Recovering Missing DLL Files

“Today morning when I tried to run an application on my Windows computer, it displayed an error message that “Could not find .dll file name” I closed the program and then reopened thinking that it will work fine but for my bad luck I received same error message again and again. Does anyone know how to recover missing dll files and get rid of error message and run the application in a proper way?"

A Dynamic Link Library or DLL, is an executable file that helps to commence several functions on your Windows computer. It is just like extension file and contain data system resources and also codes. It will assist you to minimize hard drive space needed by applications. In fact, single DLL file can be accessed by several programs running on your system. But if that DLL file goes missing, then the software using it cannot run it and you will get error message that “couldn't find .dll file name”. Above detailed situation is one such example which shows loss of DLL files from your computer. One can easily download DLL file from internet and save it on their computer to make the applications work fine. But sometimes it consumes lot of time and also you may not get required DLL files over internet. In such situation, you need not to assume that you have lost access to the applications forever because with the help of software like SFWare Deleted File Recovery, you can easily find missing DLL files without any hassle.

SFWare Deleted File Recovery software has been incorporated with all necessary features which will assists you to find missing DLL files from your Windows system. It will deeply scan your computer and recover lost DLL files. It ensures safe recovery of DLL files by not damaging it. The steps included for recovering missing dll files are also so easy that you don’t face any complications while restoring missing DLL files on Windows Operating System. Apart from .dll files, recovery of deleted PDF files, RAR files, ZIP files, PST files, PPT files and many other data can be recovered in short span of time. You can utilize this application on Windows computer running on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Server 2013 and Windows Server 2008 Operating Systems.

Causes Responsible for Loss of DLL Files:

  • Virus attack on your computer would results in losing certain DLL file without any notification
  • Sometimes antivirus software scan and remove DLL files present in your system
  • DLL files will be deleted if you download any unauthorized software on your computer
  • Improper system shut down while working on the application will make you lose DLL files in rare situations

Well, the reasons do not matter at all if you have software like SFWare Deleted File Recovery with you. Files are not really deleted or lost, data will still be present in the same location but not in a visible mode, only the file reference will be removed. So without waiting anymore download it on your Windows system and commence the steps given below in order to recover lost dll files:

  • First of all download SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software and install it on your Windows system
  • Run it and follow the instructions given on the screen
  • On the main screen, two options are available which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose second option i.e. “Lost File Recovery” for recovering missing DLL files
  • Select the drive from where you want to restore DLL files
  • Permit the application to scan it and make your selection by utilizing two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Finally, save the recovered DLL files in a desired location

Useful information:

  • Keep scanning your computer with Antivirus software once in a week or two to remove deadly viruses
  • Never download any unauthorized software on your computer

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