How to Recover Files Lost During Cut & Paste

Updated on Febraury 17, 2020

Interruptions during Cut & Paste operations often results in loss of data. If you are someone facing this situation and you wish to recover lost data, then SFWare's file recovery software is an ideal solution for you. Here you will find more details about the product and steps involved to recover your lost files.

Cut & Paste or Copy & Paste are simple commands that are used very regularly by most computer users. Whether you are transferring files to a different location on the system or to a storage device, these commands are two of the most simple, quick and effective ways for the job. Although these commands are advantageous, the Cut and Paste command especially has certain downsides. The downside is that any interruption during the process can result in loss of data.

Scenarios of data loss during Cut & Paste operations

For instance, say you are in the middle of transferring files using Cut & Paste from your system to storage device and for some unknown reason the device gets disconnected or you pull it out suddenly. In such a situation, you will not find the data in your system or in the destination where you were going to paste it thus resulting in data loss. In other cases, computer shutting down during a Cut & Paste operation may also lead to data loss.

Recover lost files using SFWare File Recovery software

SFWare’s file recovery utility is a wonderful choice to recover files and folders that are lost during Cut & Paste. Using this tool, all kinds of files like Word documents, Excel sheets, PPT’s, images, videos, PDF’s files can be recovered easily.

In addition to recovering Cut & Paste files, the software can also be used to recover permanently deleted folders or folders lost due to using unreliable PC cleaning tools. Along with these features, SFWare offers the following benefits.

Moreover, the process of recovering files is really easy using SFWare recovery software. With SFWare you can easily find the hidden files from the Windows computer and get back access to them. Just follow the steps listed and you should be able to recover Cut & Paste files in minutes.

Procedure to recover files lost during Cut & Paste using SFWare File Recovery Software

Step 1. Download and install SFWare File Recovery software on your Windows computers. If you are on a Mac, please download the Mac variant

Step 2: Run the software and once you are in the main screen, select Recover Files

Step 3: Then select Recover Lost Files as you are recovering lost files during Cut & Paste

Step 4: After selecting Recover Lost files, you will be listed all the drives in your system; here select the drive from which files were lost

Step 5: SFWare performs a scan of the selected drive and lists all recoverable files

Step 6: Then select the files you wish to recover and Save them in any location other than the same drive on which files were lost

Important tips

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