Deleted File Recovery from Dropbox

Updated on Febraury 17, 2020

About Dropbox: Dropbox is one of the most renowned file storage services which allows you to share, upload and access files and folders through mobile and desktop applications. It has some useful features and options to sync and backup files.

File Loss from Dropbox:

Files might get deleted from Dropbox due to various reasons. In some instances, you may accidentally delete files from Dropbox wherein other cases files go missing due to virus infection.

File Recovery from Dropbox:

Case #1: If File Gets Deleted from Dropbox

Using Dropbox Inbuilt Feature

Dropbox has an inbuilt feature of recovering deleted files within 30 days. When you delete a file from Dropbox, it moved to Deleted Files page and exists there till 30 days. To restore it from Deleted Files page, here are the steps:

This method is useful for restoring files deleted from Dropbox within 30 days. After 30 days, files will be deleted permanently from Dropbox. In such cases, a good solution to recover files deleted from Dropbox without any difficulty is recovery tool. And, one such efficient and reliable tool which can help you to recover deleted files from Dropbox after 30 days is SFWare Deleted File Recovery tool. Benefits of using recovery tool are even lost/missing files can be recovered easily.

File Recovery from Dropbox using SFWare Deleted File Recovery Tool-

SFWare Deleted File Recovery is familiar software that assists you to recover Dropbox files. Many users have utilized this program and saw a benefit of file recovery from Dropbox within few minutes. It retrieves lost, missing or deleted files from Dropbox with ease. The tool supports file recovery from different versions of Windows and Mac OS.

How to Recover Files from Dropbox?

Download and install SFWare Deleted File Recovery on your computer. Launch the tool and follow the below-mentioned steps-

If you are using demo version, then activate the software to save your recovered files.

More About SFWare Deleted File Recovery Tool:

SFWare also supports in retrieving files from memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives and many other external storage devices. This utility works on various computer drives and helps to recover lost files from FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, and exFAT to recover files. It works on read-only mechanism, hence it doesn’t change any data from Dropbox while recovering files.

Case #2: When File Gets Missing from Dropbox

As we mentioned before, you can get missing files from Dropbox with SFWare Deleted File Recovery software. Before tying the software, here are some tips -

Files may go missing from Dropbox or you might fail to locate some of your files in Dropbox as you moved it to some other location unknowingly. Hence, first find out whether it is deleted, missing or moved from Dropbox. Thinking, how? Well! Dropbox maintains logs of everything where you can find every action you have done on Dropbox. Search for a file you are not finding currently in your mailbox and go to search results. Locate the log entry of file which you are searching for and action taken on that file. After finding the reason, recover the files either from Deleted Files page manually or using SFWare Deleted File Recovery software.

Causes for Loss/Deletion of Files from Dropbox:

Recover Deleted Files