How to Recover Files Lost During Cut, Copy & Paste?

Updated on June 24, 2022

Cut & Paste are the actions that every computer user is aware of. What happens when you cut the important file and lost it before pasting in the desired destination? Is it possible to recover lost files during cut & paste actions? Yes, With SFWare Data Recovery software you can recover any deleted, lost or formatted files from any drive be it internal, external, SD or USB. Download the software and try it for free now..

Copy, Cut and Paste are the operations performed to transfer files from one location to another location in the computer but, the simplest form of operation can also lead to data loss from your drive. Usually a file which is cut from the original location doesn’t disappear until it is pasted somewhere, but there are few cases that do not hold true. To avoid such disaster know what makes files disappear during Copy Cut and Paste actions.

Reasons for Lost Files in Cut, Copy & Paste Process

1. Power failure causes interruption during transmission of files. Therefore, there are chances of losing files transferring from one drive to another using cut, copy & Paste options.

2. If you have lost files from any storage drives, it could be because of forceful ejecting of the drive. It’s often common to lose files if you happen to eject the drive while in the process of file transferring.

3. Sometimes hard drive failures, virus infections are some other reasons for losing files while cut, copy and paste actions.

Test case: I was transferring the files from my SanDisk 64 GB USB drive to Windows 10 Computer. I didn't want the files to be in USB so I went for the cut option. I did ctrl X and tried pasting it using ctrl V but I’m unable to paste the files in the computer drive. Now, there are no traces of files in USB or PC drives. How am I supposed to get my files back?

Is it possible to recover cut files from the drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover cut files from the computer. If you are wondering how, when you cut a file, the files will be saved in the clipboard until you perform the paste function. If you happen to lose files due to any inevitable circumstances before pasting it, you’ll be unable to paste the files and your important data gets lost.

Nevertheless, with the right and Safe method you can get your lost files back. As there are no manual methods to recover lost files from clipboard, SFWare Deleted Recovery Software would be the better choice.

As clipboard is a buffer used for short term storage, it is recommended to recover lost data from it as soon as possible. Be it lost, deleted, formatted or missing from cut copy operation, with SFWare Deleted recovery software you can recover all the lost files easily from the clipboard. The tool recovers any types of file including .docx, .xls, .pdf, .images and video without any hassle. Also, the scan algorithm is designed to recover any file type specified by the user which makes the tool efficient and effective in less time.

How to recover cut files from computer drive/ Desktop?

To recover lost files from cut, paste operation, Download and Install SFWare Data Recovery Utility on your computer. Launch the application

1. From the main screen, select Recover files. Now, Select Lost file recovery on the screen.

recover lost files from cut & paste function

2. List of drives are displayed. Select the drive from which you lost your files during cut copy functions.

select drive to recover lost files from cut function

3. Now, Select the file types you want to recover(Expand and check the box). This initiates the scanning of the drive.

Select the files to recover

4. Once scanning completes, recoverable files will be displayed in Data type and File type view.

Now, Select the files that you have lost during cut paste operation and save it in your desired location on your computer.

Method 2: Retrieve lost files during Cut and Paste Files by Show Hidden Files

Not all the files are lost, some could be just hidden from you. Follow the below steps to view hidden files and retrieve files lost during cut & paste operation.

Go to Start > Control Panel

Then select Appearance and Personalization >>Folder Options or directly click Show Hidden Files and

Click View then check Show hidden files, folders and drives

If your files are hidden, you will be able to find the lost files in hidden files and folders.

Why Choose SFWare to recover deleted or Lost Files from the drive?

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