Professional Data Recovery Software for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP PC

Updated on Decemeber 24, 2020

SFWare Windows data recovery runs an extensive search algorithm to locate and find deleted files or lost data. Inbuilt Do IT Yourself interface guides you to seamlessly perform file recovery on any Windows 10, 8, 7, XP PC. Download free Windows data recovery software to recover files up to 100 MB for free.

Data loss on a Windows computer is uncertain. But suitable Windows Data Recovery software can safely recover deleted files from Windows 7, 8, 10 PC and recover lost data from your Windows computer.

SFWare Data recovery software for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP is an award winning tool programmed to recover data from a crashed or corrupt Windows operating system. This software is built to allow the users to perform data recovery on Windows computers without any technical assistance.

SFWare Data Recovery Software:

A unique recovery algorithm is integrated with this Windows file recovery software, which enables the user to recover data from Hard drive, SSD, USB drive, SD card or any other storage device.

Types of data loss on a Windows PC:

  • Crashed or corrupt Windows OS:

    A blue screen or a boot issue is a sign of Windows OS crash. This breaks user access to the files and folders of the computer. Those unsaved documents are completely lost due to crashed Windows.

    Bad memory, a corrupt registry, re-arranged bios settings, power issues, hard drive failure, malware attack are the major causes of Windows crash. A corrupt Windows 10, 8, 7, XP operating system prevents you from accessing the files and folders from your computer. Use SFWare Windows file recovery software to restore lost files and folders from your crashed or corrupt Windows OS.

  • Files missing after Windows update:

    Sometimes, an official windows update may lead to unexpected deletion of some files from your Windows computer. Recent Windows 10 update (April 2019) changed the location of documents pictures, videos stored in the computer. Sometimes, even you might end up losing files due to factory reset. In such cases, with the help of Data recovery software you can easily recover files after Windows factory reset.

    This results in unexpected loss of files and folders from Windows PC. SFWare Windows 10 data recovery software can retrieve lost files due to Windows update in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Accidental deletion of files:

    Many people tend to delete files or folders accidentally without having a backup. This leads to loss of important data. Sometimes they use shift + delete option to permanently delete the files from a Windows 8, 10 PC. By which the user loses the access of the file or folder.

    Recover deleted files from Windows 10, 8, 7 using SFWare data recovery software for Windows. If that same Windows computer is further used, then the new data overwrites the space left by deleted data.

  • Malware on computer:

    Malware is nothing but malicious software that gets installed on your computer. Basically a malware enters your Windows computer through an email download or along a file transfer using a USB drive. A simple malware file can automatically delete a data without user’s concern and it can also cause permanent damage to hard drive or any device of the computer.

  • Hard drive bad sectors:

    The physical storage space on hard drives is divided into units called sectors. A bad sector does not let you read or write any data on that particular sector of hard drive or solid state drive. Bad sectors can be classified into two types physical and logical. Any data stored in that sector may be lost or inaccessible by the user.

  • Formatted hard drive:

    A quick format or re-formatting a hard drive or any other storage device permanently deletes the files and folders from the device. By performing quick format, the files are deleted by keeping the existing NTFS or FAT file system.

    But re-formatting changes to a new file system and it also completely wipes out the data available in a hard drive or solid state drive. You must be wondering how to recover data after formatting? With the help of SFWare Windows data recovery software you can recover formatted partition data regardless of the formatted file system.

  • Windows Data Recovery: How to Recover Data from Windows 10, 8, 7, XP?

    Tips to prevent data loss on Windows PC:

    Final thoughts on Windows data recovery:

    Data loss on any Windows version can be countered using the above data recovery steps, but you should immediately start the data recovery process. Delaying Windows data recovery process may result in overwriting of new data on the sectors of hard drive that contain recoverable data.

    It is recommended to use SFWare data recovery software for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP to retrieve files from your computer. Using any other unauthorized tool to retrieve data from your Windows PC may further diminish the chances of recovering data. Safeguard your computer and data by following the tips to prevent data loss on Windows PC.