However, if you still have any difficulties in Photoshop file recovery process, you can just click on 24/7 Contact Us to reach out to SFWare’s support center.

    The support team can not only assist you with the software, they can also help you to recover Photoshop file step by step if you are a novice user.