How to Recover Lost Files from RAW Drive?

“SFWare data recovery software is a uniquely built tool to recover RAW data from hard drive, SSD, USB drive, SD card etc. This tool uses an exclusive search algorithm to look beyond the file system of the drive or partition. It is safe to use SFWare data recovery tool to avoid data loss.”

A drive or partition is termed as RAW, when the operating system cannot recognize and mount the partition. A RAW partition is mostly caused due to logical data corruption and the data stored in that partition is inaccessible by the user. But files lost due to RAW drive or partition is not permanent, because a proficient data recovery software can help the user to recover RAW data from a storage device.

Each partition is used to store data with the help of a file system, which helps managing the files stored in the drive. When partition’s file system is corrupt, the operating system does not leave a path to the user to access the data. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to use SFWare data recovery software to recover RAW data from a drive or partition.

This RAW data recovery software is developed to bypass RAW file system in both Windows & Mac computers. This software is equipped to perform RAW data recovery on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFat associated partitions or drives.

Caution: Yes, data recovery from a RAW partition is possible but using the drive after it turns inaccessible or RAW will considerably reduce the chances of recovering the data.

So users are advised to regularly monitor the drive for the following symptoms of RAW partition. If you come across any of the following errors, immediately stop using the drive and start to recover raw data as soon as possible to avoid permanent data loss.

Above mentioned are the few cases of RAW partition errors, there are few other symptoms of RAW drive or partition that has to be regularly monitored by the user.

As RAW drive recovery process is the major task, let us go through the most efficient SFWare recovery method that will assist you to safely recover RAW partition.

How to Recover Data from RAW Partition in 5 Quick Steps?

To recover RAW data, download and install SFWare RAW Data Recovery software on your Windows or Mac PC.

5 Powerful features of SFWare hard drive recovery software:

Common causes of RAW partition:

Final thoughts on RAW data recovery:

Following the steps to recover RAW partition of a drive is not a permanent solution to turn it to a healthy accessible drive. After you recover RAW data from the drive, you can re-establish a newer file system by formatting. By implementing a drive clean up and safley removing the storage device you can prevent a partition turning out to be RAW.